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Aqua King
Debut Series City Action
Produced 2011-2017
Number MB814
Scale 1:87
Aqua King - 07532df.jpg

Card description[]

  • The temperature is rising and hundreds of pumped-up athletes are at the start line waiting to begin the Matchbox charity run. Luckily, the always-reliable Aqua King is standing by to provide H20 and ensure this day is a complete success!
    —From the 2011 City Action card


The Aqua King has come out in the following 1/87 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB71 2011 1-75/100: City Action 12/14 Metalflake Medium Blue Golden Valley tampo Light Gray / Plastic Smoke Green Ringed Disc - 1288cf.jpg V0279 (USA) T9374 (ROW) Thailand Base Code(s): D09, D11 Aqua King - 07532df.jpg
MB71 2011 1-75/100: City Action 12/14 Metalflake Dark Green Emerald Waters tampo Gray / Plastic Smoke Blue Green

Ringed Disc - 1288cf.jpg

T8992 (USA) T9356 (ROW) Thailand Base Code(s): D13, D17, D21, D24 MB71 2011 Green.jpg
N/A 2011 10-Pack Pearl Orange Scorched and flames on sides Gray / Plastic Clear Maroon Ringed Disc - 1288cf.jpg V1011 Thailand Base Code(s): D30 Aqua3.jpg
N/A 2011 Dream Halloween Promotional Black Zombie Elix-ir, Z, Not for Vampires, Zombies only Translucent Orange / Plastic Orange Tint Green Orange, White tires Ringed Disc - 1288cf.jpg Thailand Base Code(s): D35 Aqua King (Dream Halloween Promotional).jpg
MB20 2012 1-120: City 1/10 Red Water, W Silver / Plastic Green Tint N/A Ringed Disc - 1288cf.jpg W4806 Thailand No Interior; Base Code(s): D34 AquaKingCityred.jpg
MB105 2013 1-120: MBX Adventure City Satin Lime Green MBX Matchbox Beverages Black / Plastic Orange None 483px-Ringed Disc - 1288cf.jpg Y0918 Thailand Base Code(s): F09, F36, F37, F38, F40 Aqua King 2013.jpg
MB30 2016 1-125: MBX Adventure City White QUENCH Black / Plastic Green Tint N/A Orange Ringed Disc - 1288cf.jpg DJV75 (USA) DMG35 (ROW) DNL12 (PG) Thailand Base code(s): J05, J06, J10, J12 Aqua King 2016 White).jpg
MB19 2017 1-125: MBX Adventure City Metalflake Gray Juice INSTINCT MBX Blue / Plastic Blue Tint N/A Ringed Disc - 1288cf.jpg DVK38 (USA) DVN45 (INT) Thailand Base code(s): K29, K30 Aqua King (2017).jpg