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2020 Convoys
Debut Series Convoy
Produced 2020
Convoys (2020).png

List of 2020 Convoys[]

Series # Model # Casting Notes Photo - Loose Photo - Carded
1/8 MB1026 International LoneStar Base code(s): M47A, M52A, N28A ConvoysInternationalLoneStar22020.jpg Lonestar Cab & Box Trailer With 1972 Ford Bronco 4x4 (2020 Convoys).jpg
Box Trailer ConvoysBoxTrailer12020.jpg
MB720 1972 Ford Bronco 4x4 Convoys1972Bronco4x42020.jpg
2/8 MB1110 Tesla Semi Base code(s): M47A, N03A ConvoysTeslaTruck22020.jpg Teslasemi112.png
Box Trailer ConvoysBoxTrailer22020.jpg
MB903 Tesla Model S ConvoysTeslaModelS2020.jpg
3/8 MB1150 MBX Cabover Base code(s): M47A, M52A ConvoysMBXCabover2020.jpg MBX Cabover & Tanker With Badlander (2020 Convoys).jpg
Tanker Trailer ConvoysTankerTrailer2020.jpg
MB732 Badlander ConvoysBadlander2020.jpg
4/8 MB977 Ford Cargo Base code(s): M47A ConvoysFordCargo2020.jpg Ford Cargo & Logger Bed Dirt Smasher.jpg
Logger Bed Trailer ConvoysLoggerbed2020.jpg
MB916 Dirt Smasher ConvoysDirtSmasher2020.jpg
5/8 MB1110 Tesla Semi Base code(s):N19A, N21A, N24A 2020teslaconvoy22.jpg
Pipe Trailer Pipetrailer.jpg
MB856 Load Lifter Loadlifter2020convoy.jpg
6/8 MB1150 MBX Cabover Base code(s): N30A MB1150 - MBX Cabover 'Matchbox'.jpg 2020 Convoy Matchbox.jpg
Box Trailer MBX Box Trailer 'Matchbox'.jpg
MB988 Power Lift MB759 - 2020 Convoys.jpg
7/8 MB1150 MBX Cabover Base code(s): N17A, N20A Mbxcabover2020convoy2.jpg 2020-Convoys-7.jpg
Auto Transport Trailer 2020autotransporttrailer.jpg
MB1167 2011 Mini Countryman 2011minicooper2020convoy.jpg
8/8 MB1026 International LoneStar Base code(s): N20A, N21A Internationallonestar2020convoy.jpg 2020-Convoys-8.jpg
Rocket Trailer 2020rockettrailer.jpg
MB813 Express Delivery Express2020convoy.jpg