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1-75 series[]

Most of the 1-75 series models for 1971 were issued with Superfast Wheels.

Series No. [1] Model Name [1] First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Color [1] Photo
1 Mercedes Truck[2] 1970 Mercedes Removable yellow canopy Metalflake gold 1a.jpg
2 Mercedes Trailer[2] 1970 Removable yellow canopy Metalflake gold Mercedes Trailer (Gold).jpg
3 Mercedes Benz Binz Ambulance 1968 Mercedes-Benz Removable stretcher w/patient / opening rear hatch White Mercedes Benz Binz Ambulance (1970-71).jpg
4 Stake Truck 1970 Dodge Yellow & green 4a.jpg
5 Lotus Europa 1969 Lotus Opening doors Metallic pink 7105 Lotus Europa Pk R.JPG
6 Ford Pick-up 1968 Ford Removable camper shell Red with white camper shell 6a.jpg
7 Refuse Truck 1966 Ford Orange & grey 7a.jpg
8 Wildcat Dragster 1971 Ford Pinkish orange or green Wildcat Dragster (4757) MX L1200499.JPG
9 Boat & Trailer 1966 Bertram Blue and white boat with blue trailer Trailer.jpg
10 Pipe Truck 1966 Leyland Orange Pipe Truck (1971-72).jpg
11 Scaffold Truck 1969 Mercedes-Benz Removable scaffolding Gray with yellow load 7011 Scaffolding Truck.JPG
12 Setra Coach 1971 Setra Metallic gold & white 12b.jpg
13 Baja Buggy 1971 Generic Green 7113 Baja Buggy.JPG
14 Iso Grifo 1968 Iso Blue Iso Grifo (4903) MX L1210023.JPG
15 Volkswagen 1500 Saloon 1968 Volkswagen Cream 1500 Saloon.jpg
16 Case Tractor 1969 Case Removable yellow roof Red & yellow Case Tractor (16-D).JPG
17 Horse Box 1969 AEC Opening ramp with two removable white horses Orange with cream box Horse Box with cream box.jpg
18 Field Car 1969 International Yellow 7018 Field Car L.JPG
19 Road Dragster 1971 Generic Red 7019 Road Dragster.JPG
20 Lamborghini Marzal 1969 Lamborghini Metallic red 6920 Lamborghini Marzal R.JPG
21 Foden Concrete Truck 1968 Foden Mixing drum spins Yellow with red chassis 7021 Foden Concrete Truck.JPG
22 Freeman Inter-City Commuter 1971 Freeman Metallic pink 7122 Freeman Commuter L.JPG
23 Volkswagen Camper 1970 Volkswagen Light blue 23a4.jpg
24 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 1967 Rolls-Royce Metallic red 7024 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow.JPG
25 Ford Cortina 1968 Ford Opening doors Blue 25a.jpg
26 G.M.C. Tipper Truck 1968 GMC Tray dumps, tailgate pivots, cab pivots forward Red with grey dump tray MB-26.jpg
27 Mercedes 230 SL 1971 Mercedes-Benz Opening doors Yellow Slmerci1.jpg
28 Mack Dump Truck 1968 Mack Lime green 7028 Mack Dump Truck.JPG
29 Racing Mini 1971 Mini Red 7029 Racing Mini L.JPG
30 Beach Buggy 1971 Generic Pink & yellow 7130 Beach Buggy.JPG
31 Lincoln Continental 1970 Lincoln Opening boot Green 31a.jpg
32 Leyland Petrol Tanker 1968 Leyland Green with white tank 32a.jpg
33 Lamborghini Miura 1969 Lamborghini Gold Lamborghini Miura (No 33).JPG
34 Formula 1 1971 Generic Purple 7134 Formula 1.JPG
35 Merryweather Fire Engine 1970 Merryweather Metallic red 7035 Merryweather Fire Engine.JPG
36 Hot Rod Draguar 1971 Generic Metallic red 36b.jpg
37 Dodge Cattle Truck 1966 Dodge Two removable white cattle Orange with gray bed Dodge Cattle Truck (1970).jpg
38 Honda Motorcycle & Trailer 1967 Honda Pink on yellow trailer Honda Motorcycle & Trailer (1971 Pink)).jpg
39 Ford Tractor 1967 Ford Blue & yellow Ford Tractor No. 39.JPG
40 Vauxhall Guildsman 1971 Vauxhall Pink 7140 Vauxhall Guildsman R.JPG
41 Ford GT 1965 Ford Red Ford GT (1971 Bronze).jpeg
42 Iron Fairy Crane 1969 Iron fairy Pivoting boom Orange with lime boom MB-42.jpg
43 Pony Trailer 1968 Generic Two removable white ponies Yellow 43a.jpg
44 Refrigerator Truck 1967 GMC Opening rear doors Yellow with red box DSC 17737 (Small) (2).JPG
45 Ford Group 6 1969 Ford Lime green Ford Group 6 (Lime).jpg
46 Mercedes 300 SE 1968 Mercedes-Benz Metallic gold Mercedes1.jpg
47 DAF Tipper Container Truck 1968 DAF Tipping box w/removable cover Gray with yellow container 47a.jpg
48 Dodge Dumper Truck 1966 Dodge Dumping bed Light blue with yellow dumping bed MB-48.jpg
49 Unimog 1967 Mercedes-Benz Tow hook Light blue & red 7049 Unimog R.JPG
50 Kennel Truck 1968 Ford four removable dogs and clear topper Metallic green Kennel Truck (1970-71).jpg
51 8 Wheel Tipper 1969 AEC Dumping bed & pivoting tailgate Yellow with gray dump bed MB-51.jpg
52 Dodge Charger MkIII 1970 Dodge Pinkish-red MB52 Dodge Charger Mk III - front .JPG
53 Ford Zodiac Mk. IV 1968 Ford Opening hood Light green 7053 Ford Zodiac MK IV R.JPG
54 Ford Capri 1971 Ford Opening hood Pink with black hood L1190602.JPG
55 Mercury Commuter Police Car 1971 Mercury White High Mileage Mercury Police Car 20120720 JSCC.jpg
56 BMC 1800 Pininfarina 1969 BMC Opening doors Peach Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 8.32.13 AM.png
57 Trailer Caravan 1971 Eccles Yellow with orange top 7157 Eccles Caravan.JPG
58 DAF Girder Truck 1968 DAF Removable red girders Metallic lime-green DAF Girder Truck (1971).jpg
59 Mercury Park Lane Fire Chief Car 1971 Mercury Red Mercury FC shield.jpg
60 Lotus Super Seven 1971 Lotus Orange 7160 Lotus Super Seven L.JPG
61 Alvis Stalwart 1966 Alvis White & yellow Alvis Stalwart No 61.JPG
62 Mercury Cougar 1971 Mercury Lime green Cougard1.jpg
63 Dodge Crane Truck 1968 Dodge Pivoting boom Yellow MB-63.jpg
64 Slingshot Dragster 1971 Generic Pink 7164 Slingshot Dragster R.JPG
65 Claas Combine Harvester 1967 Claas Harvester wheel spins Red Claas Combine Harvester (No 65).JPG
66 Greyhound Coach 1967 GMC Gray Coach (No 66, Superfast wheels).JPG
67 Volkswagen 1600 TL 1967 Volkswagen Opening doors Metallic pink VW 1600 TL (4525) MX L1190339.JPG
68 Porsche 910 1971 Porsche Metallic red 7068 Porsche 910 R2.JPG
69 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Coupe 1969 Rolls-Royce Gold 7369 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Coupe R.JPG
70 Grit Spreader 1966 Ford Red & yellow Grit Spreader (4935) MX L1210152.JPG
71 Ford Heavy Wreck Truck 1968 Ford Hook pivots Red & white MB-71.jpg
72 Jeep 1966 Jeep Tow hook Yellow 72a1.jpg
73 Mercury Commuter 1968 Mercury Metallic light green 73a1.jpg
74 Daimler Bus 1966 Daimler Red 74a.jpg
75 Alfa Carabo 1971 Alfa Romeo Metallic pinkish-purple 7175 Alfa Carabo L.JPG

Super Kings[]

The following models were available in the Super Kings range for 1971.

Series No. [3] Model Name [3] First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Color [3] Photo
K-1 Hydraulic Excavator 1970 O&K Operational boom Red & gray DSC 9052.jpg
K-2 Scammel Heavy Wreck Truck 1969 Scammell Operational boom & hooks Gold with red boom Scammell Heavy Wreck Truck (1971 SK).jpg
K-3 Massey Ferguson Tractor & Trailer 1970 Massey Ferguson Removable trailer with dumping bed Red & yellow Massey Ferguson Tractor & Trailer (1970-73)..jpg
K-4 Leyland Tipper 1969 Leyland Operational bed & tailgate Red & lime Leyland Tipper (1971-73).jpg
K-5 Racing Car Transporter 1965 Generic Opening door & rising car ramp Green Racing Car Transporter (Green).jpg
K-6 Cement Mixer 1971 GMC Mixer drum spins with wheels Blue cab, red Chassis, yellow plastic drum 7106 Cement Mixer L.JPG
K-7 SD Refuse Truck 1967 SD Operational dump box Red with gray dump box Refuse Truck (1971-72).jpg
K-8 Caterpillar Traxcavator 1970 Caterpillar Shovel deck raises & lowers Yellow Caterpillar Traxcavator (1971-79).jpg
K-9 Claas Combine Harvester 1967 Class Rotating blades and movable chute Red with yellow blades Claas Combine Harvester (K-9).jpg
K-10 Pipe Truck 1967 Scammell Removable trailer with six interlocking pipes Pink Pipe Truck (K-10 1971-75).jpg
K-11 DAF Car Transporter 1969 DAF Ramp & upper deck raises & lowers Yellow cab with yellow & orange trailer K10 DAF Car Transporter 20120610 JSCC.jpg
K-12 Scammell Mobile Crane 1971 Scammell Operational boom Orange Scammell Mobile Crane (1971-74).jpg
K-13 Building Transporter 1971 DAF Removable unassembled yellow site hut Light green D.A.F. Building Transporter (1971-75).jpg
K-14 Freight Liner 1971 Scammell The removable container, sliding side doors Blue Scammell Freight Liner (1971-1977).jpg
K-15 Merryweather Fire Engine 1971 Merryweather Operational ladder Red Merryweather Fire Engine (1971-72 K-15).jpg
K-16 Dodge Tractor with Fruehauf Tippers 1966 Dodge Dumping beds with removable trailer Yellow with blue dump beds Dodge Tractor with Fruehauf Tippers (1971-73 K-16).jpg
K-17 Low-Rider with Bulldozer 1971 Ford Removable trailer & bulldozer Lime green truck & trailer with yellow & red bulldozer Low Loader with Bulldozer (1971 K-17).jpg
K-18 Articulated Horse Box 1967 Dodge Opening ramps with four removable white horses Red truck with tan trailer Articulated Horse Van (1971-73).jpg
K-19 Scammel Tipper Truck 1967 Scammell Tipping dumper bed Red truck with yellow dump bed Scammell Tipper Truck (1971-72).jpg
K-20 Tractor Transporter 1967 Ford Removable trailer & tractors Red truck & yellow trailer with three blue tractors Tractor Transporter (1971-72).jpg

Speed Kings[]

The following models were available in the Speed Kings range for 1971.

Series No. [3] Model Name [3] First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Color [3] Photo
K-21 Cougar Dragster 1971 Mercury Opening doors Pink Cougar Dragster (1971).jpg
K-22 Dodge Dragster 1971 Dodge Opening doors Orange Dodge Roadster (1971-73 Speed Kings K-22).jpg
K-23 Mercury Police Car 1969 Mercury Opening doors White 464DF3F6-75F4-4E9D-93D5-EA1E51C81D35.jpeg
K-24 Lamborghini Miura 1969 Lamborghini Opening rear engine cover Red Lamborghini Miura (Open).jpeg
K-25 Boat & Trailer 1971 Generic White and orange boat with yellow trailer Boat & Trailer (K-25 1974-1975).jpg
K-26 Mercedes Benz Ambulance 1971 Mercedes-Benz Opening doors and rear hatch with removable stretcher. White Mercede-Benz Binz Ambulance (King Size).jpg
K-27 Camping Cruiser 1971 Generic Opening rear door and top hatch Yellow Camping Cruiser (1971-75).jpeg
K-28 Drag Pack 1971 Mercury Mercury Commuter with Cougar Dragster on Trailer Light green Mercury Commuter, pink Cougar Dragster & yellow trailer Drag Pack (1971).jpg
K-29 Lamborghini Miura-Boat & Trailer 1971 Lamborghini + generic Lamborghini Muira with Seaburst Power Boat on Trailer Red Lamborghini Muira with white and orange boat on yellow trailer Lamborghini Miura-Boat & Trailer (K29).jpg

Models of Yesteryear[]

The following models were available in the Models of Yesteryear range for 1971.

Series No. [3] Model Name [3] First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Color [3] Photo
Y-1 1911 Model T Ford 1966 Ford Red 1911 Ford Model T (Y-1).JPG
Y-2 1914 Prince Henry Vauxhall 1971 Vauxhall Red 1914 Prince Henry Vauxhall (Y-2, red).jpg
Y-3 1910 Benz Limousine 1966 Benz Metallic green Image Not Available.jpg
Y-4 1909 Opel Coupe 1967 Opel White Models of Yesteryear Opel.jpg
Y-5 1907 Peugeot 1969 Peugeot Yellow 1907 Peugeot.jpg
Y-6 1913 Cadillac 1967 Cadillac Metallic gold 1913 Cadillac.jpg
Y-7 1912 Rolls-Royce 1968 Rolls-Royce Silver Matchbox-Models-Of-Yesteryear-Y7-3-1912-Rolls-Royce.jpg
Y-8 1914 Stutz 1969 Stutz Metallic red 1914 Stutz.jpg
Y-9 1912 Simplex 1968 Simplex Gold & red with black roof 1912 Simplex (Y-9, red, gold & black).JPG
Y-10 1906 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost 1969 Rolls-Royce Light green 1906 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost (Y-6).jpg
Y-11 Packard Landaulet 1912 1964 Packard Red Packard Landaulet.jpg
Y-12 1909 Thomas Flyabout 1967 Thomas Blue Thomas Flyabout.jpg
Y-13 1911 Daimler 1966 Daimler Yellow 1911 Daimler (Y-13).jpg
Y-14 1911 Maxwell Roadster 1965 Maxwell Turquoise Maxwell Roadster.jpg
Y-15 1930 Packard Victoria 1969 Packard Tan, black & brown DSC05570.JPG
Y-16 1904 Spyker 1961 Spyker Light yellow Spyker.jpg


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