International Pumper
Produced 1999 - 2015
Number MB379/MB877
Scale 1:100


The International Pumper has come out in the following 1/100 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy Number(s) Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB76 (USA) MB66 (ROW) 1999 1-100: Fire Rescue 1/5 (USA)
1-75 (ROW)
Red White stripes, No.7 MB, outline of firefighter's axe, fire extinguisher and smoke mask Chrome / Plastic Smoke Gray 8-Spoke Industrial - 4740cf 36490 (USA) 37290 (ROW) China INTERNATIONAL PUMPER on base.
Fire Flooder on card
Fire Flooder
N/A 1999 5-Pack: Emergency Rescue White Lime Green sections, Engine Co. 77, firefighter tampos Silver / Plastic Blue Tint Silver 8-Spoke Industrial - 4740cf 36813 China InternationalPumperEmergencyRescuewhite
MB30 2000 1-100: Fire Fighters 5/5 Metalflake Gold Black details, MB Fire Dept. No. 7 Chrome / Plastic Red Tint Black 8-Spoke Industrial - 4740cf 96343 China Fire Fighters International Fire Pumper
N/A 2000 5-Pack:
5 Alarm
Yellow Black side stripes Chrome / Plastic Smoke 8-Spoke Industrial - 4740cf 96535 China IMG 5951
MB53 (Aus) MB63 (ROW) 2001 1-75 Deep Red Silver striped line Chrome / Plastic Yellow Tint Black 7SpokeSawblade 93927 China International Fire Pumper
N/A 2001 5-Pack: Fire Drenchers Red Black and Orange designs Chrome / Plastic Clear 7SpokeSawblade 95181 China S mb379-11
MB15 (ROW) 2002 1-75: Rescue 3/4 White Orange accents, Feuerwehr Chrome / Plastic Clear Red 7SpokeSawblade 95817 China International on card 50th International
MB27 2002 1-75: Red Hot Heroes 3/4 Metallic Red Fire Hunter, AMR997, Black and Yellow sections Silver / Plastic Smoke Black 7SpokeSawblade 95223 China International Fire Truck on card 50th International Fire Truck
N/A 2002 Across America: Illinois 21/54 Yellow Illinois, Windy City Rescue, 21 Red / Plastic Red Tint Red 7SpokeSawblade 97513 China 21 International Pumper (Vee Roof Light) (Illinois)
N/A 2002 5-Pack: Flame Fighters Yellow 1 ALARM, Red stripes Gray / Plastic Blue Tint 7SpokeSawblade 97162 China S mb379-22
N/A 2002 Heroes Series Red White sections, USA, FD, American flag Gray / Plastic Yellow Tint White 7SpokeSawblade 91375 China Heroes International Pumper
N/A 2003 5-Pack: Fire Dark Red Yellow and Silver designs, Station 5 Gray / Plastic Yellow Tint 7SpokeSawblade 97965 China International Pumper (2003 5 Pack)
N/A 2003 5-Pack: Fire Drenchers Yellow Black and Red stripes, METRO Alarm Gray / Plastic Blue Tint White 7SpokeSawblade C1888 China International Pumper (2003 5 Pack )
N/A 2003 Playset: Fire Blaster Lemon and White RADIO, E-75, Red stripes Black / Plastic Dark Smoke Black 7SpokeSawblade China International Pumper (2003 Playset)
MB58 2005 1-75: Buried Treasure White 99, Pumper, fire truck tampos, Red, Black and Gold stripes on side of cab Red / Plastic Yellow Tint Gray 7SpokeSawblade H1872 China International Pumper (2005)
N/A 2007 5-Pack: Fire Red White and Gold stripe, AIRPORT UNIT 379 Black / Plastic Smoke Black M007 - 6909bf K9614 Thailand International Pumper (2007 5 Pack-Fire)
N/A 2008 5-Pack: Fire Neon Yellow Gold stripe, UNIT 379, Fire Dept. Black / Plastic Smoke 7SpokeSawblade M0141 Thailand International Pumper (Vee Roof Light)
MB59 2009 Emergency Response 5/8 White Black and Neon Yellow "Fire Rescue" on sides Grey / Plastic Smoke Grey M007 - 6909bf P2952 P6414 Thailand Base code(s): A50, A51 0959-PumperWhite
MB59 2009 Emergency Response 5/8 Yellow Red and White "Fire Dept." on sides Black / Plastic Smoke Black M007 - 6909bf P6515 P6540 Thailand MBX International Pumper
N/A 2012 9/10-Pack Black White doors, Yellow and Red stripes, FIRE DEPT., UNIT 37 Red / Plastic Red Tint Grey WhiteOpenDot10Spoke Gold Thailand Exclusive Model
Base code(s): E19
International Pumper (2012 Gift Pack)
N/A 2013 5-Pack: EMT Red 379, White doors, FIRE DEPT. Grey / Plastic Red Tint White WhiteOpenDot10Spoke Gold Thailand Base code(s): F04, F08 International Pumper (2013 5 Pack EMT)
MB877 - (Modified Model)
N/A 2015 SUPREME HERO 7/10 Yellow Blue and White stripes, BOONE COUNTY FIRE DISTRICT, 501 Grey / Plastic Clear Grey Wheel (Gray 2016 Best of Matchbox) CGG04 Thailand Base code(s): International Pumper (2015)


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