Matchbox Cars Wiki

This page shows the paint finishes applied for the Matchbox Cars.

Enamel - a solid glossed color that is applied to the die-cast on matchbox scale models. Used on 2011 Matchbox '85 Toyota 4Runner.

Metal-flake - also Metallic, the glossed finish of a color with sparkles in the color. They are also galled glitter paint. Used on 2010 Matchbox Cadillac Escalade.

Matte - also Flat, an unglossed solid color that is applied to the body. Used on 2011 Matchbox Dino Adventure 5-PackJungle Crawler .

Satin - not commonly used, an unglossed paint finish, with a different texture from flat. Unglossed metallic paint is also Satin. Used on 2011 Matchbox Ford F-100 Panel Delivery.

Chrome - not commonly used, the silver glossed paint that has been applied to make the car to be very shiny. Gold chrome, or any color can be used with chrome. Used on 2009 Matchbox Ford GT.

Spectraflame - not commonly used, a paint that is applied in gloss to make it look like chrome. Only used on Superfast Tin Collector, for example, the 2004 Matchbox Superfast Tin Collector'70 Boss Mustang .

Antifreeze - a color between Lime Green and Gold, used on the 2011 Matchbox Power Lift .

ZAMAC - Zinc, Aluminum, Magnesium, And Copper - also Unpainted Metal, the color of die-cast that is unpainted. Not commonly used, but very common on a metal base. Used on the 2010 Matchbox Sahara Survivor .