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CY-2 Kenworth Rocket Transporter

The Convoy range was a series of Matchbox tractor-trailers units introduced in 1982.[1] Replacing the tractor trailer units in the Matchbox 900 range, they have been offered with varying names (e.g. Super Rigs - see more complete list below), and were produced in two distinct generations, the latest being known as Super Convoy. Trucks and trailers from the same generation are interchangeable, but those from different generations do not fit together.

Numbering Convoy trucks is complex, as sets were often numbered separately from the tractors and trailers. This article addresses the numbers of the trucks and trailers, rather than the sets.

Exceptions to the usual Convoy tractor/trailer formula are the CY010A Kenworth C.O.E. Racing Tranporter and the CY030A Grove Crane, neither of which features an articulated vehicle.[2]

Before Convoy[]

1-75 tractor-trailers[]

The No.10 Scammell Scarab Mechanical Horse and Trailer

The first articulated tractor-trailer model issued under the Matchbox name was the Scammell Scarab Mechanical Horse and Trailer, released in 1955 as No.10 in what would become the standard Matchbox Series 1-75 range.

The Articulated Truck, a tractor-trailer from the 1-75 series

In the 1970s the 1-75 series featured two other tractor-trailers, the Freeway Gas Tanker and the Articulated Truck. These vehicles consisted of a small two-axle tractor and a single-axle semi-trailer in a vehicle that fit into a standard box or blister pack. Tractor and trailer were detachable, but neither was of much play value on its own: the tractor was only 1 inch long (and about an inch tall), making it unstable without its trailer, and the trailer lacked any front support without its tractor, leaving it lying rear-end up when uncoupled. Thus, the idea of (in play) dropping off one trailer and picking up another one, an essential feature of the trucking industry, was awkward at best.

Articulated Truck's tractor with a longer trailer.

The Container Port (PS-1) play set, introduced circa 1976 and featuring the then-new intermodal containers, included the Articulated Truck's tractor with a longer trailer designed to accept two first-generation shipping containers, but this truck only appeared as part of set PS-1.

Accessory Packs[]

Matchbox Car Transporter from the Accessory Packs range

The Accessory Packs range, introduced in 1956, included the A-2 Matchbox Car Transporter, which is an articulated tractor-trailer unit. This was the first toy issued by Matchbox in the size and style of the future Convoy models.

Major Packs[]

Bedford Tractor & York Freightmaster Trailer from the Major Packs range

The Major Packs range, produced from the mid 1950s through to the mid 1960s, included a number of articulated tractor-trailer units such as the M-2 Bedford Tractor & York Freightmaster Trailer.

King Size / Super Kings[]

DAF Car Transporter, one of the Super Kings articulated trucks.

The larger scale King Size range of the 1960s and the subsequent Super Kings series of the 1970s and 1980s both featured several articulated trucks, but most were permanently attached to their trailers. Even in cases where trucks and trailers were detachable, lack of a universal hitch impeded trading trailers between tractors.


Close-up of the tab (left, top and bottom) and slot that connected G1 tractors and trailers

The Matchbox 900 range was created in 1979 to replace the Two Packs range and to accommodate four new tractor/trailer combinations.[1] These articulated vehicles featured tractors the same size as the mainline vehicles, using Superfast wheels, and bore the Superfast logo on their bases. The trailers had an inverted T-shaped tab that fitted into a T-shaped slot on the tractor. These were the first Matchbox trucks where part of the play value was intended to be the interoperability of different cabs and trailers.

Two two-axle tractors was offered, the Long Haul and, from 1981, a Leyland.[1] Long Haul was most frequently seen, appearing in at least two colors, green and red. The articulated trailer functioned as a flatbed trailer, capable of hauling two first-generation shipping containers. Different designs featured the articulated trailer fitted with a plastic box as a box trailer, or with plastic stakes for carrying pipes or timber.

900 Tractors[]

Col # Name First Year of Issue Notes / Variations Photo
TP-22, 23, 24, 25 Long Haul 1979 Black and silver markings in this image are aftermarket Long Haul high mileage 20120616 JSCC.jpg
TP-2, 26 Leyland Tractor 1981 Articulated Truck (Two Pack).jpg

900 Trailers[]

Col # Name First Year of Issue Notes / Variations Photo
TP-22, 23, 24, 25 Articulated Trailer 1979 Flatbed, Flatbed with Sideboard, or Flatbed with Box (Box Trailer) G1 Articulated Trailer high mileage 20120616 JSCC.jpg
TP-2 Tanker Trailer 1981
TP-26 Low Bed Trailer 1981


Carry Case for Convoy trucks, from 1982. The case's two trays each hold twelve trucks in a six-by-two arrangement, for 24 trucks total. Josiah Carberry Collection.

The tractor/trailer units in the 900 range were replaced in 1982 by the Convoy range of vehicles, offering a greater variety of tractors and trailers. Trailers were now fitted with a ball-and-post type of hook, fitting into a keyhole slot in the tractors. As with the first generation, wheels and size were the same as mainline vehicles. Convoy tractor-trailer sets were also sold as Super Rigs and Super Star Transporters, and in larger sets as Team Convoy, a name not exclusive to tractor-trailers. Similarly, at least one Highway Cruisers set featured a G2 tractor trailer plus a car. In 1982 a special carry case was issued for storing and carrying tractor trailers; this case bore the name Highway Express.


Most Convoy tractors were based on actual vehicles. The numbering is particularly complex, as some of the trucks were also issued independantly in the mainline series without trailers, but with mainline numbers. The Manufacturing numbers appear in this table, where available.

Man # Name First Year of Issue Notes / Variations Photo
MB106 Peterbilt Conventional 1982 Peterbilt Convoy.jpg
Peterbilt Tractor cab 1984 Peterbilt 2-Axle Convoy.JPG.jpg
MB103 Kenworth Aerodyne (Conventional) 1982 Kenworth Conventional 20120618 JSCC.jpg
MB045 Kenworth Aerodyne (COE) 1982 Kenworth COE Lights & Sound Launch Control 20120618 JSCC.jpg
MB147 Scania T142 1985 Coca Cola Scania.jpg
MB183 DAF 3300 Space Cab 1987 Trucks DAF Space.jpg
MB202 Mack CH600 1990 Mack CH600 Ben & Jerry's 20120618 JSCC.jpg
MB308 Ford Aeromax circa 1991 Ford Aeromax DHL 20120618 JSCC.jpg
MB725 Mercedes-Benz Actros 1857 1999 Mercedes-BenzActros2005.png
MB432 Kenworth T2000 1999 Kenworth T2000 Silver Hershey's 20120618 JSCC.jpg
MB702 DAF XF 95 Space Cab 2007 DAFX95SpaceCabmetalliccopper.jpg
MB865 Torque Titan 2013 Torque Titan Cast.jpg
MB977 '13 Ford Cargo 2015 Ford Cargo (Red).jpg


Col # Name First Year of Issue Notes / Variations Photo
Car Carrier Trailer Specified Trailer Car TransporterTrailer Convoy.jpg
Fire Trailer Specified Trailer Fire Trailer Convoy.jpg
Dumper Trailer Specified Trailer Dump Trailer Convoy.jpg
Container Trailer (Articulated Trailer) Holes in bed accept plastic box as (Box Trailer). Trailer can hold two first-generation shipping containers Container Trailer (Convoy).jpg
Flatbed with tarpaulin Trailer Flatbed Trailer Convoy.jpg
Box Trailer (Articulated Trailer) Opening Doors at rear. Modified Flatbed Trailer Articulated Trailer (G2 Convoy) in Ben & Jerry's colors. Josiah Carberry Collection.
Pipe Transporter Trailer Modified Articulated Trailer Pipe Transporter Trailer Convoy.jpg
Tanker Trailer Specified Trailer Tanker Trailer Convoy.jpg
Low Bed Trailer Holes in base accepted plastic brackets for Boat Trailer and Rocket Trailer Low Bed Trailer Convoy.jpg
Aircraft Trailer Modified Low Bed Aircraft Trailer Convoy.jpg
Boat Trailer Modified Low Bed Boat Trailer Convoy.jpg
Rocket Trailer Modified Low Bed Low Bed Trailer with rocket. Josiah Carberry Collection.
Mission Helicopter Trailer Modified Low Bed Mission Helicopter Transporter.jpg
Helicopter Trailer Modified Low Bed Helicopter Trailer Convoy.jpg
Control Center Trailer Modified Low Bed Control Trailer Convoy.jpg
Horse Box Trailer Modified Low Bed Horse Box Trailer Convoy.JPG.jpg
Mobile Workshop Trailer Modified Low Bed, Opening rear doors Box1 Trailer Convoy.JPG.jpg
Big Box Trailer Modified Low Bed, Opening Rear Ramp Box2 Trailer Convoy.JPG.jpg
Lights and Sound Box Trailer Doors do not open G2 box trailer Lights and Sound 20120618 JSCC.jpg
Long Box Trailer (Asada's Rig) Doors open upwards as a single piece G2 elongated box trailer DHL 20120618 JSCC.jpg

Super Convoy[]

The next generation of Convoy sets is slightly larger than the mainline vehicles, sharing its size and wheels with Real Working Rigs, instead. These vehicles are marketed as Super Convoy trucks. A post and flange on the trailer fits into a keyhole slot (larger than the keyhole slot on the second generation trucks) on the tractor. With the Real Working Rigs, the Super Convoy trucks fill a market niche similar to the Super Kings trucks of the 1970s.


Col # Name First Year of Issue Notes / Variations Photo
MBSC001 DL 2000 Conventional Cab 2009
MBSC002 MBX RIG I Cab 2009
MBX RIG I Cab (2009).jpg
MBSC003 Kenworth K100
MBSC003 Kenworth K100 20120610 JSCC.jpg
MBSC004 International LoneStar 2010
International LoneStar MBSC004 (2008).JPG
MBSC005 MBX Rig II Cab 2010
MBX RIG II Cab (2010).jpg
MBSC006 DAF XF 105 2010
DAF XF105 20120627 JSCC.jpg
MBSC007 Mega Ton Fire Truck 2011
Mega Ton Fire Truck (2011 MBSC007).jpg
MBSC008 Ford C900 2011
MBSC008 Ford C900 20120610 JSCC.jpg
MB1110 Tesla Semi 2020
Tesla Semi (2020 Convoys).jpg


Col # Name First Year of Issue Notes / Variations Photo
MBSCT001 Image Not Available.jpg
MBSCT002 • Auto Transport
Car Transporter
• Auto Transporter
• Transporter
MBSCT002 Car Carrier 20120610 JSCC.jpg
MBSCT003 Generator Trailer 2010 Image Not Available.jpg
MBSCT004 Image Not Available.jpg
MBSCT005 Covered Hopper 2010 Covered Hopper 20120704 JSCC.jpg
MBSCT006 Image Not Available.jpg
MBSCT007 Image Not Available.jpg
MBSCT008 Open Top Hopper MBSCT008 open top hopper 20120610 JSCC.jpg

List of Series Names[]

Name Generation Year(s) Notes / Variations
Convoy G1, G2 Starting 1982
Super Star Transporters G2
Super Rigs G2
Super Convoy Super Convoy Starting 2008

Convoy in other Series[]

Convoy trucks also appeared in other series, non-exclusively:

  • Highway Cruisers, where a tractor trailer appeared with a car.
  • Big Movers, a series that also featured buses in the same scale.


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