Ford Mustang II
Debut Series Speed Kings
Produced 1976 to 1982
Number K-60
Ford Mustang (K-60 White).


This model of a Ford Mustang II has been issued in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color/ Type Window Color Interior Color Front Wheel/ Type Rear Wheel/ Type Country Notes / Variations Photo
K-60 1976 [1]
1977 [2]
Speed Kings Blue [1] [2] 20 Metal Green White M005f Bullseye England FORD MUSTANG II on base. Ford Mustang (K-60 Blue).
K-60 1978 [3] Speed Kings White [3] Red Stripes, COBRA Black/ Metal Green White M005f Bullseye England Ford Mustang Mk.II (1978-80)
N/A 1982 Super Kings Red White Stripes, COBRA, 207 Black/ Metal Green White M005f Bullseye England Only Car Recovery Vehicle 48537122266 7c165edd7d o


  • A trial model was produced in pink.[4] Ford Mustang Mk.II (Pink)
  • The Ford Mustang II is not listed in the Matchbox Catalogue of 1981/82.[5]

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