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<gallery widths="180" bordercolor="#000000" bordersize="medium">
IMG 20180217 125619.jpg|2015 (MB939 Two wheel types).
IMG 20180217 125619.jpg|2015 (MB939 Two wheel types).
mb801.jpg|Real Life Counterpart- 2007 International WorkStar Fire Engine

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International WorkStar BrushFire Truck (2007)
Debut Series 1-120 (Emergency Response)
Produced 2010 - Present
Number MB801 / MB939
Designer Dave Weise
International WorkStar BrushFire Truck red


  • Temperatures are soaring and the forest fire raging - it's a race against time! Never fear! The International Brushfire Truck, led by Captain Reinert is first on the scene. Its all-terrain ability and compact size allows it to maneuver through the forest and get ot the source of the blaze before it rages out of control!


The International WorkStar BrushFire Truck has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Roof Color  Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
MB64 2010 Emergency Response 2/7 Red Reinert County, Fire Truck tampos White  Black / Plastic Smoke Silver Ringed Gear R0461 Thailand Base Code(s): C32 International WorkStar BrushFire Truck red
MB52 2011 Emergency Response 4/11 Faded Mint Green National Parks Forest Ranger, Ekim County forestry services Black  Black / Plastic Smoke Silver Ringed Gear T8943 Thailand Base Code(s): D23 MattelMB1-100International-WorkstarinNationalParkslivery
N/A 2011 5 Pack: Fire White Fire/Rescue, Red stripes, fire truck tampos White  Black / Plastic Smoke Silver Ringed Gear Thailand Base Code(s): D16 InternationalWorkstarBrushfireTruckwhite
N/A 2011 Lesney Edition Metallic Blue Yellow Top, Yellow section, Chrysalis, Unit 3, Fire Truck tampos Yellow  Unpainted / Metal Smoke Chrome Ringed Gear V0969 Thailand Base Code(s): D30 InternationalWorkstarBrushFireTruckLesneyblueandyellow
N/A 2012 Mission Force: Fire Crew Black FIRE RESCUE, UNIT 009 Red Black / Plastic Smoke Chrome Wheel Ringed Red Thailand Base Code(s): International WorkStar BrushFire Truck (2012 Mission Force Set)
N/A 2012 Brush Fire Rescue 5-Pack Yellow "Brush Fire Rescue" Red Flames Black Black / Plastic Smoke Gold Ringed Gear Thailand 2012-BrushfireRescue5Pack-InternationalWorkStarBrushFireTruck-Yellow
N/A 2012 or 2013   Unknown  White  Orange and Black Stripes, Fire District Logo, 60th Shield, Fire-Rescue, Class 3, Silver compartments, warning lights Orange Unpainted/ Metal  Light Smoke Chrome RingedGearRedOrange Thailand Was only sold officially through and Mattel stores. Planned for the 60th series. Base Code(s): E44 2012 MATCHBOX INTERNATIONAL WORKSTAR BRUSH FIRE TRUCK 60 Anniversary

MB939 Modified Model (Plastic Body).

MB89 2014 MBX Heroic Rescue 89/120 Yellow County R.S.Q., Fire District tampo Yellow Black / Metal Clear Chrome Ringed Gear BDV12 Thailand Base Code(s): G35 MB-89 International WorkStar Brush
MB69 2015 MBX Heroic Rescue 69/120 White Red Stripe, EMERGENCY TEAM, 72 FIRE UNIT White Black/ Metal Clear Chrome 65px-Ringed Gear CFW43 Thailand Base Code(s): G48, H03 International WorkStar BrushFire Truck 2015
N/A 2018 5 Pack: Wildfire Rescue Red Mt. YuHan, FIRE WATCH, RANGER NATIONAL PARK Red Unpainted/ Metal Clear Black Wheel Ring TerTrouc1 Red Thailand Base code(s): L40 International WorkStar BrushFire Truck (2018)


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