Debut Series Action Series (Super Kings)
Produced 1992 - 1993(?)
Number FM-00
Complet (1992 Action Farming)

Models in series (1992 / 1993):Edit

Matchbox Series Farming models that are released in the same livery:

Model # Model Name Photo
FM-1 Range Rover Range Rover (1992 FM-1 Action Farming)
FM-2 Muir Tractor & Back Shovel
FM-3 Shovel Tractor Shovel Tractor (FM-3)
FM-4 Toyota Hi-Lux 4 WD Matchbox-superkings-fm-toyota-hilux
FM-5 Muir Tractor Muir-Tractor (FM-5)
FM-6 Massey Ferguson Tractor
FM-7 MF Tractor & Hay Rake Farming Tractor & Hay Rake Set (1992 FM-7 Action Farming)
FM-8 Farm Set
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