Matchbox Series

There were seven models in the "Matchbox Series" range for 1954.

Series No. Model Name First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Color Photo
1-A Diesel Road Roller 1953 Averling-Barford Front roller pivots Green with red rollers Road Roller 1a
2-A Dumper 1953 Muir-Hill Dump tray tips Green with red dump tray 1953 2A DUMPER
3-A Cement Mixer 1953 Barrel rotates and tips Light blue with red wheels 1953 3A CEMENT MIXER
4-A Massey Harris Tractor 1953 Massey-Harris Red Massey-Harris Tractor 4a
5-A London Bus 1954 AEC Red 1954 5A LONDON BUS
6-A Euclid Dump Truck 1954 Euclid Dump tray tips Orange with gray dump tray Euclid Dump Truck (6-A)
7-A Horse Drawn Milk Float 1954 Orange with brown horse DSC 3303

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