Ground Grabber
Debut Series MBX 1-120 Construction
Produced 2014-2017
Number MB914
Scale Unlisted
Ground Grabber 2014 Casting.jpg

Variation[edit | edit source]

The Ground Grabber has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB108 2014 MBX Construction 108/120 Black / Yellow Yellow Stripe, GG 204, MBX Construction Yellow/  Plastic None Yellow Wheel 2014 Constr.jpgGold BDV68 Thailand Base Code(s): G15 Ground Grabber 2014.jpg
MB45 2015

MBX Construction 45/120

Black/ Green GROUND GRABBER, 1247 Black/ Plastic None Green Wheel 2014 Constr.jpg BDV68 Thailand Base code(s) : H32 Ground Grabber 1-120.jpg
MB45 2016 MBX Construction 45/125 Blue/ Black INC Construction, 9 Silver/ Plastic N/A Black Wheel 2014 Constr.jpg BDV68 Thailand Base code(s): H50 Ground Grabber INC 2016 1-125.jpg
N/A 2017 5 Pack: Construction White / Green G10, GROUND GRABBER Green / Plastic None Silver Wheel 2014 Constr.jpg BDV68 Thailand Base code(s): J46 Ground Grabber (2017 5 Pack).jpg
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