Datsun 280 ZX
Debut Series Matchbox 1-75
Produced 1983 - Present
Number MB77/MB1146
Scale 1:59
Datsun 280 ZX (1983)


The Datsun 280 ZX has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB24 1983 1-75 Black Gold pin stripes Black / Metal Clear Tan M005f Macau Datsun 280 ZX (1983 1-75)
MB24 1984 1985 1-75 Black Gold stripes "turbo ZX" Black / Metal Clear Tan M005f Macau 8224 Datsun280Z
MB34 1985 1986 1987 Matchbox JP White Blue and Red stripe, TURBO, 33 Black / Metal Clear Tan M005f Macau Japan only Datsun 280 ZX (1985-87 Japan)
SF9 1986 1987 Superfast Black Yellow, White, Orange "turbo" Black / Metal Clear Tan Wire-Wheel-Starburst Macau Doors open, right side steering, license plate RPP17Y Datsun 280ZX (1986-87 SF9)
N/A 1989 Road Blasters Maroon Blue and Orange design Black / Metal Black None Wire-Wheel-Starburst Macau Name: Killer Zee DATSUN 280 ZX (Road Blaster Killer Zee)
N/A 1995 Matchbox Series Maroon N/A Black / Metal Clear Gray M004f China Datsun 280 ZX (1995)
N/A 2019 Moving Parts Black 280 ZX Black / Plastic Clear Beige Split10SpokeGold FWD40 Thailand MB1146
Base code(s): M12
Datsun 280 ZX (2019)
N/A 2020 2020 Superfast Series Red White and Gold stripes on sides and door, Black simulated t-top Black / Plastic Smoke Light Tan Sure Grip White/gold-rimmed Split10SP GKP42 Thailand Base Code(s): M43

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