Crane Truck
Debut Series 1-75 Superfast
Produced 1977-1982
Number MB49
Scale 1:131


The 1976 Crane Truck features a rotating crane cab on the bed of a three-axle truck. The crane boom elevates and extends, and the hook fits snuggly under the truck cab when the boom is stowed for travel. Outriggers are molded into the model base. Tinted windows and limited interior space hide the lack of an interior.


This Matchbox vehicle has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo

1977 1978 1979

Superfast 1-75 Yellow N/A Black Plastic Green Fivearch England CRANE TRUCK on base. Crane Truck 20120602 JSCC
N/A 1977 Three pack: 1000 PS Red/Yellow N/A Black/ Plastic Dark Fivearch England Germany Edit Crane Truck 1000PS

1980 1981

1-75 Yellow/ Black N/A Black/ Plastic Green Fivearch England CRANE TRUCK (1980)
MB49 1982 Matchbox 1-75 Yellow/ Black A-1 CRANE, SAFETY FIRST, C, CAT Black/ Plastic Green Fivearch England Crane Truck (1982)


The crane cab, with its boom and hook, were recycled into the Faun Crane Truck.

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