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'00 Chevy Corvette Convertible
Debut Series 1-75
Produced 2001-2013
Number MB515
Scale 1:60


The 2000 Corvette has been issued in the following 1/60 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy Number(s) Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB57 2001 1-75: Wheeled Envy Metalflake Maroon Hood and trunk Corvette flags, Corvette across rear bumper Black / Plastic Clear Black Lace.jpg 92267 (USA) 93940 (INT) 93945 China 2000 Chevrolet Corvette.jpg
MB11 2002 1-75: Style Champs Metalflake Silver Corvette Black / Plastic Dark Smoke Black Lace.jpg 95207 (USA)
95813 (INT)
China With or without '50' logo on trunk 50th 2000 Corvette Corvette.jpg
MB8 2003 1-75: Hero City Family Wheels 3/5 Dark Green Yellow to White fade scallops on side Black / Plastic Smoke Light Caramel Lace.jpg 97688 (USA) 97806 (ROW) China With or without Hero City on hood ChevroletCorvette2003.png767B - 2003 1-75.jpg
N/A 2003 5-Pack: Cars Red Corvette Gray / Plastic Smoke Gray Lace.jpg C1892 China 767C - 2003 5-Pack.jpg
N/A 2004 5-Pack: Team Players Green Soccer player Black / Plastic Black Black Lace.jpg B5534 China 767F - 2004 5-Pack.jpg
SF46 2004 Superfast Metalflake Red Front lights, taillights, trim details Dark Gray / Plastic Clear Tan SuperfastSplitSpoke.JPG H2345 China ´767-OVP-2004-NSF.jpg
N/A 2004 The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius Metalflake Silver Sheen (character and text) Black / Plastic Blue Tint Turquoise Lace.jpg H5961 China Jimmy Neutron Corvette.jpg
N/A 2007 10-Pack Metalflake Orange Detailed trim Black / Plastic Smoke Black M002f.jpg Thailand 2000Corvette.jpg
N/A 2007 10-Pack Metalflake Purple Detailed trim Black / Plastic Smoke Black M002f.jpg B5610 Thailand 767E - 2007 10-Pack USA.jpg
MB25 2008 1-75/100: Sports Cars (USA) 17/17
MBX Metal (INT)
Metalflake Gold White fog lights and Corvette emblem on front Black / Plastic Smoke Black M002f.jpg M5319 (USA) M7386 (INT) Thailand 2000Corvettegoldenbrown.jpg
MB34 2013 1-120: Adventure City Metalflake Green Black stripe Black / Plastic Light Smoke Tan 5SpokeSuperfastSportblack.jpg Gold rims Y0716 (USA) BKK55 (INT) Thailand Base Code(s): F14 Chevrolet Corvette 1997 C5 Convertible Matchbox 01.JPG