Articulated Trailer
Debut Series Convoy
Produced 1979 - 1990s, possibly 2000s
Articulated Trailer 20131225 JSCC.jpg

Details of the connection between first-generation Convoy tractors and trailers. Josiah Carberry Collection.

The Articulated Trailer was introduced with the first-generation Convoy sets. It is a flat, two-axle semi-trailer. A raised rim allows the trailer to carry two first generation shipping containers, and a series of holes allows for a plastic box to be attached, to form a box trailer, or a set of plastic stakes, to form a stake-bed trailer. These original trailers feature the T-tab connector then in use, and carry a 1979 Copyright.

When Matchbox updated their tractor trailers (Convoy#Second_generation), the Articulated Trailer was adapted, with a ball-and-post connector replacing the original T-tab. These trailers feature a 1981 Copyright.

Like other Convoy trailers, Matchbox only offered the Articulated Trailer with a tractor. Thus, the number on the package does not apply specifically to the trailer. Further, no number is cast into the base.

Versions[edit | edit source]

The Articulated Trailer appears in the following versions and liveries:

Col # Year Series Sold with Connector Type Color Tampo Base Color / Type Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
Matchbox 900 Long Haul T-Tab Fivearch.jpg A well-worn first-generation Convoy Articulated Trailer. Josiah Carberry Collection.
Mack CH600 Ball and Post Light Blue Ben & Jerry's Light Grey painted metal 8-Spoke Industrial - 4740cf.jpg Articulated Trailer (G2 Convoy) in Ben & Jerry's colors. Josiah Carberry Collection.
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