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Ford F-100 Panel Delivery (1955)
Debut Series 1-75
Produced 2008-2017 (Original), 2022-Present (Retool)
Number MB733
Scale 1:69
Ford F-100 Panel Delivery - 8676df.jpg


The casting was retooled in 2022, partially removing fenders from the metal body as they became plastic and shrunk in size.

Card descriptions[]

  • A '65 Shelby Cobra has broken down on the way to the Nevada Auto Show. Quick-get in your Ford F-100 Panel Delivery and head out to that stranded desert driver. As the owner of Holst Brothers Auto Parts, you and your rig are known as the reliable go-to auto rescue duo. Get there, fix that ride and save the day!
    —From the 2010 City Action card
  • It's that time of year again when team Matchbox take their skills to the soccer field! With the referee about to blow the half-time whistle, Matchbox scores their third goal! Luckily, the Ford F-100 Panel Delivery truck is on hand and filled with much-needed refreshments. Time to refuel, get back out and put the other team out of their misery.
    —From the 2011 City Action card


The Ford F-100 Panel Delivery (1955) has come out in the following 1/69 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
N/A 2008 6th Annual MCCH International Gathering of Friends Convention Gold Chrome / White Black, Red and Yellow 6th Annual MCCH International Gathering of Friends Convention Chrome / Metal Smoke Black M001f.jpg P2273 Thailand 100 3253.JPG
MB64 2008 1-75: Farm 1/6 Orange Black, White, Green and Gold "Farmer's Market" tampos on sides Chrome / Plastic Smoke Black M001f.jpg M2634 (USA) M7395 (ROW) Thailand Ford F-100 Panel Delivery-1955 on base. Ford F-100 Panel Delivery - 8676df.jpg
SF20 2009 Superfast Blue / White Sonny's Ford Shop, Red taillights, Genuine Parts Chrome / Plastic Smoke Light Gray Ringed Disc - 1288cf.jpg P1693 Thailand Base Code(s): B39 Superfast 40th 55 Ford F-100 Panel Delivery.jpg
MB47 2009 1-75: City Action 7/13 Red Black, White and Gold "Auto Parts Delivery" tampos Chrome / Plastic Smoke Black M001f.jpg P2949 (USA) P6412 (ROW) Thailand Base Code(s): B07, B11 0947-F100Red.jpg
MB47 2009 1-75: City Action 7/13 Light Blue Brown, White and Pink "McKenzie's Ice Cream Co." tampos Chrome / Plastic Smoke Black M001f.jpg P6510 (USA) P6535 (ROW) Thailand Base Code(s): B20, B29, B30 0947-F100Blue.jpg
N/A 2009 5-Pack: Classic Cars Metalflake Purple Silver, White and Red with "Mobile Pinstriper" on sides Chrome / Plastic Smoke Gray M001f.jpg N9637 Thailand Base Code(s): B38 09ClassicF100.jpg
N/A 2010 10-Pack: City Heroes Lemon Yellow The Garage Service Center, Blue pinstripes Chrome / Plastic Clear Black M001f.jpg R0620 Thailand Base Code(s): C06, C08 100 8656.jpg
N/A 2010 5-Pack: Farm Rigs Metalflake Taupe BROS. FARMS, Light Blue and White striped panel and pinstripes, 733 Gray / Plastic Smoke Black M001f.jpg R0608 Thailand Base Code(s): C08, C13, C25 100 0568.jpg
MB69 2010 1-100: City Action 12/15 Matte Black HOLST Speed Shop, Custom Rods & Classics our Specialty. Chrome / Plastic Smoke Red M001f.jpg R4990 Thailand Base Code(s): C13, C33, C38 100 2987.JPG
MB69 (USA) MB46 (ROW) 2011 1-100:City Action 10/14 Satin Pearl Lime Green Black panther, Enjoy, !, P8 Energy Drink Chrome / Plastic Clear Black Gold


T8938 (USA) T9315 (ROW) Thailand Base Code(s): D26, D27 CityActionFordF100PanelDeliverygreen.jpg
N/A 2014 9/10-Pack Red FIRE CHIEF, MBX COUNTY Chrome / Plastic Blue Tint White Ringed Disc - 1288cf.jpg BFP80 Thailand Exclusive Model.
Base Code(s): G19
Ford F-100 Panel Delivery-Fire Chief 2014.jpg
MB17 2017 1-125: MBX Adventure City Matte Light Blue MBX CITY STORE, OPEN ALL YEAR, Truck 11 Chrome / Plastic Clear Grey Ringed Disc - 1288cf.jpg DVK36 (USA) DVN43 (ROW) DWT35 (PG) Thailand Base code(s): J08, J41, J42, J43 Ford F-100 Panel Delivery (2017 MB17).jpg
2022 9/10 Pack Yellow & red SHELL, X-100, MOTOR OIL Gray/Plastic Smoke Red Ford F-100 Panel Delivery-1955 (Shell).jpg