Debut Series Sky Busters
Produced 2004-Present
Number SB55/SB62
Airliner (2012 SB-62)


The Ford Airliner has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color/ Type Window Color Wheel/ Type Toy Number(s) Country Notes / Variations Photo
SB-55 2004 Sky Busters White/Light Blue TURBO SHUTTLE Dark Blue/ Plastic Dark
SB-55 2004 Dark Blue/Blue MATCHBOX Logo Blue/ Plastic Dark
SB-55 2005 Blue/White 05 Black/ Plastic White
SB-55 2006 Silver CAIRO EXPRESS White/ Plastic Dark
SB-55 2006 Sky Busters Dark Yellow DHL Red/ Plastic Dark
SB-55 2007 Sky Busters Maroon DRAGON BLAST Tan/ Plastic Dark
AIRLINER - 2007 (Custom)
SB-55 2007 Light Blue Arctic Airliner Blue/ Plastic Dark Wheels (Sky Busters) Thailand Airliner (2007 SB-55)
SB-55 2008 Green DINO 2 Tan/Plastic Dark Wheels (Sky Busters) Thailand Airliner (2008 SB-55 Dino2)
SB-55 2008 Red/ Black CARGO DELIVERY Black/ Plastic Dark
SB-55 2008 Orange SKYDIVING ADVENTURE Grey/ Plastic Green
SB-55 2009 Metallic Green CROC ADVENTURE White/ Plastic Dark
SB-55 2009 Yellow Ancient Egypt Explorer Blue/ Plastic Dark
SB-55 2010 Black WILD ANIMAL White/ Plastic Grey
SB-55 2010 Metallic Red ISLAND FREIGHT, 62 Brown/ Plastic Dark
SB-55 2011 Silver MATCHBOX, 7.9 White/ Plastic Dark
SB-55 2011 Maroon TREASURE HUNTER, 62 Silver/ Plastic Dark
SB-62 2012 White 4 ADVENTURES Blue/ Plastic Dark
SB-62 2012 Mission Force Set: Jungle Adventure Crew Dark Green JUNGLE EXPEDITIONS Beige/ Plastic Dark Wheels (Sky Busters) Thailand Airliner (2012 Mission Force)
SB-62 2013 Green 62 Black/ Plastic Dark
SB-62 2013 Color Changer Orange 5
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