Matchbox Series (Nos 1 to 60)Edit

Series No. Model Name First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Color Photo
1-C Road Roller 1958 Aveling-Barford Green with red rollers 1958 1C ROAD ROLLER . (2)
2-B Dumper 1957 Muir-Hill Green with red dump tray Dumper (2-B)
3-A Cement Mixer 1953 Light blue with red wheels 1953 3A CEMENT MIXER
4-B Massey Harris Tractor 1957 Massey-Harris Red Massey-Harris Tractor (4-B)
5-B London Bus 1957 AEC Red DSC 3300
6-A Euclid Dump Truck 1954 Euclid Orange & grey Euclid Dump Truck (6-A)
7-A Horse Drawn Milk Float 1954

Orange with brown horse

DSC 3303
8-B Caterpillar Tractor 1958 Caterpillar Yellow 8b
9-B Dennis Fire Engine 1958 Dennis Red Dennis Fire Engine (9-B)
10-B Mechanical Horse and Trailer 1958 Scammell Red with tan trailer Scammell Mechanical Horse and Trailer (10-B)
11-B Road Tanker 1958 ERF Red 11b 2
12-A Land Rover 1955 Land Rover Green DSC 3311
13-B Wreck Truck 1958 Bedford Tan & red Wreck Truck (13-B)
14-B Daimler Ambulance 1958 Daimler Cream 14b 2
15-A Prime Mover 1956 Diamond T Orange 15A
16-A Atlantic Trailer 1956 Tan 16a..
17-B Bedford Removals Van 1958 Bedford Green 17B 1
18-B Caterpillar Bulldozer 1958 Caterpillar Yellow Cat. Bulldozer 18b
19-B MGA Sports Car 1958 MG Cream DSC 3321
20-A Heavy Lorry 1956 ERF Red 20a..
21-B Bedford Duple Luxury Coach 1958 Bedford Green Bedford Duple Luxury Coach (21-B)
22-B Vauxhall Cresta 1958 Vauxhall Pink
23-B Berkeley Cavalier Caravan 1957 Berkeley Green 23B
24-A Weatherill Hydraulic Excavator 1956 Weatherill Orange 24a..
25-A Dunlop Van 1956 Bedford Blue DSC 3331
26-A ERF Cement Mixer 1956 ERF Orange DSC 3334
27-B Bedford Low Loader 1958 Bedford Green with tan trailer Bedford Low Loader (27-B)
28-A Bedford Compressor Truck 1956 Bedford Yellow 28a
29-A Bedford Milk Delivery Van 1956 Bedford Tan DSC 3340
30-A Ford Perfect 1956 Ford Gray-brown DSC 3342
31-A Ford Station Wagon 1957 Ford Yellow DSC 3343
32-A Jaguar XK140 1957 Jaguar Cream DSC 3346
33-A Ford Zodiac Mk II Sedan 1957 Ford Green 1957 33A FORD ZODIAC MKII SEDAN
34-A Volkswagen Microvan 1957 Volkswagen Blue DSC 3351
35-A Marshall Horse Box 1956 ERF Red and tan DSC 3355
36-A Austin A50 1956 Austin Light blue DSC 3357
37-A Karrier Bantam 2 Ton 1957 Karrier Orange CocaCola 37a
38-A Karrier Refuse Collector 1957 Karrier Gray DSC 3361
39-A Ford Zodiac Convertible 1957 Ford Pink 39a
40-A Bedford 7 Ton Tipper 1957 Bedford Red with tan dump bed 40a
41-A D Type Jaguar 1957 Jaguar Dark green 41 a
42-A Bedford Evening News Van 1957 Bedford Yellow DSC 3370
43-A Hillman Minx 1958 Hillman Light blue DSC 3372
44-A Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 1958 Rolls Royce Light blue DSC 3374
45-A Vauxhall Victor 1958 Vauxhall Yellow DSC 3377
46-A Morris Minor 1000 1958 Morris Dark green DSC 3380
47-A 1 Ton Trojan Van 1958 Trojan Red DSC 3383
48-A Meteor Sportsman Mk II 1958 Meteor Blue and tan boat with black trailer 48a
49-A M3 Personnel Carrier 1958 M3 Olive green 49a
50-A Commer Pick-Up Mk VIII 1958 Commer Brown Commer Pick-Up Mk VIII (No. 50)
51-A Albion Chieftain 1958 Albion Yellow 51
52-A Maserati 4CLT Racer 1958 Maserati Red 615-2009
53-A Aston Martin 1958 Aston Martin Metallic green DSC 3393
54-A Saracen Personnel Carrier 1958 Alvis Olive green 54
55-A D.U.K.W 1958 GMC Olive green 55a
56-A London Trolleybus 1958 AEC Red Graytrolleybus
57-A Wolseley 1500 1958 Wolseley Green DSC 3400
58-A BEA Coach 1958 AEC Blue 58
59-A Ford Thames Van 1958 Thames Green DSC 3403
60-A Morris J2 Pickup 1958 Morris Blue DSC 3405

Accesory PacksEdit

Series No. Model Name First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Color Photo
A-1 Esso Pumps and Forecourt Sign 1957 Red pumps + yellow sign Esso Pumps and Forecourt Sign, Matchbox Accessory Pack 1 (MBCat 1959)
A-2 Matchbox Car Transporter 1957 Bedford Blue Matchbox Car Transporter (A-2)
A-3 Metal Lock-Up Garage 1958 Maroon, yellow & green Lock Up Garage (1958 N-3)

Major PacksEdit

Series No. Model Name First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Color Photo
M-1 Caterpillar Earthmover 1957 Caterpillar Yellow MAJOR PACK No M1 CATERPILLAR EARTH SCRAPER - England - NM
M-2 Bedford Articulated Truck 1957 Bedford Walls Ice Cream decals Blue & cream Bedford Articulated Truck (M-2)

Models of YesteryearEdit

Series No. Model Name First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Color Photo
Y-1 Allchin 7 NHP Traction Engine 1956 Allchin Green TractionEngine
Y-2 "B" Type Bus 1912-1920 1956 AEC Dewar's Red BTypeBus
Y-3 1907 London E Class Tramcar 1956 Red ETypeTram
Y-4 Sentinel Steam Waggon 1956 Sentinel Blue SteamWagon
Y-5 1929 4½ Litre Bentley 1956 Bentley Green 1929 Le Mans Bentley (Y-5)
Y-6 AEC 1916-1921 1957 AEC Grey AEClorry
Y-7 4 Ton Leyland 1957 Leyland Red 4-ton
Y-8 1926 Morris Cowley Bullnose 1958 Morris Opening rumble seat Brown Bullnose
Y-9 Fowler Showman's Engine 1958 Fowler Red & White Fowler

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