MBX Candy Series
Produced 2019

  • The MBX Candy Series is a series of 6 Matchbox cars with candy-themed liveries that is said to be released in Kroger stores.


No# Model Name Livery Photo
#1 Austin Mini Van Baby Ruth Baby kindlephoto-359837806
#2 '47 Chevy AD 3100 Butterfinger Butter kindlephoto-360550105
#3 Chow Mobile Rainbow Nerds Nerds kindlephoto-360218299
#4 VW Delivery Van SweeTarts Sweetarts kindlephoto-348267608
#5 '14 MB Chevy Silverado 1500 Laffy Taffy Laffy kindlephoto-360922324
#6 International Armored Car 100 Grand 100grand kindlephoto-361286717


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