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Concept 1 Beetle Convertible
Debut Series Extra Klasse (Germany)
Produced 1999-2011
Number MB438
Scale 1:61


The Volkswagen Concept 1 Convertible has come out in the following 1/61 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy Number(s) Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB73 1999 Extra Klasse (INT) Metalflake Blue Red taillights, and rear VW badge Black / Plastic Clear Tan Split5spoke.jpg 37783 (INT) China w/ or w/o blue windshield frame, Germany only, Side Mirrors 295D - 1999 1-75 GER.jpg
MB81 (USA) MB61 (ROW) 2000 Worldwide Wheels 1/5 (USA)
Mega Stars 1/5 (ROW)
White Red taillights, front and rear VW badge Black / Plastic Smoke Tan Split5spoke.jpg 96376 (USA) 96291 (ROW) China Side Mirrors 2000-Concept1BeetleConvertible.jpg
5-Spoke Teardrop - 1285cf.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
N/A 2000 5-Pack: Coca-Cola White Coca-Cola logo on doors, Coca-Cola on convertible top Black / Plastic Clear Gray Split5spoke.jpg 96487 China Side Mirrors VW Beetle Convertible (2003 5 Pack).jpg
N/A 2000 FAO Schwarz - VW Collection Red Detailed trim Black / Plastic Clear Black GoodyearSpiral.jpg China Side Mirrors 295J - 2000 FAO Schwarz USA.jpg
MB1 2001 Daddy's Dreams 1/5 Silver Beetle; Green, Red and Light Blue loops Black / Plastic Smoke Black 5-Spoke Teardrop - 1285cf.jpg 92201 (USA) 92434 (INT) China Side Mirrors Concept 1 Beetle Convertible (2001 Core).jpg
Split5spoke.jpg 295P - 2001 1-75.jpg
N/A 2001 Coca-Cola 8/10 (INT) White Coca-Cola logo on doors, Coca-Cola on convertible top Black / Plastic Clear Gray Split5spoke.jpg 92363 (INT) China Side Mirrors Coca Cola Concept 1 Beetle Convertible white.jpg
N/A 2002 Coca-Cola 3/10 (INT) Silver Coca-Cola symbol, Matchbox logo on rear quarter panel Black / Metal Clear Red 5-Spoke Teardrop - 1285cf.jpg 92353 97343 (INT) China Side Mirrors Coca Cola Concept 1 Beetle Convertible.jpg
N/A 2002 Across America: Puerto Rico 53/54 Lime Green PUERTO RICO, EL YUNQUE Rainforest Tours Black / Plastic Smoke Blue 5-Spoke Teardrop - 1285cf.jpg 90865 China Image Not Available.jpg
N/A 2002 Collectibles: Coca-Cola White Red swirls, Coca-Cola, detailed trim Black / Plastic Clear Red Image Not Available.jpg China 295-OVP-2002-Coll.-CC6.jpg
N/A 2002 Collectibles: Coca-Cola Red Black design, Real Coca-Cola, Catch the Wave Black / Plastic Clear White Image Not Available.jpg China 295-OVP-2002-Coll.-CC7.jpg
MB70 (ROW) 2003 1-75: Hero City Sports Cars 5/5 Metalflake Green Red taillights, 'Hero City' on windshield Black / Plastic Smoke Caramel Brown Lace.jpg 97868 (INT) China ROW only, No Side Mirrors Hero City Concept 1 Beetle Convertible green.jpg
Red taillights 295G- 2003 1-75 ROW.jpg
MB17 (ROW) 2004 1-75: Sun Tanners 2/5 Gold - Black / Plastic Smoke White Lace.jpg B5439 China ROW only 295F - 2004 1-75 ROW.jpg
SF22 2004 Superfast Orange Silver headlights, Red taillights, trim details Silver / Plastic Clear Black SuperfastSplitSpoke.JPG G9653 China No Side Mirrors Superfast Volkswagen Concept 1 Convertible.jpg
N/A 2004 Stars of Cars Metalflake Royal Blue Silver VW logos, fog lights and reverse lights, Red taillights Black / Plastic Smoke Black Lace.jpg H0305 (INT) China No Side Mirrors Stars of Cars VW Concept 1 Cabrio.jpg
MB38 2005 Buried Treasure (USA) Buried Treasure (INT) Mainline (INT) White Gray "Beetle" on bottom of door Dark Blue / Plastic Smoke Black 5-Spoke Teardrop - 1285cf.jpg H1853 (USA) H2176 (INT) H5833 (INT) China No Side Mirrors VW concept 1 convertible.jpg
N/A 2006 Stars of Cars MBX Metal (INT) Metalflake Red Detailed headlights, Red and Orange taillights, trim details Black / Plastic Clear Black 5-Spoke Teardrop - 1285cf.jpg J5572 (INT) Thailand No Side Mirrors Stars of Cars MBX Metal 1995 VW Concept Convertible.jpg
MB32 2008 Metro Rides 7/7 Pale Yellow Detailed headlights and taillights Black / Plastic Clear Black M003f.jpg M5321 (USA) M7388 (INT) Thailand No Side Mirrors, Base Code(s): B02 0832VWConcept1.jpg
N/A 2010 5-Pack: Batman: The Brave and the Bold Cotton Candy Blue Gorilla Grodd, detailed headlights Black / Plastic Clear Black M003f.jpg R0616 Thailand VW Beetle Cabriolet Batman Gorilla Grodd.jpg
N/A 2011 5-Pack: Volkswagen Classics Light Blue Detailed headlights, White sides Black / Plastic Clear White 6-spoke-white.png V0316 Thailand Base Code(s): D08, D22 2011-5P-Concept1BeetleConvertible-Blue.jpg

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