Hoch & Tief
Debut Series Super Kings
Articulated Tipper Hock & Tief (K-18)

In 1978 a number of Super King models were marketed in West Germany in the livery of Hoch & Tief Bauunternehmen, a German construction company.[1]

The models were market specific versions of models from the Super King range rather than a seperate series.


Model # [1] Model Name Series Photo
K-5 Muir-Hill Tractor & Trailer Super Kings Muir-Hill Tractor & Trailer Hock & Tief (K-5)
K-12 Hercules Mobile Crane Super Kings Hercules Mobile Crane (Hock & Tief)
K-18 Ford LTS Articulated Tipper Super Kings Articulated Tipper (Hock & Tief K-18)
K-23 Low Loader and Bulldozer Super Kings Low Loader and Bulldozer (Hock & Tief K-23)
K-26 Cement Truck Bedford Super Kings Cement Truck (Hock & Tief K-26)
K-28 Skip Truck Bedford Super Kings Skip Truck (Hock & Tief K-28)


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