Jungle Crawler
Debut Series Desert Adventure
Produced 2009 - Present
Number MB783 (2009 - 2014) /

MB941 (2015 - Present)



  • The Jungle Crawler is roughly based on a 1942 Dodge Carryall. Unlike the WWII era vehicle, the Matchbox version does not have a split windshield, the hood is open on the sides, and the rear doors are hinged on the sides (not the bottom).

The ultimate test in jungle survival awaits! As a member of the Swamp Tramp team, you are determined to conquer this tropical wilderness! With awesome suspension, gripping tires and room for all your equipment, the Jungle Crawler is the perfect vehicle for any extreme adventure!

  • The Amazon awaits! Climb into your Jungle Crawler and head out for an adventure. Loaded with extreme parts, like stout axles, a tough winch and super-gripping tires, the Jungle Crawler is every adventurer's most trusted rig.


The Jungle Crawler has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color/ Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes /


MB78 2009 Desert Adventure 4/14 Army Green White star and serial number and Black scratches on sides Black/Plastic Smoke Black RingedGearBlack N5451 Thailand 0978JungleCrawler
MB97 2010 Jungle Explorers 3/6 Flat Light Gray Swamp Tramps, 715 Brick Red /Plastic Smoke Black Brown Ringed Gear R5006 Thailand Base Code(s): C30, C32 Jungle Crawler gray
MB97 2010 Jungle Explorers 3/6 Matte Black Dino Explorer, yellow and black stripes Gray / Plastic Clear Gray Ringed GearGunmetal T1543 Thailand Jungle crwaler blk
N/A 2010 Lesney Edition Matte Beige Black and gray camouflage, bullet holes Beige / Metal Smoke Silver RingedGearGray R1276 Thailand PMAT1-7254984enh-z6
N/A 2011 5 Pack: Dino Adventure Flat Dark Blue Dino Explorer, Paleontologists Black /Plastic Clear Black WhiteOpenDot10Spoke Thailand Base Code(s): D03 JungleCrawlermattedarkblue
MB60 2011 Jungle Explorers 1/14 Flat Tan eco VILLAGE, Jungle Trekker, Dark green door section Olive Green/Plastic Smoke Black RingedGearWhite T8970 Thailand Base Code(s): D23 JungleExpolorersJungleCrawlertan
N/A 2012 5 Pack: Penguins of Madagascar Matte Yellow MOVES YUMMY Dark Blue/ Plastic Smoke Blue 65px-Ringed Gear Thailand Matchbox-penguins-jungle-crawler-4x4-
N/A 2012 5 Pack: Penguins of Madagascar Light Blue THE PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR Green/ Plastic Blue tint Green RingedGear Gold Thailand Penguins Buggy 1
MB103 2012 Jungle 3/10 Zamac Snake Hunter, S, Black and Green Tampos Black/ Plastic Green Green RingedGearBlack W4860 Thailand Base Code(s): Jungle Crawler 2012 Jungle
MB59 2014 MBX Explorers 59/120

5 Pack: Battle Mission

Flat Tan MB783, camouflage tampo Black/Plastic Smoke Black Ringed Gear BDT56 Thailand Base Code(s): G39 Jungle Crawler-2014
N/A 2014 Mission Force: Jungle Green ID JNGL3, Camouflage tampo Silver/Plastic Clear Silver Ringed Gear Thailand Base code(s): G20 Jungle Crawler (2014 Jungle)
Modified Model (MB941).
N/A 2015 Series: Jurassic World Matte White Black doors, J5 Green/Plastic Clear Black RingedGearWhite Thailand Base code(s): H10 Matchbox 2015 Jurassic World Series 1 Loose Vehicle Jungle Crawler
MB106 / 125 2017 MBX Explorers Flat Gray 'Swamp Tramps', '715' & Brown panel on sides Brown / Plastic Smoke Black RingedGearGunMetal DVL07 / DVP14 Thailand Base code(s): K08, K09, K13 Jungle Crawler (2017)