'68 Ford Mustang GT/CS
Debut Series Heritage Classics
Produced 2011-Present
Number MB812
Scale 1:64
2011 Heritage Classics '68 Ford Mustang GT CS


The '68 Ford Mustang GT/CS has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
N/A 2011 MCCH Gathering Dinner Spectraflame Blue Racing Tampos, White Stripes Blue Chrome / Metal Clear Chrome M001f Variations: White and Blue roof Mustang mb
MB25 2011

Heritage Classics

Metalflake Gray Detailed Trim Silver / Plastic Clear Chrome M001f Thailand Base Code(s): D16 2011 Heritage Classics '68 Ford Mustang GT CS
N/A 2011 First Editions 10-Pack Metalflake Blue Detailed Trim Blue / Plastic Clear Chrome M001f Thailand Image Not Available
MB61 2012 Old Town 1/10 Metalflake Green Detailed Trim Green / Plastic Clear Chrome M001f Thailand Base Code(s): E02 A33
MB61 2012 Old Town 1/10 Red White side stripes "California Special" Red / Plastic Clear Chrome M001f W4874 Thailand Base Code(s): E24 2012-OldTown01-1968FordMustangGT-CS-Red
No:1 2013 60th Anniversary 1/24 White Red side stripe, Black hood, 60 White/ Plastic Clear Chrome M001f Thailand Base code(s): Matchbox 60TH Anniversary '68 Mustang GT CS
MB05 2014 MBX Adventure City Metallic Brown Black side stripes "California Special" Metallic Brown / Plastic Clear Chrome M001f BDV25 Thailand Base Code(s): G14, G11 MB-5 Ford Mustang GTCS
MB15 2015 MBX Adventure City Classic Rides 5-Pack Metallic Black Gold side stripes "California Special" Black / Plastic Clear Chrome M001f CJM10 Thailand Base Code(s): H29 Ford Mustang GTCS 2015

Description of the real vehicleEdit

The 1968 Ford Mustang GT/CS is the California Special. Due to the outstanding sales in the state of California, bringing in 20% of the national sales of the Mustang, the dealerships were able to go to Ford and ask for their own design.

With help from Carroll Shelby, the GT/CS was born, with parts being designed at the same time as the 1968 Shelby. Parts of the car that were redesigned in fiberglass are the rear deck lid and end caps, taillight panel, and the side scoops. Along with the body changes, there were a few extra features on the car, including the fog lamps in the grille, as well as the Thunderbird taillights. There was a special side stripe created that had GT/CS in the stripe, though the car was not necessarily a GT, though some did have the special GT package.

There were supposed to be 5000 produced, but production was halted at 4118, with 281 of them becoming the "High Country Special '68."

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