Desert Thunder V16
Debut Series MBX Metal
Produced 2007 - Present
Number MB712/MB928
Designer Ryu Asada
Desert Thunder V16 (2016 T-REX)


  • Another sand storm is brewing, the terrain treacherous, but nothing can stop Desert Thunder V16 from leading the Matchbox team to victory at the Paris to Dakar Rally. Conquering up to 500 miles a day across mud, sand and rocks, Desert Thunder V16 is the true hero of this trans-continental race.
  • The Desert Thunder V16 simulates working suspension. This means the axle is mounted on a pivot, allowing quite some wheel oscillation up and downwards.


The Desert Thunder V16 has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB63 2007 MBX Metal Mustard Yellow 29, Asada Performance, racing tampos, Blue and yellow swipes Black / Plastic Smoke Gray CrownBlack L5038 Thailand MBX Metal Desert Thunder V16
MB63 2007 MBX Metal Mustard Yellow 29, Asada Performance, racing tampos, Blue and yellow swipes Black / Plastic Smoke Gray SawbladeDarkGray L5038 Thailand DesertThunderV16yellowgraysawblades
MB63 2007 MBX Metal Orange 29, Asada Performance, racing tampos, Gray and white swipes Brown Gray / Plastic Smoke Black CrownDarkGray K7475 Thailand DesertThunderV16orange
SF07 2007 Superfast White "Ridge Raider Support Crew", MBX Global team, racing tampos, trim details Black / Plastic Smoke Black CrownBlack M3430 Thailand Superfast Desert Thunder V16
N/A 2007 Promotional Metallic Copper Detailed tampo, 2008 TOY FAIR Black/ Plastic Smoke Tan Wheel Crown Tan Thailand Desert Thunder V16 (2007 TOY FAIR)
N/A 2007 10-Pack Dark Blue 67, crew racing MBX Black/ Plastic Smoke Grey CrownDarkGray Thailand (All Exclusive 10 Pack) Desert Thunder V16 (2007 10 Pack)
N/A 2007 5-Pack: Nickelodeon Light Green HOLA! HELLO! Grey/ Plastic Smoke Black Crown Thailand Desert Thunder V16 (2007 5 Pack Nick.Jr)
N/A 2008 2-Pack: Battle King (Mountain Attack) Matte Blue Black stripes, White star, UA Grey/ Plastic Clear Black CrownDarkGray Thailand Desert Thunder V16 (2008 Battle Kings)
MB98 2008 All Terrain 11/13 Green-Gold Blue, White, Silver and Black with "Race Team 28" on sides Black / Plastic Smoke Gray Crown M5359 Thailand MBX Desert Thunder V16 (2)
N/A 2008 Off-Road 5-Pack Metalflake Gold Red, White, Blue and Black with "Pit Crew 99" on sides Black / Plastic Smoke Gray Goldcrown Thailand MBX Desert Thunder V16 (3)
N/A 2008 Adventure 10-Pack Pale Lavender Z, Aux Power Panel, MBX Support Transfer, Black and white swoop stripes Black / Plastic Smoke Light Gray RingedGearGunMetal Thailand DesertThunderV16palelavender
MB86 2009 Desert Adventure 12/14 Light Beige Camo with U.S. Army Logo on sides Dark Gray / Plastic Smoke Black RingedGearBlack P2984 Thailand 0986-DesertThunderV16
N/A 2009 Croc Zoo 5-Pack Olive Green Black, White, Green and Red with "Croc Zoo Research & Rescue" on sides Black / Plastic Smoke Light Gray RingedGearBlack N9639 Thailand 09CrocZooDesertThunder
N/A 2009 Scooby Doo 5-Pack Medium Blue Scooby-Doo graphics on sides Black / Plastic Smoke Gray Ringed Gear N9918 Thailand 09ScoobyDesertThunder
N/A 2009 10-Pack Flat Black Red, White and Silver with "Bolt Race Team" and "33" on sides Gray / Plastic Smoke Black RingedGearBlack P3013 Thailand MBX Desert Thunder V16 (8)
MB93 2010 Desert Endurance 10/11 White "Powered by Thunder" in black and gray, orange hexagonal grid pattern Black / Plastic Clear Black RingedGearBlack R5020 Thailand Desert thunder v16 white
N/A 2010 5-Pack: Disney Red / Light Yellow DUMBO Black/ Plastic Grey Smoke Ringed Gear Thailand Dumbov16
N/A 2010 5-Pack: Medieval Rides Matte Dark Red Armor Weapons Repair Grey/ Plastic Grey Smoke CrownDarkGray Thailand also in 10-Pack Desert Thunder V16 (2010 5 Pack)
N/A 2011 5-Pack: Penguins of Madagascar Light Yellow Penguins tampo Black/ Plastic Grey Smoke 65px-Ringed Gear V0698 Thailand Mb desertthunder 2011
MB93 2011 Desert Endurance 93/100 Metalflake Gun Metal Team Quinn Racing, Desert, 519, Black Checkers Black / Plastic Yellow Black Ringed Gear T8966 Thailand Base Code(s): C47 2011 Desert Endurance Desert Thunder V16 gun metal
MB46 2012 MBX Desert 6/10 Gun Metal Impenetrable Desert Habitats, Round House Orange/ Plastic Orange Black Tire Desert Thunder 2013 W4857 Thailand Base Code(s): E11 Desert Thunder 2012
N/A 2012 5-Pack: Battle Mission Salmon 2 Green Stripes, SUPPLY Black/ Plastic Green tint Black Ringed Gear Green Thailand Base code(s): Desert Thunder V16 (2012 5 Pack)
N/A 2012 5-Pack: Penguins of Madagascar White PENGUINS, KABOOM Blue/ Plastic Light Blue Yellow tint RingedGearBlue W9343 Thailand Base code(s): E09, E12, E37 Mb712y
N/A 2012 Mission Force: Arctic Crew Blue POLAR RESCUE/ Polar Bear Red/ Plastic Light Blue White Tire Desert Thunder 2014 Thailand Base code(s): F11 Desert Thunder V16 Artic Crew 2012
MB99 2013 1-120: MBX Explorers White MBX, Real Matchbox Black / Plastic Smoke Black Tire Desert Thunder 2013 Y0911 Thailand Base code(s): 100px
MB34 2014 1-120: MBX Explorers, 5-Packs: Dino Adventure Silver, Gun Metal T-Rex Transporter Gray / Plastic Orange Black Tire Desert Thunder 2014 BDT20 Thailand Base code(s): F48 DesertThunder 2014
Modified Model (MB928)
N/A 2015 Jurassic World 5/15 Yellow 06, JURASSIC WORLD Grey / Plastic Smoke Black RingedGearPaleYellow DFT51 Thailand Base Code(s): H09, H10 Desert Thunder V16 Jurassic World 2015
MB90 2015 1-120: MBX Explorers Dark Yellow MBX, ALIEN STUDY LAB, 89 Black / Plastic Clear Black RingedGearWhite CFW67 Thailand Base code(s): H28 Desert Thunder V16 2015 MB90
MB109 2016 1-125: MBX Explorers Metalflake Maroon Barbed wire tampos on sides, 'Real Matchbox' logo on sides Black / Plastic Clear Black 65px-Ringed Gear DJW37 DMG32 Thailand Base code(s): J02, J04 Desert Thunder V16 2016 (Maroon)
MB34 2017 1-125: MBX Construction Blue SCULPTING, DIGITAL DEVELOPMENT Silver/ Plastic Clear Gray Tire Desert Thunder 2014 DVK51 Thailand Base code(s): K04, K09 Desert Thunder V16 (2017 1-125)
N/A 2019 5-Pack: Service Squad Orange TEAM MATCHBOX, LA 19 Black/ Plastic Orange tint Grey Tire Desert Thunder 2014 GBJ71 Thailand Base code(s): M01, M03, M06 Desert Thunder V16 (2019 5 Pack)


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