1-75 SeriesEdit

Series No. Model Name First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Color Photo
1-D Aveling Barford Road Roller 1962 Aveling-Barford Green with red rollers 1962 1d ROAD ROLLER
2-C Muir Hill Dumper 1961 Muir-Hill tipping dump bed Red with green dumper tray DSC 3295
3-B Bedford Tipper 1961 Bedford Bed tips and tailgate pivots Grey with red dumper tray 3b Bedford Tipper
4-C Triumph Motorcycle & Sidecar 1960 Triumph Metallic turquoise DSC 3298
5-C London Bus 1961 AEC Red London bus 5c 1957
6-C Euclid Dump Truck 1963 Euclid Yellow 6C
7-B Ford Anglia 1961 Ford Light blue Ford Anglia
8-D Caterpillar D8 Tractor 1964 Caterpillar Yellow MB -08d Caterpillar Tractor
9-C Merryweather Marquis Fire Engine 1959 Merryweather Red Merryweather Marquis Series III Fire Engine
10-C Sugar Container Truck 1961 Foden Blue DSC 3309
11-B Petrol Tanker 1958 ERF Red 11b 2
12-B Land Rover Series II 1959 Land Rover Olive green DSC 3312
13-C Thames Trader Wreck Truck 1961 Thames Red & yellow Thames wrecker 13c
14-C Lomas Ambulance 1962 Bedford opening rear doors White BedfordAmbulance
15-C Refuse Truck 1963 Dennis dump box tips and rear opens Blue with grey collector 15c refuse truck
16-C Scammell Snow Plough 1964 Scammell dumping bed, pivoting plow blade Grey with orange dumper bed 6416 Scammell Snow Plough
17-D Hoveringham Tipper 1964 Foden dump bed tips and tailgate pivots Red with orange dumper bed Hoveringham Tipper (No 17)
18-D Caterpillar D8 Bulldozer 1964 Caterpillar Rubber tracks Yellow Caterpillar Bulldozer (18-D)
19-C Aston Martin DBR 5 1961 Aston Martin Green 19C ASTON MARTIN
20-B ERF 68G Truck 1959 ERF Blue 20b 1
21-C Commer Milk Truck 1961 Commer Light green DSC 3324
22-B Vauxhall Cresta 1958 Vauxhall Bronze 22b 1
23-C Bluebird Dauphine Trailer 1960 Bluebird Tan DSC 3328
24-B Weatherhill Hydraulic Excavator 1959 Weatherill Yellow 24B WEATHERHILL EXCAVATOR
25-C Petrol Tanker 1964 Bedford Cab Tips forward Yellow & green Petrol Tanker (No 25)
26-B Foden Concrete Truck 1961 Foden mixing drum spins Orange 6226 Foden Cement Mixer 2nd
27-C Cadillac Sixty Special 1960 Cadillac Metallic pink with cream top DSC 3336
28-C Jaguar Mk 10 1964 Jaguar Bonnet/Hood opens Metallic brown 28c mark 10 jaguar
29-B Austin A55 Cambridge Sedan 1961 Ausitn Green Austin A55 Cambridge (4461) Lesney L1190073
30-B Magirus-Deutz Crane Truck 1961 Magiruz Deutz Boom rotates Grey & orange 30B
31-C Lincoln Continental 1964 Lincoln opening trunk Mint green 6631 Lincoln Continental
32-B E Type Jaguar 1962 Jaguar Metallic red 32b jaguar xke
33-B Ford Zephyr 6 MkIII 1963 Ford Turquoise 33b ford zephyr 6 mkiii
34-B Volkswagen Camper 1962 Volkswagen Opening side door Light green 34b volkswagen camper
35-B Snow Trac Tractor 1964 Aktiv Fischer Rubber tracks Red 35b snow trac tractor
36-B Lambretta TV 176 1961 Lambretta Silver Lambretta TV 176
37-B Karrier Bantam 2 Ton 1960 Karrier Yellow DSC 3359
38-B Vauxhall Victor Estate Car 1963 Vauxhall opening rear hatch Yellow 6338 Vauxhall Victor Estate Car
39-B Pontiac Convertible 1962 Pontiac Yellow 39b pontiac convertible
40-B Leyland Royal Tiger Coach 1961 Leyland Grey DSC 3366
41-B D Type Jaguar 1960 Jaguar Dark green DSC 3368
42-A Bedford Evening News Van 1957 Bedford Yellow DSC 3370
43-B Aveling-Barford Tractor Shovel 1962 Aveling-Barford Yellow Averling-Barford Tractor Shovel (43-B)
44-B Rolls Royce Phantom V 1964 Rolls Royce opening trunk/boot Metallic tan 44b rolls royce phantom v
45-A Vauxhall Victor 1958 Vauxhall Yellow DSC 3377
46-B Pickfords Removal Van 1960 Guy Back door opens Green DSC 3381
47-B Commer Ice Cream Canteen 1963 Commer Blue 47b commer ice cream canteen
48-B Sports Boat & Trailer 1961 Boat is removable Red & cream boat with blue trailer 48B Sports Boat
49-A M3 Personnel Carrier 1958 M3 Rubber Tracks Olive green 49a
50-B John Deere Tractor 1964 John Deere Green 50b john deere tractor
51-B John Deere Trailer 1964 John Deere 3 removable barrels

bed tips


Yellow barrels

51b john deere trailer
52-A Maserati 4CLT/1948 1958 Maserati Yellow DSC 3391
53-B Mercedes-Benz 220 SE 1963 Mercedes-Benz Opening doors Red Mercedes 220 SE
54-A Saracen Personnel Carrier 1958 Alvis Olive green 54
55-B Ford Fairlane Police Car 1963 Ford Metallic blue 55b ford fairlane police car
56-A London Trolleybus 1958 AEC Red Blacktrolleybus
57-B Chevrolet Impala 1961 Chevrolet Metallic blue 57b chevrolet impala
58-B Drott Excavator 1962 International Rubber tracks Red-orange Matchbox Drott Excavator Nº 58
59-B Ford Fairlane Fire Chief's Car 1963 Ford Red 59B FORD FAIRLANE FIRE CHIEF CAR
60-A Morris J2 Pickup 1958 Morris Blue DSC 3405
61-A Ferret Scout Car 1959 Daimler Olive Green Ferret Scout Car (61-A)
62-B TV Service Van 1963 Commer Removable TV sets Cream 62b tv service van
63-A Ford 3 Ton 4x4 Service Ambulance [1] 1959 Ford Green 63a
64-A Scammell Breakdown Truck 1959 Scammell Olive green Break Down Truck 64a
65-B Jaguar 3.4 Litre 1962 Jaguar opening hood Dark red 65b jaguar 3-4 litre saloon
66-B Harley Davidson & Sidecar 1962 Harley Davidson Bronze 66B HARLEY DAVIDSON MOTORCYCLE
67-A Saladin Armoured Car 6x6 1959 Alvis turret rotates Olive green 67a
68-A Austin Mk 2 Radio Truck 1959 Austin Green 68a
69-A Commer 30 CWT Van 1959 Commer Dark red DSC 3424
70-A Ford Thames Estate Car 1959 Thames Light blue and yellow DSC 3425
71-B Jeep Gladiator Pickup 1964 Jeep opening doors Red Jeep Galdiator (No.71)
72-A Fordson Major Tractor 1959 Fordson Blue 72a
73-B Ferrari F1 Racing Car 1962 Ferrari Red 73b ferrari f1 racing car
74-A Mobile Refreshment Canteen 1959 Side panel opens Silver DSC 3432
75-A Ford Thunderbird 1960 Ford White and pink DSC 3434

Accessory PacksEdit

Series No. Model Name First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Color Photo
A-1 B.P. Garage Pumps and Forecourt Sign 1963 White, green & yellow BP Pumps

King SizeEdit

Series No. Model Name First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Color Photo
K-1 Hoveringham Tipper 1964 Foden Dump bed tips and tail gate pivots Red & orange Hoveringham Tipper (1964-69)
K-2 KW-Dart Dump Truck 1964 KW-Dart Dump bed tips Yellow KW-Dart Dump Truck (1964-68)
K-3 Caterpillar Bulldozer 1960 Caterpillar Rubber tracks Yellow Caterpillar Bulldozer (K-3)
K-4 McCormick International Tractor 1961 International Red K4 1960 INTERNATIONAL TRACTOR
K-5 Foden Dumper Truck 1961 Foden Dump bed tips Yellow K5 FODEN TIPPER
K-6 Allis-Chalmers Motor Scraper 1961 Allis-Chalmers Orange Allis-Chalmers Earth Scraper (K-6)
K-7 Curtiss-Wright Rear Dumper 1961 Curtiss-Wright Yellow K7 Curtiss-Wright Rear Dumper

Prime Mover and Transporter with Caterpillar Crawler Tractor

1962 Scammell, unknown & Caterpillar Orange, orange & yellow SCAMMEL TRANSPORTER CATERPILLAR (K-8)
K-9 Aveling Barford Road Roller 1962 Averling-Barford Green & red 1962 K-9A ROAD ROLLER
K-10 Aveling Barford Tractor Shovel 1963 Aveling-Bardford front shovel moves Cyan Matchbox-K-10-Aveling-Barford-Tractor-Shovel
K-11 Fordson Tractor & Whitlock Trailer 1963 Fordson & Whitlock trailer tips Blue with White Trailer Fordson Tractor & Whitlock Trailer (1963-69)
K-12 Foden Breakdown Tractor 1963 Foden Green & Yellow Foden Breakdown Tractor (K-12)
K-13 Ready-Mix Concrete Truck 1963 ERF Orange Ready-mix Concrete Truck (1963-66K-13)
K-14 Taylor Jumbo Crane 1964 Taylor Operable boom Yellow Taylor Jumbo Crane (K-14 Yellow)
K-15 Merryweather Fire Engine 1964 Merryweather Operable ladder Red Merryweather Fire Engine (1964-70 K-15)

Major PacksEdit

Series No. Model Name First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Color Photo
M-1 B.P. Autotanker 1962 Leyland Yellow, white & green BP Autotanker FRONT
M-2 Bedford Tractor & York Freightmaster Trailer 1961 Bedford Opening rear doors Orange & grey Matchbox-major-pack-no2-bedford-tractor-york-freightmaster
M-3 10-Wheel Transporter with Centurion Tank 1959 Thornycroft Tank turret rotates Green 10-Wheel Transporter with Centurion Tank
M-4 Ruston-Bucyrus 1959 Ruston Bucyrus Rubber tracks

cab rotates & shovel moves

Red & yellow Ruston Bucyrus (1959)
M-5 Massey Ferguson Combine Harvester 1959 Massey Ferguson Red & yellow Harvester M5
M-6 18-Wheel Tractor and Transporter 1959 Scammell Blue & orange PickfordLowLoader
M-7 Thames Trader Jennings Cattle Truck 1960 Thames Drop down rear ramp Red & brown CattleTruckBlackWheels
M-8 Guy Warrior Car Transporter 1964 Guy Blue & orange Guy Warrior Car Transporter (K8)
M-9 Inter-State Double-Freighter 1962 Hendrickson Rear doors open on trailers Blue & grey Inter-State Double-Freighter (M-9)
M-10 Dinkum Dumper 1962 Whitlock Dump tray tips Yellow Dinkum Dumper M-10

Models of YesteryearEdit

Series No. Model Name First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Color Photo
Y-1 1911 Ford Model T 1964 Ford Red 1911 Ford Model T (Y-1)
Y-2 1911 Renault 1963 Renault Green Renault 2 seater
Y-3 1907 London E Class Tramcar 1956 Red ETypeTram
Y-4 Shand-Mason Horse-Drawn Fire Engine 1960 Shand-Mason Red Horse-DrawnFireEngine
Y-5 1929 4½ Litre Bentley 1962 Bentley small leaver on the side moves Green LeMans
Y-6 1926 Type 35 Bugatti 1961 Bugatti Blue 1926 Type 35 Bugatti
Y-7 1913 Mercer Raceabout 1961 Mercer Lilac 1913 Mercer Raceabout
Y-8 1914 Sunbeam 1962 Sunbeam Silver 1914 Sunbeam
Y-9 Fowler Big Lion Showman's Engine 1958 Fowler Red Fowler
Y-10 1928 Mercedes Benz 36/220 1963 Mercedes-Benz White Mercedes Benz 36 220
Y-11 Packard Landaulet 1912 1964 Packard Red Packard Landaulet
Y-12 1899 London Horse-Bus 1959 Red Horsebus
Y-13 American 4-4-0 Locomotive 1959 Alco

(American Locomotive Works)

Green American 4-4-0
Y-14 Duke of Connaught 4-2-2 1959 Green Dukeofconnaught
Y-15 1907 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost 1960 Rolls-Royce Green Rolls Royce Silver Ghost
Y-16 1904 Spyker 1962 Spyker Yellow Spyker


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