Austin Mini Van - 1965
Debut Series 1-75 MBX Metal
Produced 2007-2019 (original), 2020-Present (retool)
Number MB713
Scale 1:51
Austin Mini Vans - 8841df

Vehicle History

Produced from 1959 to 2000, the Mini is a city car offered in 2 door saloon, estate, van, and coupe utility body styles. It was revolutionary in pioneering the small size, front wheel drive hatchbacks of today and an icon of British motoring.

The Matchbox Austin Mini Van is based on the Mini Van version of the 1959 to 1967 Mini "Mark 1"" produced by the British Motor Corporation. It made its debut for the 2007 mainline under the 1-75 series for the sub series of MBX Metal in Emerald Green with Matchbox 55th Anniversary 1962-2007 graphics. The casting has a number of MB713 and was in production from 2007 to 2019 when it was discontinued. A retool was issued for the 2020 Candy series, with a tow hitch added to the casting. It has been in production ever since.

Technical Specs

  • Specs are from original vehicle and may not reflect modified vehicle

Engine: 0.9L I4

Output:: Unknown

0-60: 27.1 sec.

Top Speed:: 72.4 mph

Description on packaging

  • A school bus has broken down in the city and you've got to deliver the parts to fix it. Weaving through rush-hour traffic downtown will be no problem with the super-compact body of your Austin Mini Van. Its spacious back compartment can transport auto parts in no time!


This model of a 1965 Austin Mini Van has come out in the following 1/51 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB31 2007 1-75: MBX Metal Emerald Green Silver headlights, Matchbox 55th Anniversary 1962-2007 Gray / Plastic Clear White M001f L5042 Thailand Card says "Austin Mini Van 1965" MBX Metal Austin Mini Van
MB31 2007 1-75: MBX Metal Tan Detailed headlights, Red, White and Blue "Authentic British Auto Parts" tampos Gray / Plastic Clear White M001f K7488 Thailand Mid Year Color Change, Card says "Austin Mini Van"
"Austin Mini Van - 1965" on baseplate.
1965 Austin Mini Van - 5526df
SF08 2007 Superfast Purple Austin Classics, Silver roof, Silver headlights, Red taillights, trim details Chrome / Plastic Smoke Gray SuperfastSmall M3431 Thailand Superfast 65 Austin Mini Van
N/A 2007 10-Pack Green Gold MBX Dairy Farms, "It's Utterly Delicious White / Plastic Smoke Brown Smooth disc Thailand AustinMiniVan1965greengold
N/A 2008 MBX Metal Dark Green & Black The Matchbox Club Official Matchbox Ambassador Vehicle VUM Chrome Smoke Black M001f N6287 Thailand Limited Edition Model #23 Image Not Available
MB7 2008 Heritage Classics
MBX Metal
Mustard Detailed headlights Chrome / Plastic Clear Black M001f M5313 (USA) M7380 (INT) Thailand Base code(s): 1965 Austin Mini Van - 8835df
BB09 2008 Best of British Olive Green Detailed headlights and taillights, grille Chrome / Plastic Smoke Black M001f M3287 / M8503 Thailand Base Code(s): Best of British 65 Austin Mini Van
N/A 2008 5-Pack: Classic Cars Blue White Roof Gray / Plastic Clear Gray Ringed Disc - 1288cf M0138 Thailand Base Code(s): A48 1965 Austin Mini Van In Blue
MB53 2009 City Action 13/13 Red Black and White "Benz" and "We Power Your World" tampos Gray / Plastic Clear Black Ringed Disc - 1288cf P2969 Thailand M001f
Cut Tri-Spoke Wheels is a rare variation
Austin Mini Van - 7835df
N/A 2009 5-Pack: Classic Cars Light Blue White, Orange and Black with "LC Lumber Co." on sides Gray / Plastic Smoke Black Ringed Disc - 1288cf N9637 Thailand Base Code(s): 09ClassicAustin
N/A 2009 10-Pack Pearl White Black, Red and Yellow "Richie's Pizza Delivery" tampos Chrome / Plastic Smoke Black Ringed Disc - 1288cf P2990 Thailand Base Code(s): 1965 Austin Mini Van - 8836df
MB72 2010 City Action 15/16 Gray Blue, Black and White with "MH Authentic Austin Performance Parts" on sides Chrome / Plastic Smoke Black Ringed Disc - 1288cf R4999 Thailand Base Code(s): B41, B44 1072AustinMiniVan
MB72 (USA) MB48 (ROW) 2011 City Action 13/14 Black Express Royal Couriers LTD, Silver fender trim Chrome / Plastic Smoke Caramel Ringed Disc - 1288cf T8929 Thailand Base Code(s): 2011 City Action Austin Mini Van black
N/A 2011 Lesney Edition Sky Blue & White POLICE tampos on sides, hood and roof Unpainted / Metal Clear Black Ringed Disc - 1288cf V0968 Thailand Base Code(s): D30 Mbx-police lesney edition 2011
N/A 2011 5-Pack: City Services Cream Yellow GO Bike Shop, We Buy, Sell & Repair All Bikes Gray / Plastic Smoke Black Ringed Disc - 1288cf V0312 Thailand Base Code(s): D38 Mini bic
N/A 2014 5-Pack: City Works Silver MBX, PLUMBING Services Black / Plastic Clear Black 483px-Ringed Disc - 1288cf Thailand Base code(s): G34 '65 AUSTIN MINI VAN 2014
N/A 2016 Best of Matchbox Metallic Purple BATTENBERG'S, checkered roof Chrome / Plastic Smoke White Vw t2 bus 17 wheel DKC62 Thailand Base code(s): J22 Austin Mini Van (2016 Best)
MB27 2018 1-125: MBX Service 8/20 Brown MATCHBOX Confectioner's Sweet Treats Beige / Plastic Clear White Black Rim Ringed Disc - 02156bf FHH03 Thailand Base code(s): K48, K50 Austin Mini Van (2018)
1/6 2019 Candy Series Silver and Blue Baby Ruth Blue / Plastic Light Blue White Black Rim Ringed Disc - 02156bf GHH32 Thailand Base code(s): M18 Baby cropped kindlephoto-10241431
5/6 2020 Candy Series Mint Green Junior Mints Logo, White and Brown. White / Plastic Clear Black Austin Mini Cooper 1275S - IMG 4912-2 Thailand Trailer hitch Base code(s): M42 Austin Mini Van (2020 Candy)


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