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Baja Bandit
Debut Series 1-75: MBX Metal
Produced 2007-Present
Number MB731
Scale Unlisted

Card description[]

  • Dust is flying, rocks are tumbling and there have been reports of hidden booby-traps on this treacherous course. OH NO! A giant pothole concealed with leaves causes you to tumble - NEVER FEAR! The Baja Bandit with its awesome all-terrain suspension and sturdy roll cage can handle the flip and get you back on track to race to the finish line!
    —From the 2010 Outdoor Sportsman card
  • The Baja Bandit appears to be based off the Meyers Manx.


The Baja Bandit has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Interior Color Front Wheel Type Rear Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB59 2007 1-75: MBX Metal Metalflake Purple Black, White and Yellow flames, "Baja Bandit" Black / Plastic Gray M007 - 6909bf.jpg Ringed Gear Rivited.jpg K7492 (USA) L0347 (ROW) Thailand BajaBanditmetallicpurple.jpg
MB59 2007 1-75: MBX Metal Satin Green Black hood stripes, "3", "Baja Bandit" Black / Plastic Black M007 - 6909bf.jpg Ringed Gear Rivited.jpg L5046 (USA) L0419 (ROW) Thailand MB731 - 2007 1-75 - recoulor.jpg
N/A 2007 10-Pack Deep Red White upper section, Black racing stripe, Gold 29 Black / Plastic Gray 6SpokeUtilityWhite.jpg RingedGearRivitedWhite.jpg L2620 Thailand BajaBanditdeepred.jpg
MB90 (USA) MB24 (ROW) 2008 1-100: All Terrain 3/13 Metalflake Green Yellow and Black checkers, White "26" Black / Plastic Tan M007 - 6909bf.jpg Ringed Gear Rivited.jpg M5347 (USA) M7426 (ROW) Thailand 0890BajaBandit.jpg
N/A 2008 10-Pack: Adventure Yellow Black and White stripes, 3, leopard spots Black / Plastic Copper 6SpokeUtilityWhite.jpg RingedGearRivitedWhite.jpg M6402 Thailand BajaBandityellow.jpg
N/A 2008 5-Pack: Scooby-Doo Royal Blue Scooby-Doo (character and text) Black / Plastic Silver 6SpokeUtilityWhite.jpg RingedGearRivitedWhite.jpg M0166 Thailand BajaBanditScoobyDoodarkblue.jpg
N/A 2008 Superfast Copper Black and Mustard design Gray / Plastic Black WhiteOpenDot10Spoke.jpg RingedGearRivitedWhite.jpg Thailand Baja Bandit (Superfast).jpg
MB80 2009 1-100: Desert Adventure 6/14 White Red, Blue and Light Blue stripes on top Black / Plastic Black 6SpokeUtility(Red).jpg RingedGearRivited(Red).jpg P2976 Thailand USA only,
Base Code(s): B29
N/A 2009 5-Pack: Beach Patrol Metalflake Blue Orange and Black stripes with Beach Patrol logo, Orange stripes on sides Black / Plastic Black M007 - 6909bf.jpg Ringed Gear Rivited.jpg N9641 Thailand Base Code(s): B12 BajaBanditBeachPatroldarkblue.jpg
N/A 2010 5-Pack: SpongeBob SquarePants Light Green SpongeBob's eyes Black / Plastic Yellow Ringed Gear.jpg Ringed Gear Rivited.jpg R0610 Thailand Base Code(s): B52 MB731 - 2010 5-Pack USA-SpongBob.jpg
MB80 (USA)
2010 1-100: Outdoor Sportsman 7/10 Flat Brown Black and Green camouflage, Sportsman XRT300 Black / Plastic Dark Gray 6SpokeUtilityGunmetal.jpg Ringed Gear Rivited.jpg R5012 Thailand Base Code(s): C13, C14, C16 Outdoor Sportsman Baja Bandit.jpg
N/A 2010 10-Pack:
Off-Road Adventure
Teal 3, Adventure Race, tire marks, Yellow highlights Black / Plastic Black Ringed Gear.jpg Ringed Gear Rivited.jpg R0621 Thailand Exclusive.
Base Code(s): C18
N/A 2010 5-Pack: Camping Adventure Mint Green Camp Ranger; Green, White and Orange stripes Black / Plastic White RingedGearWhite.jpg RingedGearRivitedWhite.jpg R0604 Thailand Base Code(s): C31, C32, C43, C44 Baja Bandit mint.jpg
N/A 2011 5-Pack: Camping Adventure Red WORLD CAMPING TOURS Black / Plastic White 6SpokeUtilityWhite.jpg RingedGearRivitedWhite.jpg V0311 Thailand Base Code(s): D24 Baja Bandit (2011-Red).jpg
N/A 2011 5-Pack: Go, Diego, Go! White Cartoon character, dinosaurs, "Go Diego Go" Black / Plastic Bright Green M007 - 6909bf.jpg Ringed Gear Rivited.jpg V0695 Thailand Base Code(s): D36 Image Not Available.jpg
MB60 2012 1-120: MBX Mountain 10/10 Light Blue GRIZZLY BEAR Trail Riders Black / Plastic White 6SpokeUtilityWhite.jpg RingedGearRivitedWhite.jpg W4868 Thailand USA only, Base Code(s): E45 Baja Bandit 2012 Mountain.jpg
N/A 2012 5-Pack: SpongeBob SquarePants Metalflake Yellow-Green SpongeBob Wild One design on hood Gray / Plastic White 6SpokeUtility(Gold).jpg RingedGearRivitedGold.jpg W9346 Thailand USA only, Base Code(s): E07 Image Not Available.jpg
MB33 2013 1-120: MBX Explorers and 5-Pack: Beach Rescue Maroon 3, White and Blue stripes Black / Plastic Black 6SpokeUtilityWhite.jpg RingedGearRivitedWhite.jpg Y0715 (USA) BBK65 (ROW) Y2631 (5P) Thailand Base code(s): E51, F17, F30 Baja Bandit 2013.jpg
N/A 2013 3-Pack: Jake and the Never Land Pirates Red JAKE Black / Plastic White M007 - 6909bf.jpg Ringed Gear Rivited.jpg Y2970 Thailand Base Code(s): E44 Baja Bandit (2013 3 Pack).jpg
N/A 2015 Jurassic World:
5-Pack: Desert/Island
Metallic Tan Jurassic World logo Black / Plastic Brown Wheels Malibu M.jpg Wheel 4x4 (Chrome rims).jpg CJM07 Thailand Base code(s): H09, H10 Matchbox 2015 Jurassic World Series 1 Loose Vehicle Baja Bandit.jpg
N/A 2016 5-Pack: Desert Yellow Baja Bandit, Black tampo Gray / Plastic Black Orangesixspoke.png RingedGearRivitedOrange.jpg DJY02 Thailand Base code(s): J07, J09 Baja Bandit (2016 5 Pack).jpg
2016 9/10-Pack 6SpokeUtility(Gold).jpg RingedGearRivitedGold.jpg DYW97 Base code(s): J12 1931 MB59 2016.jpg
N/A 2016 5-Pack: Shark Week Matte Orange Shark Week logo Black / Plastic Grey 6SpokeUtility(Red).jpg Wheel Off Road orange R.jpg DVG50 Thailand Base Code(s): J29 Baja Bandit (Shark Week 2016).jpg
MB104 2017 1-125: MBX Explorers Orange BAJA BANDIT Black / Plastic Grey M007 - 6909bf.jpg Ringed Gear Rivited.jpg DVL05 (USA) DVP12 (ROW) DWV04 (PG) Thailand Base code(s): J49, K01, K02, K08, K09 Baja Bandit (2017 MBX Explorers).jpg
MB71 2019 1-100: MBX Off-Road 15/20 Aqua "Grizzly Bear Trail Riders" on front Black / Plastic White 6SpokeUtilityWhite.jpg RingedGearRivitedWhite.jpg FYR79 (USA) GCF74 (ROW) GCJ06 Thailand Base code(s): L37, L38, L43, L44 Baja Bandit (2019).jpg
N/A 2019 5-Pack: MBX To The Rescue Pink OUTBACK BUGGYS, TOURS, RENTALS, 12 Grey / Plastic Black 6SpokeUtilityWhite.jpg RingedGearRivitedWhite.jpg GBJ76 Thailand Base Code(s): M19, M30, M35 Baja Bandit (2020 5 Pack).jpg
2020 9/10-Pack GKR46 Base Code(s): N09, N11
N/A 2020 5-Pack: MBX Marine Rescue Blue MBX Marine Park Gray / Plastic Gray 65px-M007 - 6909bf.jpg Ringed Gear Rivited.jpg GKJ11 Thailand Base Code(s): N29 MB731 - 2020 5-Pack.jpg
N/A 2021 5-Pack: Off Road Rally Yellow Matchbox Beach Rally 2021, 11 Red / Plastic Black 6SpokeUtilityWhite.jpg RingedGearRivitedWhite.jpg GVY41 Thailand Base Code(s): N40 OffRoad Rally (GVY41) - Baja Bandit.jpg
N/A 2021 Hitch & Haul: Roadside Assistance
Yellow Matchbox Beach Rally 2021, 11 Red / Plastic Black 6SpokeUtilityWhite.jpg RingedGearRivitedWhite.jpg GWM63 Thailand Base Code(s): N51, N52 2021 Roadside Assistance - MB731 Baja Bandit.jpg