In the strictest sense, ambulances are vehicles designed to transport sick and injured people to hospitals or other locations for medical care. Matchbox has issued several ambulances of this type over the years, with changes in design reflecting real and fantasy vehicles, and the evolution of emergency medical care and the prototype ambulance itself.

In an expanded sense, ambulance can also refer to auxiliary and/or support vehicles, such as those that transport medical providers to an emergency, but are not equiped to transport a patient. These vehicles, often lightly modified passenger cars or SUVs, appear below under "Support vehicles".

Many Matchbox Ambulances 20120615 JSCC

Models released as AmbulanceEdit

Model # Model Name First Issued Photo
MB41-C, 25-E Ambulance (1977) 1978 Ambulance - 3404df
MB299 Ambulance (1996) 1997 Ambulance white and black
MB498 Ambulance (2000) 2000 50th Ambulance
MB598 Ambulance (2004) 2004 Wario Ambulance
MB679 Ambulance (2005) 2005 MBX Ambulance
K-49 Ambulance (Speed Kings 1973) 1973 7349 Ambulance L
K-38 Dodge Ambulance 1980 Dodge Ambulance Van (K-38)
K-96 Volvo Ambulance 1983 VOLVO Ambulance (1983-84)
K-143 Bedford Emergency Van (K-143) 1987 Bedford Emergency Van (Super Kings K-143)
K-169 Ford Transit Ambulance (K-169) 1990 Ford Transit Ambulance (EM-7)

Other ambulancesEdit

Some ambulances have been released with a more specific name, and some more generic castings have been released in an ambulance version.

Model # Model Name First Issued Photo
No. 63 Ford 3 Ton 4x4 Service Ambulance 1959 63a
MB14-C Bedford Ambulance 1962 BedfordAmbulance
MB54-B S & S Cadillac Ambulance 1965 S & S Cadillac Ambulance - 2437df
K-6, later K-26, still later K-63 Mercedes Benz Ambulance (King Size) 1967 (King Size) Mercedes Benz Ambulance (1967 K-6)
MB03-C Mercedes Ambulance 1968 6803 Mercedes-Benz Binz Ambulance
MB12 Stretcha Fetcha 1972 7246 Stretcha Fetcha
MB182 Volkswagen Transporter Ambulance 1980s, year uncertain VW Transporter Ambulance
MB771 '08 Ford E-350 Ambulance 2009 '08 Ford F-350 Ambulance - 1427ff
MB944 '08 Ford E-350 Ambulance 2015 '08 Ford E-350 Ambulance 2015
MB780 '63 Cadillac Ambulance 2009 0956CadillacAmbulance
MB1178 International Ambulance 2019 International Terrastar (2019 1-100 NEW)

Other castingsEdit

Model # Model Name Year Released as Ambulance Photo
MB12 Citroen CX 1983 1-75 Collection Mb012-04
MB60 Ford Transit

1988  1-75 Collection

Ford Transit 1988
MD006 Ambulance 2002  (McDonalds Promotional) Ambulance McDonalds (2002).
MB165 Ford Transit 2003 1-75 Collection, #14 FordTransitVan2003
MB149 Mercedes-Benz 280 GE Buried Treasure 2005 Buried Treasure Mercedes Benz 280GE

Air AmbulancesEdit

Helicopters with ambulance liveries.

Model # Model Name First Issued Photo
MB41-N (571) Sea Rescue Helicopter 2003 MB-70 Sea Rescue Helicopter
MB60-K (416) Rescue Chopper 1999 Rescue Chopper (1999 ROW)
MB63-O (541) Rescue Helicopter 2002 50th Helicopter
MB75-C Sea Sprite 1977 7775 Seasprite Helicopter R

Support VehiclesEdit

Though no dedicated castings have been released, other castings have been released in EMS livery.

Year Model # or set Model Name Notes / Variations Photo
year unknown Police Patrol Police Patrol Fly Car 20120520 JSCC
1998 "City Streets" 5-pack Jeep Cherokee Jeep Cherokee Fly Car 20120525 JSCC
1999 1-75 Ford Expedition Ford Expedition EMS ROW 20120520 JSCC
2003 1-75 Truck Camper Camper 2003
2012 1-120 Quick Sander Quick Sander 1-120
2013 1-120 4x4 Scrambulance 4x4 Scrambulance (2013 1-120)
2003 Stars of Germany BMW X5 Police NOTARZT is German, indicating an emergency physician's vehicle BMW X5 Ambulance
2004 - 2006 Stars of Cars Mercedes-Benz E 430 Wagon NOTARZT is German, indicating an emergency physician's vehicle Stars of Cars Mercedes-Benz E430 - Notarzt
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