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Series 1-75[]

Series No. [1] Model Name [1] First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Color [1] Photo
1 Road Roller 1958 Averling-Barford Front roller pivots Green with red rollers MB -01c Aveling Barford Road Roller.jpg
2 Dumper 1957 Muir-Hill Dump bed tips Green with red dump bed Dumper (2-B).jpg
3 Cement Mixer 1953 Barrel rotates & pivots Light blue with grey wheels Cement Mixer 1.jpg
4 Triumph Motorcycle & Sidecar 1960 Triumph Metallic blue DSC 3298.jpg
5 London Bus 1956 AEC BP visco-static BP [1] Red Image Not Available.jpg
6 Euclid Dump Truck 1957 Euclid Dump bed tips Yellow 6B.jpg
7 Horse Drawn Milk Float 1954 Orange float with brown horse Horse Drawn Milk Float (7-A).JPG
8 Caterpillar Tractor 1959 Caterpillar Rubber Tracks Yellow 8b.jpg
9 Merryweather Marquis Series III Fire Engine 1959 Merryweather Red Merryweather Marquis Series III Fire Engine.JPG
10 Scammell Scarab Mechanical Horse and Trailer 1957 Scammell Red & brown Scammell Mechanical Horse and Trailer (10-B).jpg
11 Petrol Tanker 1958 ERF Red 11B ....jpg
12 Land Rover 1959 Land Rover Green DSC 3312.jpg
13 Wreck Truck 1958 Bedford Tan & red Wreck Truck (13-B).JPG
14 Daimler Ambulance 1958 Daimler Cream with Red Cross 14B.jpg
15 Rotinoff Super Atlantic Tractor 1959 Rotintoff Orange 15b.jpg
16 Super Atlantic Trailer 1960 Tow bar pivots vertically Light brown Image Not Available.jpg
17 Bedford Removals Van 1958 Bedford Green Image Not Available.jpg
18 Caterpillar Bulldozer 1958 Caterpillar Rubber Tracks Yellow 18B 1.jpg
19 MGA Sports Car 1958 MG Cream DSC 3321.jpg
20 ERF 68G Truck 1959 ERF Blue 20b 1.jpg
21 Bedford Duple Luxury Coach 1958 Bedford Green Bedford Duple Luxury Coach (21-B).JPG
22 1958 Vauxhall Cresta 1958 Vauxhall Beige 1958 22B VAUXHALL CRESTA V (2).jpg
23 Bluebird Dauphine Trailer 1960 Bluebird Side door opens Green Image Not Available.jpg
24 Weatherill Hydraulic Excavator 1959 Weatherill Shovel pivots Yellow 24B 4.jpg
25 Dunlop Van 1956 Bedford Blue DSC 3331.jpg
26 ERF Cement Mixer 1956 ERF Orange DSC 3334.jpg
27 Cadillac Sixty Special 1960 Cadillac Green with cream roof 42444820 53313625 18158146.jpg
28 Thames Trader Compressor Truck 1959 Thames Yellow 28b thames compressor truck.jpg
29 Bedford Milk Delivery Van 1956 Bedford Tan DSC 3340.jpg
30 Ford Perfect 1957 Ford Gray-brown DSC 3342.jpg
31 American Ford Station Wagon 1957 Ford Yellow $ 35.jpg
32 Jaguar XK140 1957 Jaguar Cream Jaguar XK140.jpg
33 Ford Zodiac Mk II Sedan 1957 Ford Green 1957 33A FORD ZODIAC MKII SEDAN.jpg
34 Volkswagen Microvan 1957 Volkswagen Blue DSC 3351.jpg
35 Marshall Horse Box 1956 ERF Side ramp opens Red and tan DSC 3355.jpg
36 Austin A50 1956 Austin Light blue DSC 3357.jpg
37 Karrier Bantam 2 Ton 1960 Karrier Yellow DSC 3359.jpg
38 Karrier Refuse Collector 1957 Karrier Gray DSC 3361.jpg
39 Ford Zodiac Convertible 1957 Ford Peach 39a.jpg
40 Bedford 7 Ton Tipper 1957 Bedford Dump bed tips Red with tan dump bed 40a.jpg
41 D Type Jaguar 1960 Jaguar Dark green DSC 3368.jpg
42 Bedford Evening News Van 1957 Bedford Yellow DSC 3370.jpg
43 Hillman Minx 1958 Hillman Light blue with white roof DSC 3372.jpg
44 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud 1958 Rolls-Royce Light blue Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud (No. 44).JPG
45 Vauxhall Victor 1958 Vauxhall Yellow DSC 3377.jpg
46 Morris Minor 1000 1958 Morris Blue S-l225.jpg
47 1 Ton Trojan Van 1958 Trojan Red DSC 3383.jpg
48 Meteor Sportsman Mk II 1958 Meteor Boat is removeable Blue and tan boat with black trailer 48a.jpg
49 M3 Personnel Carrier 1958 White Motor Company Flexible rubber tracks Olive green 49a.jpg
50 Commer Pick-Up Mk VIII 1958 Commer Brown Commer Pick-Up Mk VIII (No. 50).JPG
51 Albion Chieftain 1958 Albion Yellow 51.jpg
52 Maserati 4CLT Racer 1958 Maserati Red 615-2009.jpg
53 Aston Martin 1958 Aston Martin Mettalic green DSC 3393.jpg
54 Saracen Personnel Carrier 1958 Alvis Turret rotates Olive green 54.jpg
55 D.U.K.W. 1958 GMC Olive green 55a.jpg
56 London Trolleybus 1958 AEC Red Graytrolleybus.jpg
57 Wolseley 1500 1958 Wolseley Green DSC 3400.jpg
58 BEA Coach 1958 AEC Blue 58.jpg
59 Ford Thames Van 1958 Thames Green DSC 3403.jpg
60 Morris J2 Pickup 1958 Morris Blue DSC 3405.jpg
61 Ferret Scout Car 1959 Daimler Olive green 61a.jpg
62 General Service Lorry 1959 AEC Olive green 62a.jpg
63 Ford 3 Ton 4x4 Service Ambulance 1959 Ford Olive green 63a.jpg
64 Scammell Breakdown Truck 1959 Scammell Olive green Break Down Truck 64a.jpg
65 Jaguar 3.4 Litre 1959 Jaguar Blue DSC 3415.jpg
66 Citroen DS19 1959 Citroen Yellow DSC 3418.jpg
67 Saladin Armoured Car 6x6 1959 Alvis Turret rotates Olive green 67a.jpg
68 Austin Mk 2 Radio Truck 1959 Austin Olive green 68a.jpg
69 Commer 30 CWT Van 1959 Commer Side door slides open Dark red DSC 3424.jpg
70 Thames Estate Car 1959 Thames Light blue and yellow DSC 3425.jpg
71 Austin 200 Gallon Water Truck 1959 Austin Olive green 71a.jpg
72 Fordson Major Tractor 1959 Fordson Blue 72a.jpg
73 10 Ton Pressure Refueller 1959 Leyland Grey-blue 73A.jpg
74 Mobile Refreshment Canteen 1959 Side hatch opens Silver DSC 3432.jpg
75 Ford Thunderbird 1960 Ford White and pink DSC 3434.jpg

Accessory Packs[]

There are four "Accessory Packs" illustrated in the 1960 International second edition Matchbox collectors catalog.[2]

Series No. [2] Model Name [2] First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Color [2] Photo
A-1 Esso Pumps and Forecourt Sign 1956 N/A "Esso" decals Red & white Esso Pumps and Forecourt Sign, Matchbox Accessory Pack 1 (MBCat 1959).jpg
A-2 Matchbox Car Transporter 1957 Bedford Detachable articulated trailer Blue A2a6.jpg
A-3 Metal Lock-Up Garage 1958 N/A Two opening front doors Yellow & red Lock Up Garage (1958 N-3).jpg
A-4 Road Signs 1960 N/A Set of eight Red, white & black Signs.jpg

King Size[]

1960 saw the introduction of the King Size series.[2]

Series No. [2] Model Name [2] First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Color [2] Photo
K-1 Weatherill Hydraulic Shovel 1960 Weatherill Shovel pivots Yellow K1 1960 WEATHERHILL SHOVEL.jpg
K-2 Muir-Hill Dumper 1960 Muir-Hill Dump bed tips Red Muir-Hill Dumper (1960-63 K-2).jpg
K-3 Caterpillar Bulldozer 1960 Caterpillar Yellow IMG 1215-965x768.jpg
K-4 McCormick International Tractor 1960 International Red K4 1960 INTERNATIONAL TRACTOR.jpg

Major Packs[]

There are eight "Major Packs" illustrated in the 1960 International second edition Matchbox collectors catalog.[2]

Series No. [2] Model Name [2] First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Color [2] Photo
M-1 Caterpillar Earthmover 1957 Caterpillar Yellow MAJOR PACK No M1 CATERPILLAR EARTH SCRAPER - England - NM.jpg
M-2 Bedford Articulated Truck 1957 Bedford Blue & cream Bedford Articulated Truck (M-2).jpg
M-3 Thorneycroft Antar, Sankey 50 Ton Tank Tranpsorter & Centurion Tank Mark III 1959 Thornycroft, Sanky & Centurion Green 10-Wheel Transporter with Centurion Tank.JPG
M-4 Ruston-Bucyrus 1959 Ruston-Bucyrus Red & yellow Ruston Bucyrus (1959).jpg
M-5 Massey Ferguson Combine Harvester 1959 Massey Ferguson Red & yellow Harvester M5.jpg
M-6 Scammel 6x6 Tractor & Crane 200 Ton Transporter 1959 Scammell Blue & red PickfordLowLoader.jpg
M-7 Thames Trader Jennings Cattle Truck 1960 Thames Red & brown CattleTruckBlackWheels.jpg
M-8 Thornycroft Tractor & 2400 Gallon Trailer Tanker 1960 Thornycroft Red & white Mobilgas Tanker.jpg

Models of Yesteryear[]

There are fourteen "Models of Yesteryear" illustrated in the 1960 International second edition Matchbox collectors catalog.[2]

Series No. [2] Model Name [2] First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Color [2] Photo
Y-1 Allchin 7 NHP Traction Engine 1956 Allchin Green TractionEngine.jpg
Y-2 1911 AEC B Type London Bus 1956 Red BTypeBus.jpg
Y-3 London E Class Tramcar 1956 Red ETypeTram.jpg
Y-4 Sentinel Steam Waggon 1956 Sentinel Blue SteamWagon.jpg
Y-5 1929 Le Mans Bentley 1958 Bentley Green 1929 Le Mans Bentley (Y-5).jpg
Y-6 AEC Y Type Lorry 1957 AEC Grey AEClorry.jpg
Y-7 Leyland 4 Ton Van 1957 Leyland Red 4-ton.jpg
Y-8 1926 Morris Cowley Bullnose 1958 Morris Brown Bullnose.jpg
Y-9 Fowler Showman's Engine 1958 Fowler Red Fowler.jpg
Y-10 1908 G.P. Mercedes 1958 Mercedes Cream Grandprixmercedes.jpg
Y-11 Aveling & Porter Steam Roller 1958 Aveling & Porter Green Aveling and Porter Steam Roller (Y-11).JPG
Y-12 1899 London Horse-Bus 1959 Red Horsebus.jpg
Y-13 American Loco 4-4-0 1959 Green American 4-4-0.jpg
Y-14 Duke of Connaught 4-2-2 1959 Green Dukeofconnaught.jpg
Y-15 [3] 1907 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost [3] 1960 [3] Rolls-Royce Green [3] Rolls Royce Silver Ghost.jpg


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