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1-75 series[]

The 1-75 series models were marketed under the "Matchbox 75" name in the 1981/82 Matchbox Catalogue.[1]

Series No. [2] Model Name [2] First Year Released Brand Special Features Color [2] Photo
Dodge Challenger 1976 Dodge Blue & white 7901 Dodge Challenger R.JPG
S2 Jet 1981 Blackburn Folding wings Black & yellow S2 Jet (1981-82 Black).jpg
Porsche Turbo 1978 Porsche Opening doors Green Porsche Turbo grnL.JPG
'57 Chevy 1979 Chevrolet Opening bonnet Mauve 7904 57 Chevy R.JPG
U.S. Mail Truck 1978 Jeep Removable top Blue with white top 7805 Mail Truck L.JPG
Mercedes 350SL 1974 Mercedes-Benz Red & white Mb006-04.jpg
V.W. Golf 1976 Volkswagen Removable surf boards Yellow VW Golf Yellow.jpg
De Tomaso Pantera 1976 De Tomaso White MATCHBOX-LESNEY SUPERFAST -8 DE TOMASO PANTERA 1975 ENGLAND (2).jpg
Ford Escort RS2000 1978 Ford White 7809 Ford Escort RS 2000 R.JPG
Plymouth Gran Fury 1979 Plymouth White & black Gran Fury Police Car (79-81).jpg
Car Transporter 1976 Bedford Orange & cream 7611 Car Transporter.JPG
Citroen CX 1979 Citroen Opening tailgate Light blue 7912 Citroen CX.JPG
Snorkel 1977 GMC Moveable boom Red 7713 Snorkel Fire Engine L.JPG
Rallye Royale 1981 Monteverdi Gray Rallye Royale (1982).jpg
Fork Lift Truck 1981 Lansing Bagnall Moveable forks Red Fork Lift Truck (1979 SUPER KINGS).jpeg
Pontiac 1979 Pontiac Gold 7916 Pontiac L.JPG
The Londoner 1972 Daimler Berger Paints Red 7217 The Londoner L.JPG
Hondarora 1975 Honda Pivoting handlebars Green 7518 Hondarora.JPG
Cement Truck 1976 Generic Rotating & tipping drum Red Cement Truck (MB19).jpg
Police Patrol 1975 Range Rover Rola-matics light bubble spins when rolled White Police Patrol POLICE 1981.jpg
Renault 5TL 1978 Renault Opening rear hatch Grey Le Car.jpg
Blaze Buster 1975 Generic Moveable ladder Red 7522 Blaze Buster ChrtL.JPG
Atlas 1975 Generic Tipping tray Blue and orange 7522 Atlas R.JPG
Atlas 1975 Generic Tipping tray Red and grey or blue and grey 7523 Atlas redR.JPG
Shunter 1981 Generic Yellow Shunter 1979.jpg
Toyota Celica GT 1981 Toyota Opening doors Light blue 8125 Celica GT L.JPG
Flat Car & Container 1978 Generic Removable N.Y.K. container Black with tan & red container 25c.jpg
Site Dumper 1977 Generic Tipping tray Red and grey Site Dumper (1981).jpg
Swept Wing Jet 1981 Generic Movable wings Red and white Sweep Wing Jet MB-27.jpg
Lincoln Continental Mk. V 1979 Lincoln Red and white MB-28 Lincoln.jpg
Tractor Shovel 1976 Muir-Hill Moveable bucket Red & black Tractor Shovel (1981 Red).jpg
Leyland Articulated Truck 1981 Leyland Articulated trailer Blue and gray Leyland Articulated Truck 30 1981.jpg
Caravan 1981 Generic Opening door White Caravan 1985.jpg
Atlas Excavator 1981 Atlas Movable boom Orange, black & grey Atlas Excavator (1981).jpg
Police Motorcycle 1977 Honda Removable rider White 33c.jpg
Chevy Pro Stocker 1981 Chevrolet White & blue 8134 Chevy Pro Stocker.JPG
Fandango 1975 Generic Rola-matics - fan spins when rolled Red 7735 Fandango.JPG
Refuse Truck 1980 Ford Opening tailgate Red & yellow 36 Refuse Truck 02.jpg
Skip Truck 1976 Generic Dumpster unloads with pivoting arms Blue & yellow Skip Truck 1981.jpg
Ford Camper 1980 Ford Red & white 8038 Camper.JPG
Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II 1979 Rolls-Royce Opening doors Red MB rollsRoyce ss2.jpg
Horse-Box 1977 Bedford Opening side door & removable horses Green & cream 7740 Horse Box GrnWhtOpen.JPG
Ambulance 1978 Chevrolet Opening rear doors White 41-C Blue Ambulance Sticker 05202012.jpg
Ambulance 1978 Chevrolet Opening rear doors Red IMG 3826.JPG
Mercedes Container Truck 1977 Mercedes-Benz , Matchbox Red or green Mercedes Container Truck (MATCHBOX).jpg
Mercedes Container Truck 1977 Mercedes-Benz Removable container Blue or red & cream Mercedes Container Truck (Karstadt).jpg
Armored Truck 1977 Generic "Dresdner Bank" Green & white IMG 6232.jpg
0-4-0 Steam Loco 1978 Generic Black & red MB-43.jpg
Passenger Coach 1978 Generic Black, white & red MB-44.jpg
B.M.W. 3.0 1976 BMW Opening doors Orange 7645 BMW 3.0 CSL R.JPG
Tractor 1978 Ford Removable plastic cultivator Green & yellow Tractor (Green) 1981.jpg
Pannier Tank Loco 1979 GWR Swindon Works Green MB-47.jpg
Sambron Jacklift 1981 Sambron Movable fork Yellow Sambron Jacklift-2 20120618 JSCC.jpg
Crane Truck 1976 Generic Rotating & extending boom Yellow & black Crane Truck (1982).jpg
Harley Davidson Motorcycle 1980 Harley-Davidson Removable rider Tan Harley Davidson .jpg
Combine Harvester 1978 Generic Red & yellow 7851 Combine Harvester R.JPG
BMW M1 1981 BMW opening hood (bonnet), wheels w/ suspension Silver No52 BMW M1 1981.jpg
Jeep CJ6 1977 Jeep Yellow & tan Jeep CJ6 (1981 USA).jpg
Jeep CJ6 1977 Jeep Green & tan Jeep CJ6 (1981 Green).jpg
Mobile Home 1980 Generic opening side door White 8054 Mobile Home.JPG
Ford Cortina 1979 Ford opening doors Red Ford Cortina (1981).jpg
Mercedes-Benz 450 SEL 1979 Mercedes-Benz Opening doors. Taxi sign on roof. Tan 7956 Mercedes-Benz 450 SEL - Taxi.JPG
Wildlife Truck 1973 Ford Rola-matic Lion in back spins when rolled White & black 7357 Wild Life Truck whtL.JPG
Faun Dump Truck 1976 Faun Tipping tray Yellow 7658 Faun Dump Truck L.JPG
Porsche 928 1980 Porsche Opening doors Blue PORSCHE 928 1981.jpg
Holden Pickup 1977 Holden Cream Holden Pick-Up (Cream).jpg
Wreck Truck 1978 Ford Movable booms Yellow MB-61 Wreck truck.jpg
Chevrolet Corvette 1979 Chevrolet Black Chevrolet Corvette 1981 82.jpg
Freeway Gas Tanker 1981 Generic "Shell" or "BP" White & yellow or white & green Freeway Gas Tanker 1981.jpg
Caterpillar D9 Tractor 1979 Caterpillar Removable canopy Yellow & tan 7964 Caterpillar D9 Tractor L.JPG
Airport Coach 1977 Generic QANTAS, TWA or SCHULBUS Red & white Airport Coach (MB65 Qantas).JPG
Mazda RX 500 1972 Mazda Opening engine cover Green Mazda RX 500 (1981 Hong Kong).jpg
Ford Transit 1977 Ford Removable pallet load Orange 7766 Ford Transit R.JPG
Datsun 260 Z 2+2 1978 Datsun Opening doors Grey Datsun 240Z (1980).jpg
Chevy Van 1979 Chevrolet Green Chevy Van (1981 Green).jpg
Chevy Van 1979 Chevrolet USA-1 White Chevy Van (1981 USA).jpg
Chevy Van 1979 Chevrolet adidas White 20190309 Chevy Van white adidas.jpg
Armoured Truck 1978 Generic "WELLS FARGO" Red 7869 Armoured Truck R.JPG
Ferrari 308 GTB 1981 Ferrari Red 8170 Ferrari 308 redL.JPG
Cattle Truck 1976 Dodge Removable cattle Green & yellow or green & cream Cattle Truck 1981.jpg
Bomag Road Roller 1979 Bomag Yellow MB-72 Road Roller.jpg
Model A Ford 1979 Ford Green 8273 Ford Model A.JPG
Cougar Villager 1978 Mercury Opening tailgate Blue Cougar Villager (1981).jpg
Seasprite Helicopter 1977 Kaman Movable rotor White MB-75 Heli.jpg
1965 Ford Shelby Mustang GT 350 1981 Shelby White & blue ImagesCATEXLTA.jpg

Super Kings[]

Model No. [1] Model Name [1] First Year Released Brand Special Features Color [1] Photo
K-1 Hydraulic Excavator 1970 O&K Red Hydraulic Excavator (K1).jpg
K-2 Car Recovery Vehicle 1976 Generic + Ford Blue + yellow Car Recovery Vehicle (1978 K-2 Capri II).jpg
K-3 Grain Transporter 1981 Bedford NEW Red & white Grain Transporter (1981-83).jpeg
K-4 Big Tipper 1974 Generic Red & yellow Big Tipper (Red).jpg
K-5 Muir-Hill Tractor & Trailer 1972 Muir-Hill Yellow Muir-Hill Tractor & Trailer (1972-80).jpg
K-6 Motor Cycle Transporter 1976 Generic + Honda Blue + red Motor Cycle Transporter (Pick-up Truck).jpg
K-7 Racing Car Transporter 1973 Generic White Racing Car Transporter (1979-81 Martini Team).jpg
K-8 Animal Transporter 1981 Mercedes-Benz NEW Orange, tan & white Animal Transporter (1981-84).jpg
K-9 Fire Tender 1973 Generic Red Fire Tender (K-9 DENVER).jpg
K-10 Car Transporter 1976 Generic Red Car Transporter (1976-81 1).jpg
K-11 Dodge Delivery Van 1981 Dodge NEW
Yellow Dodge Delivery Van (1981).jpg
K-12 Herkules Mobile Crane 1975 Generic Yellow Herkules Mobile Crane (1975-80).jpg
K-13 Aircraft Transporter 1976 Generic + Dornier White Aircraft Transporter (1982-84 K-13).jpg
K-14 Heavy Breakdown Truck 1977 Generic White & red Heavy Breakdown Truck (1977).jpg
K-15 The Londoner Bus 1973 Daimler Red The Londoner (1982 K-15).jpg
K-16/1 Petrol Tanker (Texaco) 1974 Ford Red & white Articulated Petrol Tanker (1974 TEXACO).jpg
K-16/2 Petrol Tanker (Shell) 1974 Ford Articulated Petrol Tanker (K-16, Shell).jpg
K-16/3 Petrol Tanker (Exxon) 1974 Ford White & yellow Image Not Available.jpg
K-17 Articulated Container Truck 1974 Scammell Red, white & blue Articulated Container Truck (K-17 GENTRANSCO).jpg
K-18/3 Articulated Tipper 1974 Ford Tarmac Grey & red Articulated Tipper (1976-81).jpeg
K-19/1 Security Truck (Fort Knox) 1979 Ford White & red Security Truck (1980 FORT KNOX).jpg
K-19/2 Security Truck (Group 4) 1979 Ford White & orange Security Truck (1982 group 4).jpg
K-20 Peterbilt Wreck Truck 1980 Peterbilt Green & white Peterbilt Wrecker (K-20).jpg
K-21/1 Ford Transcontinental (Continental) 1979 Ford CONTINENTAL Yellow, white & red Ford Transcontinental (1979-81 CONTINENTAL).jpg
K-21/2 Ford Transcontinental (Sante Fe) 1979 Ford Ford Transcontinental (Santa Fe).jpg
K-22 SRN6 Hovercraft 1974 Saunders-Roe White, red & black SRN6 Hovercraft (1979 K-22).jpg
K-23 Low Loader and Bulldozer 1974 Scammell + generic Orange + yellow Low Loader and Bulldozer (1979-81 K-23).jpg
K-24/3 Scammell Container Truck 1976 Scammell Red & white Scammell Container Truck (1976).jpg
K-25 Digger and Plough 1977 Muir-Hill Yellow Digger.jpg
K-26 Cement Truck 1978 Bedford Red, white & yellow Cement Truck (1981-82 K-26).jpg
K-27 Powerboat and Transporter 1978 Generic + Ford Red & white Ford Boat Transporter (1978-1981).jpg
K-27/2 Powerboat and Transporter (Benihana) 1978 Generic + Ford Image Not Available.jpg
K-28 Bedford Skip Truck 1978 Bedford Orange & yellow Skip Truck Bedford (1978-82).jpeg
K-29/3 Ford Delivery Van 1978 Ford Red "AVIS" Ford Delivery Van (1978-81 AVIS 2).jpg
K-30 Unimog and Compressor 1978 Mercedes-Benz Tan & red Unimog and Compressor (1978-81).jpg
K-31/1 Peterbilt Container Truck (Christian Savesen) 1978 Peterbilt White & blue Peterbilt Refrigeration Truck (Christian Salvesen).jpeg
K-31/2 Peterbilt Container Truck (Lagnese Igloo) 1978 Peterbilt Peterbilt Refrigeration Truck (1978-81).jpg
K-31/3 Peterbilt Container Truck (Pepsi Cola) 1978 Peterbilt Peterbilt Refrigeration Truck (PEPSI).jpg
K-32 Farm Unimog 1978 Mercedes-Benz Unimog, trailer, sheep, shepherd & dog Green Farm Unimog (1978-1981).jpg
K-33 Cargo Hauler with Crane 1978 Scammell Yellow, white & blue Cargo Hauler (1978-79 K-33).jpg
K-34 Pallet Truck 1979 DAF+ Lansing Bagnall KM INTERNATIONAL White & red Pallet Truck (K-34 K.M International).jpg
K-35 Massey Ferguson Tractor and Hay Trailer 1979 Massey Ferguson Red & white Massey Ferguson Tractor & Trailer (1979-83).jpg
K-36 Construction Transporter 1978 Generic + generic + Muir-Hill Yellow Construction Transporter (K-36).jpg
K-37 Leyland Tipper 1979 Leyland Yellow & red Leyland Tipper (1979 K-37).jpg
K-38 Dodge Ambulance 1980 Dodge White & red Dodge Ambulance Van (K-38 2xfigures).jpg
K-39 E.R.F. Snorkel Fire Engine 1980 ERF Red & white Snorkel Fire Engine (1980-1983).jpg
K-40 Pepsi Cola Truck 1980 Ford White, red & blue Delivery Truck and Fork Lift (1980-83 K-40).jpg
K-41 JCB Excavator 1981 JCB NEW Yellow JCB Excavator (1981-83).jpg
K-42 Traxcavator Road Ripper 1979 Traxcavator Yellow & black Traxcavator, Road Ripper (1979-1981).jpg
K-43 Log Transporter 1981 Mercedes-Benz NEW Blue & brown Log Transporter (1981).jpg
K-44 Bridge Transporter 1981 Ford NEW Tan & red Bridge Layer (1981-85 Truck).jpg
K-48 Mercedes 350 SLC 1974 Mercedes-Benz Silver & black Mercedes 350 SLC (19814 Silver).jpg
K-49 Ambulance 1973 Generic White & red Ambulance (1973).jpg
K-50 Street Rod 1973 Generic Green & black Street Rot (1974-81 K-50).jpeg
K-53 Hot Fire Engine 1976 Generic Red Hot Fire Engine (1976-81).jpg
K-57 Javelin Drag Race Pack 1976 American Motors + Ford Red & yellow & green Image Not Available.jpg
K-61/1 Mercedes Police Car 1974 Mercedes-Benz White Mercedes 350 SLC (K61 Police).jpg
K-61/2 Mercedes Polizei Car 1974 Mercedes-Benz White & green Mercedes 350 SLC (K61 Polizei).jpg
K-64 Fire Control Range Rover 1978 Range Rover Red Range Rover Fire Control (1979-81 Super Kings K-64).jpg
K-65 Plymouth Emergency Recue 1978 Plymouth Red & white Plymouth Emergency Rescue (1978-82).jpg
K-66 Jaguar Police Set 1978 Jaguar + Honda + Honda White (+ chequered stripes) Jaguar XJ12 Police Car (K-66 chequered version).jpg
K-67 Dodge Monaco Fire Chief 1978 Dodge Red & white 7967 Dodge Monaco Fire Chief Car R.JPG
K-67/2 Dodge Monaco Hackensack 1978 Dodge Image Not Available.jpg
K-68 Dodge Monaco and Trailer 1978 Dodge Tan Dodge Monaco and Trailer (K-68 1978-81).jpg
K-69 Jaguar and Caravan 1978 Jaguar Red + white & tan Jaguar and Europa Caravan (1981 K-69).jpg
K-70 Porsche Turbo 1980 Porsche Green Porsche Turbo (K-70, green).jpg
K-71 Porsche Police Set 1981 Porsche NEW White & green Porsche Police Set (1979 K-71).jpg
K-72 Brabham Formula 1 1977 Brabham Red Brabham F1 (1979-81).jpeg
K-73 Surtees F.1 1977 Surtees White & red Surtees F1 (K73 79-81).jpeg
K-74 Volvo Estate 1980 Volvo Red Volvo Estate (1980-1981).jpg
K-75/1 Airport Rescue
1979 Plymouth Yellow & white Airport Fire Tender (K-75 UK).jpg
K-75/2 Airport Rescue
1979 Plymouth Yellow & white Airport Fire Tender (K-75 France).jpeg
K-75/3 Airport Rescue
1979 Plymouth Yellow & white Airport Fire Tender (K-75 Germany).jpg
K-76 Volvo Rally Support 1979 Volvo+Datsun White+Green Volvo Rally Support (K-76).jpg
K-77/1 Highway Rescue (UK) 1979 Plymouth White Highway Rescue (1980-82 K-77).jpg
K-77/2 Highway Rescue (France) 1979 Plymouth White Image Not Available.jpg
K-77/3 Highway Rescue (Germany) 1979 Plymouth White Plymouth Trail Duster (K-77).jpg
K-78 U.S. Police Car 1980 Plymouth Black US Police Car (K-78-Germany).jpg
K-79 Plymouth Gran Fury Taxi 1980 Plymouth Yellow Plymouth Gran Fury TAXI (1979-1983).jpg
K-80 Dodge Custom Van 1980 Dodge Blue Dodge Custom Van (K-80).jpeg
K-81 Suzuki Motorcycle 1981 Suzuki Red & white Suzuki (K-81 1981-83).jpg
K-82 BMW Motorcycle 1981 BMW Black BMW Motor-Cycle (1981-82 K-82).jpg
K-83 Harley Davidson 1981 Harley Davidson White Image Not Available.jpg
K-84 Peugeot 305 1981 Peugeot NEW Blue Peugot 305a.jpg
K-87 Tractor and Rotary Rake 1981 Massey Ferguson NEW Orange & yellow Image Not Available.jpg

Battle Kings[]

The following models were available in the Battle Kings range for 1981.

Series No. [1] Model Name [1] First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Color [1] Photo
K-101 Sherman Tank 1974 Olive green Sherman Tank (1978-81).jpg
K-102 A2 Tank 1974 Brown & tan M48-A2 Tank (1978-81).jpg
K-103 Chieftan Tank 1974 Tan & green Chieftain (1978-1981).jpg
K-104 King Tiger Tank 1974 Grey & green King Tiger Tank (1978-80).jpg
K-105 Hover-Raider 1974 Olive green & tan Hover Raider (1979-80 Olive Green).jpg
K-106 Tank Transporter 1974 Olive green transporter with brown & tan A2 Tank Tank Transporter (1978-81 K-106).jpg
K-107 155 mm Self Propelled Howitzer 1974 Olive green 155mm.S.P. Howitzer (1979-80 K-107).jpg
K-108 M3 A1 Half Track APC 1974 Olive green & tan M3 A1 Half Track APC (1978-81).jpg
K-109 M-551 Sheridan 1976 Green & brown Image Not Available.jpg
K-110 Recovery Vehicle 1976 Olive green Recovery Vehicle (1978-81).jpg
K-111 Missile Launcher 1976 Olive green Missile Launcher (1979 K-111).jpg
K-112 DAF Ambulance 1977 DAF Olive green & tan DAF Ambulance (1979 K-112).jpg
K-113 Military Crane Truck 1975 Olive green Herkules Mobile Crane (Military Crane).jpg
K-114 Army Aircraft Transporter 1976 Removable Alphajet Olive green + tan Army Aircraft Transporter (K-114).jpg
K-115 Army Petrol Tanker 1974 Ford Olive green Articulated Army Petrol Tanker (1975).jpg
K-116 Artillery Truck and Field Gun 1973 Olive green Artillery Truck & Field Gun (1977-81).jpg
K-117 Rocket Launcher 1977 Red rockets Olive green and tan Image Not Available.jpg
K-118 Army Helicopter 1979 Kaman Olive green Kaman Seasprite Army Helicopter (1979-1981).jpg

Adventure 2000[]


There are 30 models listed in the Sky-Busters range in the Matchbox Catalogue 1981/82.[1]

Series No. [1] Model Name [1] First Year Released Brand Notes / Features Color [1] Photo
SB-1 Learjet 1973 Learjet Yellow & white Learjet (SB-1 England).jpeg
SB-2 Corsair A7D 1973 Ling-Temco-Vought Blue & white Image Not Available.jpg
SB-3 Space Shuttle 1980 NASA United States White Space Shuttle (1982 England ).jpg
SB-4 Mirage F1 1973 Dassault Red Matchbox Mirage F1 (red).jpg
SB-5 Starfighter F-104 1973 Lockheed Red & grey F104 starfighter red .jpg
SB-6 MIG 21 1973 Mikoyan-Gurevich Blue MIG 21 (1975 SB-6).jpg
SB-7 Junkers 87B 1973 Junkers Green, tan & brown Image Not Available.jpg
SB-8 Spitfire 1973 Supermarine Brown & tan Matchbox Sky Busters Spitfire (brown & tan).jpg
SB-9 Cessna 402 1973 Cessna Green and white Image Not Available.jpg
SB-10/2 Boeing 747 1973 Boeing British Airways Blue & white Image Not Available.jpg
SB-10/3 Boeing 747 1973 Boeing QANTAS Red & white Image Not Available.jpg
SB-11 Alpha Jet 1973 Dornier & Dassault-Breguet Red & white Alpha Jet (SB-11, Red & white).JPG
SB-12 Pitts Special 1980 Pitts White & red Image Not Available.jpg
SB-13/2 DC10 1973 McDonnell Douglas SWISSAIR Red & white Image Not Available.jpg
SB-13/3 DC10 1973 McDonnell Douglas UNITED White Image Not Available.jpg
SB-14 Cessna 210 1973 Cessna White & orange Matchbox cessna 210G.jpg
SB-15 Phantom F4E 1973 McDonnell Douglas Red & white Image Not Available.jpg
SB-16 Corsair F4U-4 1973 Vought Orange Image Not Available.jpg
SB-17 Ramrod 1976 Generic Red & white Image Not Available.jpg
SB-18 Wild Wing 1976 Generic Green & white Image Not Available.jpg
SB-19 Piper Comanche 1977 Piper Red & yellow Piper Commanche (SB-19).jpg
SB-20/1 Army Helicopter 1977 Generic ARMY Green 101 002.jpg
SB-20/2 US Coast Guard Helicopter 1977 Generic COAST GUARD White & blue Image Not Available.jpg
SB-20/3 Police Helicopter 1977 Generic POLICE White & red Image Not Available.jpg
SB-21 Lightning 1977 English Electric Grey Lightning.jpg
SB-22 Tornado 1977 Panavia Grey Image Not Available.jpg
SB-23/1 Supersonic Airliner 1979 Generic AIR FRANCE White Image Not Available.jpg
SB-23/2 Supersonic Airliner 1979 Generic SINGAPORE AIRLINES White Image Not Available.jpg
SB-24 F-16A 1980 General Dynamics US AIR FORCE White Image Not Available.jpg
SB-25 Helicopter Rescue 1980 Generic RESCUE Yellow Helicopter Rescue (1981-82,SB-25).jpg

900 Range[]

There were 27 models in the 1981 Matchbox 900 Range.[1]

Model No. [1] Model Name [1] First Year Released Brand Special Features Color [1] Photo
TP-1 Mercedes Truck & Trailer Mercedes-Benz IMS International Haulage Blue & yellow Mercedes Trailer (TP-1 Blue).jpg
TP-2 Long Petrol Tanker Leyland EXON Red & white Petrol Tanker (TP-2).jpg
TP-3 Javelin and Pony Trailer American Motors & generic Green + tan Image Not Available.jpg
TP-4 Holiday Set Maserati & Eccles Blue + yellow & orange Image Not Available.jpg
TP-5 Weekender Ford & Bertram PHANTOM Blue & white Image Not Available.jpg
TP-6 Breakdown Truck and Mini Generic & Mini Green + red Image Not Available.jpg
TP-7 Jeep and Glider Trailer Jeep & generic GLIDING CLUB Red Image Not Available.jpg
TP-8 Field Car and Honda International & Honda HONDA Yellow, black & green Field Car- Honda Trailer (TP-8).jpg
TP-9 Field Car and Racing Car International & generic 44 Orange & black Image Not Available.jpg
TP-11 Tractor & Hay Trailer 1979 Ford & generic Grren + yellow & black Image Not Available.jpg
TP-16 Articulated Truck and Trailer Generic Image Not Available.jpg
TP-17 Tanker & Trailer Generic & generic SHELL White & yellow Two Pack TP-17 (Tanker Truck Tanker Trailer).jpg
TP-18 Water Sporter Volkswagen & generic SEA FIRE Red & white VW Golf-Boat transporter (TP-18).jpg
TP-19 Cattle Truck and Trailer 1979 Dodge & generic Red & cream Image Not Available.jpg
TP-20 Diesel Shunter and Side-Tipper 1979 Generic & generic D 1496-RF Yellow & red Shunter Two pack.JPG
TP-21 Citroen and Motorcycle Trailer 1979 Citroen & generic YAMAHA Blue & yellow Image Not Available.jpg
TP-22 Long Haul Double Container Truck 1979 Peterbilt OCL Red,black & cream Peterbilt Container Truck (TP-22).jpg
TP-23 Long Haul Covered Container Truck 1979 Peterbilt Firestone Red & white Peterbilt Long Haul (Two Pack).jpg
TP-24 Long Haul Box Container Truck 1979 Peterbilt MATCHBOX Red, white & yellow Peterbild Box Truck (TP-24).jpg
TP-25 Long Haul Truck and Pipe Trailer 1979 Peterbilt Green, grey & red Peterbilt Pipe Truck (TP-25).jpg
TP-26 Long Haul Boat Transporter and Boat 1981 Leyland Blue, grey, cream & red Boat Transporter (TP-26).jpg
TP-27 Steam Loco and Caboose 1981 Generic Green, black & cream Passenger Coach (TP-27).JPG

Models of Yesteryear[]

Model No. [1] Model Name [1] First Year Released Brand Special Features [1] Color [1] Photo
Y-1 1936 Jaguar SS100 1977 Jaguar Green 1936 SS 100 Jaguar (Y-1, Green).JPG
Y-2 1914 Prince Henry Vauxhall 1971 Vauxhall Red, grey & black Image Not Available.jpg
Y-3 1934 Riley M.P.H. 1973 Riley Blue Image Not Available.jpg
Y-4 1930 Model J Duesenberg Town Car Duesenberg Green Image Not Available.jpg
Y-5/1 1927 Talbot Van 1978 Talbot LIPTON'S TEA Green & black 1927 Talbot Van (Y-5, Lipton's Tea).JPG
Y-5/2 1927 Talbot Van 1978 Talbot Menier Blue & black Image Not Available.jpg
Y-5/3 1927 Talbot Van 1978 Talbot Taystee Yellow & black 1981 y5-4.jpg
Y-6 1920 Rolls-Royce Fire Engine 1978 Rolls-Royce Red 1980 y6.jpg
Y-7 1912 Rolls Royce 1968 Rolls-Royce Yellow & black 1912 Rolls-Royce (1979-83 Y-7).jpg
Y-8 1945 MG T.C. MG Red & tan Image Not Available.jpg
Y-9 1912 Simplex 1968 Simplex Red, black & yellow Image Not Available.jpg
Y-10 1906 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost 1969 Rolls-Royce Silver Image Not Available.jpg
Y-11 1938 Lagonda 1973 Lagonda Cream & black Image Not Available.jpg
Y-12/1 1912 Ford Model T 1979 Ford COLEMAN'S MUSTARD Yellow & black 1912 Ford Model T Van (Colman's Mustard).jpg
Y-12/2 1912 Ford Model T 1979 Ford SUZE Yellow & black Image Not Available.jpg
Y-13 1918 Crossley Crossley Red & black 1980 y13.jpg
Y-14 1931 Stutz Bearcat 1974 Stutz White & green Stutz Bearcat (1981-84).jpg
Y-15 1930 Packard Victoria 1969 Packard Black, red & white 1930 Packard Victoria.JPG
Y-16 1928 Mercedes Benz 'SS' 1972 Mercedes-Benz Blue & white Image Not Available.jpg
Y-17 1938 Hispano Suiza 1975 Hispano Suiza Grey & blue Image Not Available.jpg
Y-18 1937 Cord Model 812 Supercharged Convertible Phaeton Sedan Cord Red & white Image Not Available.jpg
Y-19 Auburn 851 Supercharged Speedster 1935 Auburn Fawn, cream & dark brown Image Not Available.jpg
Y-20 Mercedes-Benz 540 K 1981 Mercedes-Benz Silver & black Mercedes Benz 540K (1981-84).jpg
Y-21 Ford Model A Ford Yellow, black & blue Image Not Available.jpg


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