Debut Series Action Series (Super Kings)
Produced 1990 - 1993
Number EM-00
Action Series Emergency (Super Kings)

Models in series (1991 / 1993):Edit

Matchbox Series Emergency models that are released in the same livery:

Model # Model Name Photo
EM-1 US Police Car Police Car (1992 EM-1)
EM-2 Matra Rancho Matra Rancho (EM-2)
EM-3 Jaguar XJ6 Police Jaguar XJ6 (EM-3)
EM-4A/B BMW 750i Polizei/Police BMW 750 il Police Car (EM-4 In Box)
EM-5 Fire Tender Magirus-Deutz Fire Engine (EM-5)
EM-6 Range Rover Police Range Rover Police (EM-6)
EM-7 Ford Transit Ambulance Ford Transit Air Ambulance (EM-7 1993)
EM-8 Peterbilt Wrecker Peterbilt Wrecker (EM-8)
EM-9 Helicopter Transporter DAF Helicopter Transporter (EM-9 1993)
EM-10 Snorkel Fire Engine Snorkel Fire Engine (1991-1999)
EM-11 Fire Spotter Plane Transporter Peterbilt Fire Spotter Plane Transporter (EM-11 Box)
EM-12 Power Launch Transporter
EM-13 Helicopter Helicopter (EM-13,K-180)
EM-14 Suzuki Santana Police Suzuki Santana Police (EM-14 1993)
EM-50 Emergency Gift Set Emergency Gift Set (EM-50 1992)


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