Jeep Willys
Debut Series 1-100: Jungle Explorers
Produced 2010-2018
Number MB784
Scale 1:52


  • Prowling through the Amazon forest, searching for the infamous Spider Temple, you encounter a hungry pack of jaguars. Time for super fast getaway in your Jeep® Willys! With its 4-wheel drive and built-in shock absorbers, it's perfect for the rugged jungle path!


The Jeep Willys has come out in the following 1/52 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
MB96 (USA) MB61 (INT) 2010 1-100: (Jungle Explorers 2/6) Dark Olive Dark Olive triangle in White circle on hood, "3" and "J21147125" on sides Dark Olive / Plastic Dark Olive frame on clear Black RingedGearGray R0469 (USA) R5097 (INT) Thailand "J21147125" is code for "JUNGLE" 1096JeepWillys
RingedGearWhite 2010 Jeep Willys Olive Light Grey Rims
MB96 (USA) MB61 (INT) 2010 1-100 (Jungle Explorers 2/6) Tan Double Black circular lines & "22875-JC" on hood, "784" at sides Tan / Plastic Tan frame on clear Black RingedGearWhite T1536 Thailand Different tampo positions on sides 2010 Jeep Willys Tan
N/A 2010 10-Pack: Exclusive Editions Tan Sergeant insignia on hood, "JC28-1975", 3 stars and "784" on both sides, "1st-E41790N" on right side Black / Plastic Lime Yellow frame on clear Black Ringed Gear R0622 Thailand Different tampo positions on sides 2010 Jeep Willys Lime Yellow
N/A 2011 Lesney Edition Flat Gray White Star & "A-17" on hood, "M 051951" at sides, "Service Patrol" at window frame Unpainted / Metal Gray frame on clear Black Notched 48 Tread Black V0959 Thailand Detailed Trim 2011 Jeep Willys Grey
MB96 (USA) MB61 (INT) 2011 1-100: Jungle Explorers 2/6 Camo Mint Green "Unit 3" & "Anaconda Guides" at sides, "Base Camp Vehicle" at right side Black / Plastic Black frame on clear Black RingedGearBlack T8968 (USA) T9336 (INT) Thailand Different tampo positions on sides Base Code(s): D11 2011 Jeep Willys Lime Green
N/A 2012 5-Pack: Battle Mission Black General Orange / Plastic Smoke Black Ringed Gear W5186 Thailand MB784 - 2012 5-Pack
MB108 2012 1-120: Jungle 8/10 Metallic Brown MBX, Swamp Crew, etc Gray / Plastic Clear Tan Ringed Gear W4836 (USA) Y1975 (INT) Thailand Base Code(s): E26 Jeep Willys
MB19 2013 1-120: MBX Explorers 19/120 Brick Red MBX F.D., yellow checkers Gray / Plastic Clear Black WheelRingedGearYellow Y4529 (USA) BBK86 (INT) Thailand Base Code(s): E26 Known as '43 Jeep Willys on pack MB-19 Jeep Willys
MB94 2014 1-120: MBX Heroic Rescue Yellow LIFE GUARD, 63 Red / Plastic Clear Black RingedGearWhite BDV18 (USA) BFJ56 (INT) Thailand Base code(s): G29 Jeep Willys Yellow 2014
N/A 2014 Mission Force: Tactical Crew Matte Olive Green White stars, stripes, red sold w/ stars Black / Plastic Clear Black Ringed Gear BFK45 Thailand Image Not Available
N/A 2015 5-Pack: Battle Mission Dark Green White star, Yellow stripe Black / Plastic Clear Black RingedGearBlack CJM00 Thailand Base codes(s): G47 Jeep Willys 2015-5Pack
N/A 2016 Jeep 75th Anniversary Single or 5 Pack: Jeep Matte Olive Green White stars, 20920 Green / Plastic Clear Tan RingedGearGunMetal DMN28 (SIngle) Thailand Base code(s): J14 Jeep Willys (2016 Series 5 Pack Jeep)
N/A 2016 5-Pack: Military Matte Black MP, MILITARY POLICE,MBX, X TEAM Grey / Plastic Clear Brown RingedGearGray DJY05 Thailand Base code(s): J20 Jeep Willys (2016 5 Pack Military)
MB121 2018 1-125: MBX Rescue 29/30 Army Green J21147125, 3, Black / Plastic Clear Black RingedGearGray FHH88 (USA) FHK71 (INT) Thailand Base code(s): K50 Jeep Willys (2018 MB121)

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