De Tomaso Pantera
Debut Series Matchbox Superfast 1 - 75
Produced 1975-1981
Number MB8
Scale 1:56
De Tomaso Pantera (Box)

De Tomaso PanteraEdit

The De Tomaso Pantera was a large, expensive, mid-engined sports car. It was built in Italy by De Tomaso Modena SpA and used an American Ford V-8 engine. It enjoyed a long production run from 1971 to 1991 and was sold by Lincoln-Mercury dealers in the U.S.A. until it was dropped in 1975 as a result of quality control problems.

The Matchbox model, launched in 1975, was a Pantera GTS as you can tell by the extended wheel arches. The model, with its wide stance, is very accurate, despite the slightly unrealistic colour scheme. The body was white with racing decals adorning the nose and doors, a red-orange plastic interior and rear engine cover. Only the base was varied, being either unpainted or bright blue.

The Matchbox Pantera was discontinued in 1981 and replaced by the Rover 3500. At around this time, however, the range was being split into two markets, one for America and one for the rest of the world. In America, the Pantera stayed in production as very few people over there had heard of the Rover. The colours changed to a mid-blue with white racing stripes and a black interior. A few years on, the car was modified to have a huge, exposed rear engine and was re-released as 'Greased Lightning', though still number 8. The Pantera was released for the final time in 1988 with a plastic base and no interior as part of the cheap 'Super GT' range (BR394).


The De Tomaso Pantera has come out in the following 1/56 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Front Wheel Type Rear Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
MB8 1975

1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981

Matchbox Superfast 1 - 75 White Black, Orange and White "8", "PANTERA" sticker Blue/ Metal Clear Orange Bullseye Matchbox 5 spoke square England MATCHBOX-LESNEY SUPERFAST -8 DE TOMASO PANTERA 1975 ENGLAND (2)
MB8 1982 Matchbox Superfast 1 - 75 Blue Black and White stripes "17" Black/ Plastic Clear Black Bullseye Matchbox 5 spoke square Hong Kong USA only 7808 De Tomaso Pantera
BR39/40 1986 Super GT Maroon, Orange or Yellow Orange and White "4X4" on Maroon,
Blue & Brown "Ace" on Orange and
Blue-green & Orange "4X4" on Yellow
Black / Plastic Black None Fivearch 6888b England Without rear plastic grille Super GT De Tomaso


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