Ford Expedition
Debut Series 1-75 Ranger Patrol
Produced 1999-2017, 2018-Present
Number MB360 / MB1132
Scale 1:68

Vehicle HistoryEdit

Produced from 1997-2002, the first generation Ford Expedition (UN93) is a full size SUV offered in a 4 door SUV body style. Replacing the Bronco, the Expedition is Ford's answer in the mid size SUV market, sharing components and parts with the 10th generation 97 Ford F-150 and is competition with the Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban.

The Matchbox Ford Expedition is based on the pre facelift model produced from 1997-1998. It made its debut for the 1-75 mainline under the Ranger Patrol series. The casting had a number of MB360 and was in production from 1999-2017 until it was discontinued. A variation of this casting with a light bar was issued called the Ford Expedition Police. The casting returned in 2018, retooled for easier assembly. The two slots that attached the body into the rear bumper has been replaced by a rear rivet that goes through the roof. The casting now has a number of MB1132 and been in production ever since.

Technical SpecsEdit

Engine: 4.6 L Triton 16V V8

Output: 215hp

0-60: 9.9 sec.


The Ford Expedition has come out in the following 1/68 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy Number(s) Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB62 (ROW) 1999 1-75: Ranger Patrol 2/5 Yellow Red stripes, Red 15, medical symbol Chrome / Plastic Smoke Red Split5spoke 36613 (INT) China FORD EXPEDITION on base. ROW livery. Ford Expedition (MB360, 1999, ROW)
MB67 (USA) 1999 1-100: Ranger Patrol 2/5 Yellow RESCUE, MOUNTAIN PATROL, Red stripes Chrome / Plastic Smoke Red Split5spoke 36481 China USA Color Ford Expedition (1999 USA)
N/A 1999 Premiere First Edition 1/2 Metallic Blue Detailed trim Black / Plastic Clear Tan GoodyearSpiral China Xac
MB54 2000 Military 4/5 Flat Camo Greem Military Police on rear window, 1586273, "dried mud" Black / Plastic Smoke Black Split5spoke 96347 China Military Ford Expedition
N/A 2000 5-Pack: Mount Discovery Black 09-99, Red and White design Chrome / Plastic Clear White Split5spoke 96596 China Ford Expedition 2000
N/A 2001 5 Pack: Nickelodeon Metallic Purple CATDOG Chrome / Plastic Clear Yellow Lace 95322 China Ford Expedition (2001 Nickedlodeon)
N/A 2001 5 Pack: Rugrats Light Blue RUGRATS, PHIL AND LIL Chrome / Plastic Clear Yellow Lace 95324 China Ford Expedition (2001 RUGRATS)
MB28 2002 1-75: Red Hot Heroes 4/4 Metalflake Silver Road Rescue, RR, Fire Patrol, Orange and Red designs Purple / Plastic Red Tint Black Lace 95224 China 50th Ford Expedition
N/A 2002 5-Pack: Rugrats Metallic Green RUGRATS, PHIL AND LIL Chrome / Plastic Clear Yellow Lace 90862 China Image Not Available
N/A 2004 5-Pack: Air Control Metallic Gold HANGAR TEAM, HT Gray / Plastic Red Tint Red Lace China Ford Expedition (2004 Air Control)
MB73 2006 1-75: MBX Metal Satin Beige Brown and Black camouflage Black / Plastic Smoke Black Beige7Spoke J2389 Thailand MBX Metal Ford Expedition
N/A 2007 5-Pack: Pirates Matte White TREASURE MAP Black / Plastic Smoke Brown Beige7Spoke K9620 Thailand Ford Expedition Pirates
N/A 2008 5-Pack: Nick Jr. Metallic Purple BLUE UNIVERSITY Gray / Plastic Smoke Gray 7SpokeSawblade Thailand Ford Expedition (2008 Nickelodeon)
N/A 2008 3-Pack: Nickelodeon Metallic Purple BLUE UNIVERSITY, Blue and Periwinkle characters Dark Gray / Plastic Smoke Gray 7SpokeSawblade Thailand FordExpeditionNick3packpurple
N/A 2009 5-Pack: Police Black White, Gold and Red with "Matchbox County Sheriff" on sides Gray / Plastic Smoke Tan 7SpokeSawblade N9646 Thailand 09PoliceExpedition
N/A 2011 5-Pack: Police Brown Yellow stripe, BOONE COUNTY SHERIFF Silver / Plastic Smoke Gray 6SpokeUtilityWhite V0314 Thailand Base code(s): D36 Ford Expedition 2011 5 Pack)
N/A 2017 5-Pack: Police Dark Blue POLICE, K-9 UNIT, 911 EMERGENCY Dark Gray / Plastic Clear Black 6SpokeUtility(Black) DWR80 Thailand Base code(s): K28, K32 Ford Expedition (2017 Police)
MB1132 - Modified Model
MB110 2018 1-125: MBX Road Trip 29/35 Red 360, MBX, forest scenery Black / Plastic Clear Black 6SpokeUtilityGunmetal FHH52 Thailand Base code(s): L01, L03, L05, L07 Ford Expedition (2018 MB1132 Red)

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