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|scale = 1:62
|scale = 1:62
|image = Superfast AB BMW 850i.jpg
|image = Superfast AB BMW 850i.jpg
|series = Lineup 1-75 Series}}

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BMW 850i
Debut Series Lineup 1-75 Series
Produced 1993-2005
Number MB240
Scale 1:62
Superfast AB BMW 850i


The BMW 850i has come out in the following 1/62 versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy Number(s) Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB49 MB2 1993 1-75 Silver Blacked out grille and signals Grey / Metal Chrome Blue Eight dot rims Thailand Iu
MB49 MB2 1995 1-75 Series Red RIPPER, Skull and cross bones tampo Red/ Metal Clear White Wheel (94 Chrome) China BMW 850i (1995)
MB2 1996 1-75 Series Red RIPPER Red/ Metal Clear White Wheel (94 Chrome) China RoW only BMW 850i (1996 ROW)
MB2 1997 1-75 Black Yellow flash and 850i tampo Black/ Metal Clear Fluorescent yellow Gold Chrome 6-Spoke Half Moon - 01757cf China Rest of World edit BMW 850i 97
MB73 1998 1-75: Street Cruisers 8/10 Dark Blue None Dark Blue/ China Clear Tan Eight dot rims China RoW only BMW 850i (1998 RoW)
MB54 1999 1-75: Fun time (INT) Deep Red Blacked out grille and signals Deep Red / Metal Clear Beige Split5spoke 37736 (INT) China RoW only Fun Time BMW 850i
MB2 2001 Daddy's Dreams 2/5 Deep Red BMW 850i on side, Matchbox logo on license plate Deep Red / Metal Smoke Black 5-Spoke Teardrop - 1285cf 92202 China Daddys Dreams BMW 850i
MB5 2001 Coca-Cola (INT) Yellow Coca-Cola logo on quarter panel, Bears drinking coke Yellow / Metal Clear Red Split5spoke 92358 (INT) China Coca Cola BMW 850i yellow
N/A 2002 BMW Set 1 (INT) Metallic Midnight Green BMW badges, Red taillights, Silver grille and signals Black / Metal Clear Brown Lace 97570 (INT) China BMW set BMW 850i
SF15 2005 Superfast Metallic Gunmetal Gray Detailed headlights and taillights Metallic Gunmetal Gray / Metal Smoke Light gray SuperfastSplitSpoke H7739 China Superfast BMW 850i
SF15 2005 Superfast Autobahn Dark Blue Detailed headlights and taillights, trim details Dark Blue / Metal Smoke Beige 5SpokeSuperfast J8581 Thailand Superfast AB BMW 850i
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