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'56 Ford Pick-Up
Debut Series Inaugural 2 Pack
Produced 1997-2007 (Original) / 2018-Present (Retool)
Number MB300 (Original/Retool) / MB437 (Metallic Base)
Scale 1:65
MB-66 1956 Ford Pick Up.jpg

Model History[]

The casting was retooled in 2018 for the Coffee Cruisers 5 Pack. It has shrunken in size, the details were reworked, and the metal bed is now part of the interior assembly with a visible rear rivet post.


The 56 Ford Pick-Up has come out in the following 1/64 versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy Number(s) Country Notes / Variations Photo
17 1997 Inauguration 2-Pack ZAMAK None Chrome / Plastic Yellow Tint Red Goodyear rubber.jpg 16926 China Inauguration Edition 100 7575.JPG
17 1997 Inauguration 2-Pack Black & White F100 emblem on hood and other FORD details Chrome / Plastic Yellow Tint Black, Red & White Goodyear rubber.jpg 16927 China Inauguration Edition 100 7579.JPG
1997 1-75 Deep Purple White & Orange flames on hood & sides Chrome / Plastic Smoke Gray Split5spoke.jpg China 56 FORD PICK-UP on base. 100 1599.JPG
MB48 1997 Matchbox 75 Challenge Metalflake Gold None Chrome / Plastic Clear Black Split5spoke.jpg 35308 China 10,000 produced 75 Challenge 56 Ford Pick-Up.jpg
MB35 1998 1-75: Classic Decades 5/10 Red None Chrome / Plastic Clear White Split5spoke.jpg 33835 China Ford Pick-up (1998).jpg
113 1998 Premier Collection Classic Muscle SERIES 17 5/6 Red FORD F100 emblem on hood & other FORD details Chrome / Plastic Clear Black, Red & White 100 7560.JPG 34321 China 25,000 produced 100 8639.jpg
127 1998 Premier Collection Street Machines SERIES 20 1/6 Turquoise Pink & Purple 'eyebrow' on fenders and Pink & Purple 'horseshoe' & F100 emblem on hood Chrome / Plastic Clear Black & White 100 7560.JPG 33987 China 25,000 produced 100 7612.JPG
#5 1998 1998 Hershey Pa. Toy Show 1/225 Dark Metalflake Blue / White Matchbox Toyshow, Hershey Pa., June 27-28 1998 on hood / Toyshow '98 on doors Chrome / Plastic Clear Black, Silver, White & Blue 100 1957.JPG N/A China 13486 100 1959.JPG
#3 1998 Star Car Collection Series 1 Candy Apple Red HAPPY DAYS Chrome / Plastic Clear Tan Split5spoke.jpg 32863 China 100 1617.JPG
MB21 (USA) 1999 1-75: Speedy Delivery 1/5 Green Fresh Produce Delivery, assorted fruits Chrome
Smoke Light Gray Split5spoke.jpg 36455 China USA Edit Ford Pick-Up (1999 1-100).jpg
MB15 (Aus) 2000 1-75: Australian Adventures Black Great White Adventures, shark jaws Chrome
Clear Black Split5spoke.jpg 96075 (Aus) China Australia only Australian Adventure 1956 Ford Pickup.jpg
MB56 (USA) 2000 1-100: Speedy Delivery 1/5 Series 12 Dark Red TEXACO 'Star' logo and Jimmy's Auto Service on side Chrome / Plastic Smoke Black Split5spoke.jpg 96349 China Ford Pick up (2000 Texaco).jpg
N/A 2000 Two Packs: Coca-Cola Avon Red & White COCA-COLA Chrome / Plastic Smoke White Split5spoke.jpg 38284 China Ford Pick-Up (2000 Two Pack).jpg
N/A 2000 5-Pack: Car Wash Yellow Yellow squiggly line on door bottom, "dirt" on lower half Brown / Plastic Dark Smoke Black Split5spoke.jpg or
Image Not Available.jpg
96488 China 100 1603.JPG
´56 Ford Pickup (2000 Pack).jpg
MB15 2001 1-75: Highway Heroes 5/5 Red Mr. Timmerman's Metallic Silver / Metal Smoke White 5-Spoke Teardrop - 1285cf.jpg or Split5spoke.jpg 92218 China (MB437) Ford Pick-Up (2001).jpg
N/A 2001 Matchbox Collectibles Service Through The Years TEXACO COLLECTION Green & Black Winged TEXACO Star on hood, Aviation Service on front fender, White circle & Red TEXACO Star on door, Fuels and Lubricants on rear fender Chrome / Plastic Clear Black & Gray Goodyear rubber.jpg 92838 China Miniature Scale #1 of 6 100 7617.JPG
N/A 2001 10-Pack: City Crew Red Mr. Timmerman's Metallic Silver / Metal Smoke White 5-Spoke Teardrop - 1285cf.jpg 92345 China (MB437) 100 2364.JPG
38 2001 Timeless Classics Then & Now 2-Pack Pale Yellow with White Roof F100 emblem on hood and other FORD details Metallic Silver / Metal Clear Black 100 7560.JPG China Toys R Us Exclusive (MB437) 100 7559.JPG
N/A 2002 5-Pack: Roadside Rescue White Image of monkey with wrench in hand on door Yellow / Plastic Red Tint Red 5-Spoke Teardrop - 1285cf.jpg 97256 91488 China 100 7586.JPG
N/A 2002 Across America: Maine 23/54 Metalflake Brown AL's Maine Lobster Shack, 23, lobster Silver / Plastic Smoke Tan 5-Spoke Teardrop - 1285cf.jpg 97551 China 23 56 Ford Pick-Up (Maine).jpg
3 2003 Anniversary Singles Promotional Ford Motor Co. 100th Anniversary Kandy Blue with White Roof 100 Ford Motor Company 100 Years on door, highly detailed Rough Chrome / Plastic Clear Black & White 100 8745.JPG 1601 China Ford Motor Co. 100th Anniversary Promotional 100 8740.JPG
N/A 2004 5-Pack: Hanna-Barbera Presents Metalflake Purple White stars on fenders and image of "Huckleberry Hound" on door White / Plastic Yellow Tint White 5-Spoke Teardrop - 1285cf.jpg China 100 7562.JPG
N/A 2004 F100 SUPER Nationals Chilhowee Park 2004 Metalflake Purple Super Nationals logo on door, old Ford logo on hood, Chilhowee Park graphics on roof Chrome / Plastic White Clear 100 2074.JPG 17019 China 100 2065.JPG
SF26 2004 Superfast Dark Blue White Ford on gate, lights & handles detailed, Chrome bed Chrome / Plastic Clear White SuperfastSplitSpoke.JPG H2319 China Superfast 35 YEARS 1969-2004
10,000 produced
100 0888.JPG
N/A 2004 Hershey Pa. Toy Show 2004 Metalflake Purple Hershey 2004 on door, Hershey Pa.August 7-8 on fenders, Red lips, "A Big Kiss for a Big Show" on hood, MidWest Diecast Miniatures, MATCHBOX on roof Chrome / Plastic Clear White 100 2074.JPG 17019 China 100 2078.JPG
N/A 2004 Collectibles: Barrett Jackson Red & White Detailed trim Chrome / Plastic Clear Red & Black B4319 China ´056-OVP-2004-Collectibles-Barrett Jackson.jpg
SF26 2005 Superfast Deep Red White headlights, trim details Chrome / Plastic Clear Light Brown SuperfastSmall.jpg H7802 China 15,500
USA only
SF26 2005 Superfast Green White headlights, trim details Chrome / Plastic Smoke Black SuperfastSmall.jpg H7802 China ROW only ´056-OVP-2005-NSF-ROW.jpg
MB66 2006 1-75: MBX Metal Metalflake Blue Silver trim Chrome / Plastic Clear White Smooth disc.jpg J2388 (USA)
J6303 (INT)
Thailand MB-66 1956 Ford Pick Up.jpg
Lace.jpg 056F - 2006 1-75.jpg
N/A 2006 5-Pack: Superman Returns Flat Brick Red Kent Dairy Farm, Smallville, KS Silver / Plastic Clear Light Gray M001f.jpg J4729 Thailand 56FordPickUpflatbrickred.jpg
N/A 2006 Superfast Metalflake Purple Detailed Trim Chrome / Plastic Clear Purple J6575 Thailand jpg
SF18 2007 Superfast America Metalflake Gunmetal Gray White headlights, Red taillights, trim details Chrome / Plastic Clear Red M001f.jpg 11251 Thailand 1956 Ford F150 on card Superfast America 1956 Ford F150.jpg
MB56 2007 1-75: MBX Metal Matte Green Farm Fresh Produce, Silver “scratches” along bottom Gray / Plastic Clear Brown Cut Tri-Spoke (Black) - 2851df.jpg K9502 Thailand Card says 1956 Ford F-100 Pickup 56FordPickUpmattegreen.jpg
N/A 2018 5-Pack: Coffee Cruisers Yellow "Moon Equipment Co. Speed Shop" and Mooneyes logos Gray / Plastic Blue Tint Gray Black Rim Ringed Disc - 02156bf.jpg FMV34 Thailand Modified Model (MB300)
Base code(s): L24, L34
56 Ford Pick-Up (1).jpg
2019 Ford Trucks 1/6 GGF18 Base code(s): L44, M01, M05, M07, M13
2020 5-Pack: Ford GGF19 Base code(s):
N/A 2021 9/10-Pack Black Matchbox Surf Country Light Gold / Plastic Clear Tan Ringed Disc - 1288cf.jpg GVY64 Thailand Base code(s): N42 MB300 - 2021 9-Pack.jpg