1963 Cadillac Hearse
Debut Series MBX Metal
Produced 2006-2011 (Original), 2018-Present (Retool)
Number MB700
Designer Ryu Asada & Felix Holst
Scale 1:81
63 Cadillac Hearse Black

Model HistoryEdit

The 1963 Cadillac Hearse is a casting by Matchbox designed by Ryu Asada and Felix Holst. The casting is based on Felix Holst's real hearse that he owned, hence the low stance. The interior has a coffin with a hand sticking out which cannot be seen without taking the model apart. The creation of this casting being sold in stores caused controversy for Matchbox due to the casting being a hearse; association with death and received customer complaints that it was inappropriate for kids.

The casting has a number of MB700 and originally produced from 2006 to 2011 when it was discontinued.

The casting returned in 2018 for the Coffee Cruisers 5 pack, retooled for the rear assembly was moved and now forms from the roof to budget restrictions. It has resumed production ever since.

Description Edit

While this 1963 Cadillac Hearse is based on the full-size conversion vehicles, there is a special feature on this 1:64 version. In the back of the vehicle is a coffin, which has a hand coming out of the slightly opened lid!

Versions Edit

The 1963 Cadillac Hearse has come out in the following 1/81 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB30 2007 MBX Metal Black Silver pinstripes on sides Chrome / Plastic Smoke Grey M001f J6344 Thailand MBX 1963 Cadillac Hearse
SF09 2007 Superfast Gray Red taillights, black "vinyl" roof, trim details Chrome / Plastic Smoke Black Whitewall SuperfastSmall M3433 Thailand Superfast 63 Cadillac Hearse
MB30 2007 MBX Metal Pearl White Silver pinstripes on sides Chrome / Plastic Smoke Black M001f K9467 Thailand 1963 Cadillac Hearse - 2440ef
2007 Scooby Doo 5-Pack Dark Plum Scooby Doo tampos Chrome / Plastic Clear Beige M001f Scooby Doo 1963 Cadillac Hearse - 5486ef
MB55 2008 City Action 11/12 Silver Detailed Trim Chrome / Plastic Smoke Red M001f M5342 Thailand Silver 1963 Cadillac Hearse - B6631df
09/20 2008 Matchbox Superfast Silver with Black top Silver pinstripes on sides Whitewall 65px-M001f Image Not Available
2009 Matchbox Superfast Gray with Black top Silver pinstripes on sides Image Not Available Image Not Available
MB700 2011 Lesney Edition Blue w/White top Silver trim Unpainted / Metal Clear Gray Whitewall Ringed Disc - 1288cf M2635 Thailand 63 cadillac ambulance bluL
N/A 2011 Lesney Edition Blue and white Silver Trim, Pearly Gates Mortuary Unpainted / Metal Smoke Gray Whitewall Ringed Disc - 1288cf V0958 Thailand 2011 Lesney 63 Cadillac Hearse blue
N/A 2018 5 Pack: Coffee Cruisers Metallic Green Purple and Yellow Flames on sides. Grey / Plastic Purple tint Black M001f FMV34 Thailand Base code(s):

L22,L29, L34

1963 Cadillac Hearse (1)

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