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Vtecboy907 Vtecboy907 11 October 2021

Stars of Italy / Italia or Best of Italy

Hi All,

Another quick update - I've created an entry ( Stars of Italy (2021) ) as I've noticed a new series appear that's available ( only via a select few seller's on an auction site ).

I've uploaded what screenshots I can of the vehicles in their respective cases but had had a few issues with layout so would appreciate if anyone can tidy up.

I can't find much information about this series apart from this;

so happy to be advised further if anyone can.



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Vtecboy907 Vtecboy907 27 September 2021

A few uploads

Hi there,

As previously mentioned, trying to help out where I can, I've uploaded a few photos for the Matchbox Convoy CarryCase as I found my mine. The existing entry doesn't appear to be the same as mine so I've taken a photo of the inside trays to verify that there are differences.

I've also created a Title entry for Matchbox Car-Ferry. There didn't seem to be any subject titles for Gift-Sets so I've created a new entry, Admins, please feel free to edit accordingly if the information I've provided needs to be elsewhere.

I've found very little information as to when the Car-Ferry was produced from and to. Looking back at my catalogues, it appears in the 1972 catalogue as G-7 however, my set has 1971 printed on the box.

The last catalogue that…

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Vtecboy907 Vtecboy907 10 September 2021

Helping out where I can

Hi All,

I first found this Wiki about 10 months ago and it's been my 'Go To' site for model details however I've noticed that there are still some gaps in some of the information available so I'll help out as and where I can.

It's abundantly clear that Matchbox models are very hard to source in the UK ( I only know of 1 stockist - Tesco ) so with the help of a certain auction site and some very friendly and helpful people from across the Atlantic, I've been sourcing some items and will try and update info as and where I can.

So far, my updates have just been for 2 models in the 2021 list - models #4 & #47 and I must thank 2 sellers for my photo uploads;

rabbitcollection2 & wheelcollectors

Please be patient with my sometimes crude edits/uploads …

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Sdsparks Sdsparks 11 March 2021


On the older Matchbox cars, such as 1972 and back, why is there no sort of scale for rarity? I'm just curious, and there's none to barely any mention of rarity on any websites, and I feel like knowing the rarity of your Matchbox car could very well be useful. I have a set of Matchbox cars going from 1-75 in complete form, and don't have any idea of any of them are actually rare or not. Is there a good way to determine rarity without any sort of scale?

The scale could go as such:

Very Common


-(nothing here)


Hard To Find

Very Hard to Find


Very Rare

Extremely Rare

Prototype only

Does it exist?

Thanks if anyone answers!

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Ford GT40 Ford GT40 1 February 2021

We need an Admin

Hello all,

I believe that currently we do not have an active user with admin rights, that is someone who can take care of some basic housekeeping functions on this Wiki.

I would be happy to take on this role.

I have been an active user here since 2015 and have made over 23,000 edits.

Your comments, either in support or otherwise, would be welcome.


Ford GT40

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King kirby105 King kirby105 26 December 2020

Chrismas 2020 haul

2020 Holaday haul

MBX Super service center

'48 jeepster (will keep in box because i have it)

'36 ford superfast (in box because i have)

2019 9-pack (green jaguar)


2021 MBX off-road

'68 d0dge (2021)

'62 plymouth savoy (2021)

'71 VW porshe (2021)

'76 VW golf (20210

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Awe6388 Awe6388 4 December 2020

Where To Buy Matchbox

I got into Matchbox collecting last year and have tried pretty hard to continue adding to my collection this year. The problem is that here in Las Vegas it's hard to find places who sell Matchbox. And if they do, their selection is pretty dismal. Can the community help by creating a list of stores, preferably national stores that can be found throughout the U.S.. I'll start the list here with what I've been able to find and the kind of selection they have in the stores here in Las Vegas.

Store Name Selection

Smith's Grocery (AKA Kroger) Dismal mostly Power Grabs but does carry some carded

Target Poor, usually just a handful of products and seldom anything new. …

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King kirby105 King kirby105 28 November 2020

Cars I've gotten today

They are all 2021 mainline cars I got

  1. '48 jeep (76/100)
  2. '18 Dodge charger (55/100)
  3. Mercedes-Benz S123 Estate (53/100)
  4. MBX Self-Driving bus (28/100)
  5. '59 Dodge Coronet Police Car (National Parks) (71/100)
  6. '16 RAM Flatbed (100/100)
  7. Ford Police Interceptor (81/100)
  8. Chow Mobile II (NEW) (24/100)

Pictures soon

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Reeceracing Reeceracing 16 September 2020

My Matchbox Collection

This is where I will post the pictures of my Matchbox cars!

Updates will be coming soon as I photograph them.

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Citroenc6 Citroenc6 11 August 2020

Matchbox Cadillac CTS-V base code

I've got the Cadillac CTS Coupé with the black interior. The base code is G04, that code isn't mentioned in the page of this car. Is this a rare car?

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Waychillbro Waychillbro 2 July 2020

The Nissan Figaro would make a great Matchbox

I first saw this car on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and I thought it was so unique and would be a great Matchbox model. And since Matchbox already has the rights to produce Nissans, it could happen. I tweeted it to Mattel, but I thought I should post it here too so that the idea is at least out there and might be seen by someone.

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Hooray206 Hooray206 18 April 2020

Is this fake

Hey Is this hot wheels a fake or is it real

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Cambini Cambini 6 November 2019

UPCOMING: 5 Packs, Convoy and Mix 2 Sneak Peak

If you follow the Matchbox world instagram page you might have already seen these. But they have posted sneak peaks of upcoming mix 2 models, possible convoy models and working rigs. As well as upcoming 5 packs. 

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Verredart Verredart 5 April 2019

Checklist available?


  1. 1 - is it possible to add functionality to to allow its use as a dynamic checklist like for individual collectors to track their collections?
  1. 2 - If not, is there such a site already in existence?

Thank you so much in advance.

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NateHW NateHW 24 March 2019

Remove page from category

Can someone remove the page "Ford F-100 Panel Delivery (1955)" from the category "Ford Motor Company" please? Thanks. :)

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Hup4533 Hup4533 27 October 2018

Help to identify this Scammell Tractor (K17-23) - blues/black

Hi I have searched pretty much everywhere and cannot find which set(s) this Scammell is from, thanks.

A junk shop find in France:

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RehabiliToy RehabiliToy 9 October 2018

Matchbox Cyclone 5000 Track

I have a (nearly) complete Cyclone 5000 track including the original box and owner's manual. I would like to document it here as there is very little information on the internet regarding this track. I have never authored a wiki article and thought I should ask for some guidance before diving in. Thanks!

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Mnpug63 Mnpug63 21 August 2018

Jurassic World InGen Humvee

I am trying to find expanded details of the Jurassic World InGen Humveee  and if there are any variations to this Humvee. This Humvee is listed in Wiki but not the expanded info. Where does one find the specs for the vehicles listed. If I knew I could help input info. Anyway hope someone can answer my question on the humvee. Thanks

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1steditionman 1steditionman 22 April 2018

VW T3 Pickups

I finally got a hold of the metal version of the VW T3 Crewcab Transporter Pickup from the 1-125 MBX Explorers 1-125 MBX Explorers Series. They both came with Ringed Disk wheels. This vehicle first appeared in 2016 in light blue enamel with tampo. I'll be looking for that one too. Notice that the Color Changer vehicle  (MB1070) has a plastic body and the bed is empty, while the 1-125 vehicle has a detailed bed with quite a lot of gear. It is also nicely detailed in the front with painted grille and headlights and with minimal tampo.

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Djhotwheel Djhotwheel 7 March 2018

Identifying 2 Matchbox Vehicles

Trying to figure out the year on these 2.

Hello! With the Internet I found out this: 1: Dodge, the Hot Smoker from the Limited Edition Set and released in 1978 only for the USA. 2 Model: Brown Sugar is the same - Limited Edition Set and released in 1978 only for the USA. Hepcik.

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Takota95 Takota95 7 June 2015


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BP1992 BP1992 15 February 2013

Matchbox 5-Pack Idea-Transit

  • City Bus (painted in the red and silver livery and says "metrobus" on the front and top sides. Metrobus (TM) is owned by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, which are it's rightful owners)
  • School Bus (painted in yellow with with school bus number and children crossing sign.) (Reintroduction from 2005's buried treasure category)
  • Chevy Transport Bus (painted in the Budget livery. Budget is owned by it's rightful owners)
  • GMC School Bus (painted in white with the letters City Unified Daycare Center on the sides)
  • Ford Transit Connect Taxi (painted in orange and black and says "TAXI" on the sides.)
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Hpaul Hpaul 12 March 2011

2010 vs 2011

Can someone please tell me how to tell a 2010 model from a 2011? If they are both the same car and 1-100 number how can you tell which year they are from?


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Raven78DK Raven78DK 2 June 2010

The 2010 Matchbox lineup

Does anybody knows when e.g.the Matchbox '10 Fisker Karma Hybrid, the '08 Holden VE Ute, '67 Volvo P8000 and the Cadillac Sport wagon comes out in the stores in the US and Europe??? I've been waiting for some time now.

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ZackVDH ZackVDH 19 April 2010

What I've done so far today.

Well, I've edited the Utility Truck (1989) page, I've also added it to the List of 1989 Matchbox. Boy is there nothing in the 1989 page! I'm currently working on making the Matchbox Across America page. I'll later take everything relating to the 50th anniversary off the List of 2002 Matchbox page. In the mean time, You might not hear from me much.

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ZackVDH ZackVDH 17 April 2010

What I did yesterday

Well, I didn't do much yesterday {April 16th}. I tried to scan a few pages out of the Matchbox Across America Collector Guide, which is just pictures of all the 50 cars. I'll try again today.

BTW, The last two posts were done at what the server considers 2 in the morning, when I actually posted them in the evening the previous day.

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ZackVDH ZackVDH 16 April 2010

What I acomplished today, cont.

I just now created 4 different pages, whew! It was a lot of work I did here in one day.

The 4 articals I created are as follows:

  • Ford
  • Dodge
  • Cadillac
  • and Jeep

I'm calling it a day.

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ZackVDH ZackVDH 16 April 2010

What I acomplished today.

Well, I created the Express Delivery page. Also edited the list of 2002 Matchbox.

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Mikedepaz Mikedepaz 31 December 2009

2010 Collectors Pack

I notice after Christmas that the new Collectors Pack come with some new Exclusives on the top right corner. Also the Showroom Cars Pack has some newer color variations to look out for.


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