1956 Buick Century Police
Produced 2012-Present
Number MB858
Scale 1:72
Buick Century Police Car

Broderick Crawford drove a car identical to this in the 1950's television series "Highway Patrol."

Versions Edit

The 1956 Buick Century Police has come out in the following 1/72 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB69 2012 Old Town 9/10 Black White Doors, "HIGHWAY PATROL," Silver Accents. Almost same livery as that used by the California Highway Patrol Chrome / Plastic Clear Light Gray Black Rim Ringed Disc - 02156bf W4953 Thailand Base Code(s): E33, E34, E36 Buick Century Police Car
MB18 2013 MBX Heroic Rescue 18/120 White Black Doors, "POLICE", "MBX County", Silver Accents. Chrome / Plastic Blue Black Black Rim Ringed Disc - 02156bf Y4528 Thailand Base Code(s): F09, F16, F17, F18, F25, F30 2013 Buick Century Police Car
MB76 2014 Crime Squad 5-Pack
MBX Heroic Rescue 76/120
Light Indigo Matchbox County Police, etc Gray / Plastic Clear Black Black Rim Ringed Disc - 02156bf BDT66 Thailand Base Code(s): F46 2014BuickPolice
N/A 2015

5-Pack Fire

Red/White MBX County, Fire Chief, Fire District logo Gray/ Plastic Clear Black Black Rim Ringed Disc - 02156bf Thailand Base code(s): H28, H32 Buick Century Police Fire 5Pack 2015
2018 Coffee Cruisers 5-pack Black Matchbox 858 State Police on doors; 4th Precinct on front quarters;

"I love donuts" bumper sticker on rear quarter panel

Gray / Plastic Clear Gray Black Rim Ringed Disc - 02156bf FMV34 Thailand Base code(s): L24, L34 1956 Buick Century Police (1)

Gallery Edit

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