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You may be looking for the earlier Routemaster casting, released first for 1961 as London Bus (5-C), or the 1965 Routemaster Bus (5-D) casting.

Double Decker
Debut Series 1-75
Produced 2006-2016, 2021, 2023
Number MB694
Scale 1∶108
MB RMB 2013 60th Anniversary Chase front

Model History[]

The Double Decker is a casting by Matchbox; a bus model is based off of the iconic AEC Routemaster, that debuted for the 2006 mainline.

The casting has a number of MB694 and was originally produced from 2006 to 2016.

The Double Decker is given out to every single person who holds the title of Matchbox Ambassador To Collectors, a program that started in 2006 until it was discontinued after 2016.

Despite that, the casting has reemerged in 2021 as an exclusive vehicle on the Matchbox® Collector site, and resumed production.

This is a large model for the mainline series, at 1 58″ tall and 3 116″ long long. The body consists of two metal castings, at the expense of an interior; the steps seen at the rear of the bus are part of the base. A single piece of plastic accounts for all of the windows.


  • Visiting London's famous landmarks has been fun, but this is no ordinary site-seeing trip. You have been collecting clues on your quest to find the site where the first ever Matchbox Lesney edition vehicle is hidden. The Route Master double-decker bus gives you a bird's eye view of the city. Next stop: Trafalgar Square!
    —From the 2010 City Action card


The Double Decker has been issued in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB56 2006 1-75: MBX Metal Red The British Invasion Continues Black / Plastic Smoke Cut Tri-Spoke (Black) - 2851df J2382 (USA)
J6341 (ROW)
Thailand MB RMB 2006 Basic
MB34 2007 1-75: MBX Metal Blue "Matchbox" Toys, Tottenham Ct Rd STN, No.5 Black / Plastic Smoke M001f K9489 (USA)
L0379 (ROW)
Thailand MB RMB 2007 Basic
BB09 2007 Best of British Red MATCHBOX Best of British, 12 Oxford Circuss, Double Decker Bus Tour Black / Plastic Clear SuperfastSmall
L1852 Thailand MB RMB 2007 Best of British
N/A 2007 Matchbox Gathering of Friends Dealer exclusive White / Red MBX logo, 5th MCCH Gathering Black / Plastic Dark Smoke SuperfastSmall Black Thailand Limited to 300 pieces. MB RMB 2007 Matchbox Gathering Dealer exclusive side
MB53 2008 1-100: City Action 9/12 Metalflake Gold Union Jack with "55+ Years of Quality & Heritage" and Red, White and Black Matchbox logo Black / Plastic Smoke Cut Tri-Spoke (Black) - 2851df M5338 (USA) M7412 (ROW) Thailand Routemaster Bus on card MB RMB 2008 Basic
BB10 2008 Best of British Green High Wycombe, Buckinhamshire, Union Jack, 363 Black / Plastic Smoke Cut Tri-Spoke (Black) - 2851df M4608 Thailand Routemaster Bus on card MB RMB 2008 Best of British
N/A 2008 Dream Halloween Metalflake Purple Bus #13, PYSCHIC ENCOUNTERS, stripes White / Plastic Green Tint M001f Copper Thailand Charity event exclusive;
Base Code(s): A40
MB RMB 2008 Dream Halloween
MB52 2009 1-100: City Action 12/13 Dark Grass Green Black, White, Yellow, and Gold "The Matchbox Transport Sightseeing Tours" Black / Plastic Smoke M001f White P2960 (USA)
P6421 (ROW)
Thailand Routemaster Bus on card. Base code(s): B24, B32, B36 MB RMB 2009 Basic
BB08 2009 Best of British White & Red Summer Arts Festival, Union Jack Black / Plastic Smoke Cut Tri-Spoke (Black) - 2851df Thailand MB RMB 2009 Best of British
MB71 2010 1-100: City Action Red Union Jack, "Adventures don't just happen. What's your adventure?" banner Black / Plastic Dark Smoke Cut Tri-Spoke (Black) - 2851df R4996 (USA)
R5090 (ROW)
Thailand Double Decker on base. Routemaster Bus on card.
Base Code(s): C07
MB RMB 2010 Basic
N/A 2013 Toy Fair Gold Chrome New Matchbox logo, Union Jack on roof, Matchbox Vehicles and Brown tampos, 60th Anniversary logo, detailed headlights and tailights Black / Plastic Smoke M001f
Thailand MB RMB 2013 Toy Fair
N/A 2013 Matchbox Gathering Dinner model Black / Plastic Smoke Ringed Disc - 1288cf
Dinner exclusive, limited to 75 each MB RMB 2013 Matchbox Gathering Dinner models
N/A 2013 Matchbox 60th Anniversary 4/24 Red Matchbox 60th Anniversary on Union Flag backdrop Black / Plastic Smoke Ringed Disc - 1288cf Y5336 Thailand Base Code(s): F12 MB RMB 2013 60th Anniversary
N/A 2013 Matchbox 60th Anniversary 25/24 Red Chrome Matchbox 60th Anniversary ads, bus routes, detailed tampos Black / Plastic Smoke M001f
BCB98 Thailand Also known as the "Chase Model"
Base Code(s): F12
MB RMB 2013 60th Anniversary Chase
N/A 2016 Best of Matchbox Metalflake Gold Routemaster Bus No. 28 Black / Plastic Smoke UltraMaxWheel1Gold DKC92 Thailand Base Code(s): H49, J22 MB694-OVP-2016-Best of Matchbox
N/A 2021 Matchbox Collectors (Mattel Creations) Red & Off White Vintage era-styled logos and banners Silver / VUM Smoke “True Grip” steelie wheels GRJ31 Thailand Base Code(s): MB694 - Double Decker - 2021 - Mattel Creations
N/A 2023 Special 70th Anniversary Model Matt Silver Matchbox, 70 Years, Black / Plastic Smoke UltraMaxWheel1Orange HPN17 Thailand Special Card,
Base Code(s): S16, S17
MB694 - Double Decker - 2023 Special Edition 70th

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