1-75 range

Modelo # Card # Model Name Brand Series Series # Photo
MB01 (USA) 33801 Dodge Viper GTS Dodge Stars and Stripes 1/5 Dodge Viper GVTS Coupe MB 1
MB01 (ROW) Volvo Container Truck Volvo Volvo Container Truck red
MB02 (USA) 33802 Corvette Stingray III Chevrolet Stars and Stripes 2/5 02 Corvette Sting-ray III
MB02 (ROW) Ikarus Coach Ikarus Coach
MB03 (USA) 33803 Corvette Grand Sport Chevrolet Stars and Stripes 3/5 100px
MB03 (ROW) TV News Truck Mercedes-Benz TV News Truck blue
MB04 (USA) 33804 Mustang Mach III Ford Stars and Stripes 4/5 100px
MB04 (ROW) 33907 Refuse Truck Ford
MB05 (USA) 33805 BMW Z3 BMW Stars and Stripes 5/5 MBX BMW Z3
MB05 (ROW) Ford Transit Ford Ford Transit Van Series 1
MB06 (Core) 33806 Atlas Excavator Atlas Big Movers 1/10 MBX Excavator
MB07 (USA) 33907 Refuse Truck Ford Big Movers 2/10 07 Refuse Truck
MB07 (Australia) Peterbilt Tanker Truck Peterbilt Big Movers 2/10 Peterbilt tanker (BP)
MB07 (ROW) Peterbilt Tanker Truck Peterbilt Flughafen Shell Airport Tankwagen
MB08 (Core) 33808 Peterbilt Cement Truck Peterbilt Big Movers 3/10 08 Peterbilt (Cement Truck)
MB09 (Core) 33909 Utility Truck (1989) Ford Big Movers 4/10 09 Utility Truck
MB10 (Core) Peterbilt Quarry Truck Peterbilt Big Movers 5/10 Peterbilt Dump 20120704 JSCC
MB11 (Core) 33811 Maintenance Truck Chevrolet Big Movers 6/10 Maintenance Truck 1998
MB12 (Core) 33912 School Bus International Big Movers 7/10 MBX School Bus
MB13 (Core) 33913 Tractor Shovel Muir-Hill Big Movers 8/10 100px
MB14 (Core) 33914 Caterpillar D9 Tractor Caterpillar Big Movers 9/10 14 Bulldozer
MB15 (Core) 33915 Faun Crane Truck Faun Big Movers 10/10 Faun Mobile Crane 20120528 JSCC
MB16 (Core) 33816 Street Streak Generic Cool Concepts 1/5 MBX Street Streak
MB17 (Core) 33817 Volkswagen Concept 1 Volkswagen Cool Concepts 2/5 MB-17 VW Concept
MB18 (USA) 33818 Plymouth Prowler Plymouth Cool Concepts 3/5 MBX Plymouth Prowler Concept Vehicle
MB18 (ROW) Audi Avus Quattro Audi Audi Avus Quattro front
MB19 (Core) 33819 Chrysler Atlantic Chrysler Cool Concepts 4/5 Chrystler Atlantic Gold (1998)
MB20 (Core) 33820 The Buster Generic Cool Concepts 5/5 The Buster (green)
MB21 (Core) 33821 Mack Auxiliary Power Truck Mack To The Rescue 1/10 MB229 To The Rescue Collection 1998
MB22 (Core) 33822 Chevy Blazer Chevrolet To The Rescue 2/10 4X4 Chevy Blazer 1998 Core)
MB23 (Core) 33823 Extending Ladder Fire Truck Oshkosh To The Rescue 3/10 MBX Fire Engine
MB24 (USA) 33824 Ford LTD Police Ford To the Rescue 4/10 Ltd sheriff
MB24 (ROW) Vauxhall Astra GTE / Opel Kadett GSi Vauxhall / Opel VauxhallAstraGTEOpelKadettGSiPolice
MB25 (Core) 33825 Ambulance Ford To The Rescue 5/10 MBX Ambulance Yellow
MB26 (Core) 33826 Snorkel Generic To The Rescue 6/10 26 Snorkel
MB27 (USA) 33827 Camaro Police Chevrolet To The Rescue 7/10 27 Camaro Z-28 (Triangle Roof Light)
MB27 (ROW) Jaguar XJ6 Jaguar Jaguar XJ6 Police Car (1994-98)
MB28 (Core) 33828 Ford Crown Victoria Police Ford To The Rescue 8/10 Black D22 Crown Vic 20120728 JSCC
MB29 (Core) 33929 Helicopter Generic To The Rescue 9/10 29 Helicopter
MB30 (Core) 33830 '97 Chevy Tahoe Police (NEW) Chevrolet To The Rescue 10/10 100px
MB31 (Core) 33831 57 Chevy Bel Air (NEW) Chevrolet Classic Decades 1/10 Chevy Bel Air MB-31
MB32 (Core) 33832 '70 El Camino (NEW) Chevrolet Classic Decades 2/10 MBX '70 Chevy El Camino
MB33 (Core) 33933 '69 Camaro SS 396 Chevrolet Classic Decades 3/10 100px
MB34 (Core) '33 Ford Coupe (NEW) Ford Classic Decades 4/10 100px
MB35 (Core) '56 Ford Pick-Up Ford Classic Decades 5/10 100px
MB36 (Core) 1957 Chevrolet Convertible. (NEW) Chevrolet Classic Decades 6/10 100px
MB37 (Core) 33837 '70 Boss Mustang (NEW) Ford Classic Decades 7/10 100px
MB38 (Core) 33838 Pontiac GTO Pontiac Classic Decades 8/10 100px
MB39 (Core) 33839 '71 Camaro (NEW) Chevrolet Classic Decades 9/10 100px
MB40 (USA) '68 Mustang Cobra Jet Ford Classic Decades 10/10 100px
MB40 (ROW) FJ Holden Panel Van Holden 5 Series FJ Holden Panel Van red
MB41 (USA) 33841 Stinger Generic Animals 1/5 Stinger (1998 USA)
MB41 (ROW) Mazda RX-7 Mazda Mazda RX-7 copy archive
MB42 (USA) 33842 Rotwheeler Generic Animals 2/5 Rotwheeler (1998 USA)
MB42 (ROW) 33869 Mitsubishi Spyder Mitsubishi MBX Mitsubishi 3000GT Spyder
MB43 (USA) 33843 Rhino Rod Generic Animals 3/5 MB-43 Rhino Rod
MB43 (ROW) Nissan 300ZX Nissan NISSAN ZX300 (White)
MB44 (USA) 33844 Volvo Container Truck Volvo Animals 4/5 Volvo Container Truck (1999 USA)
MB44 (ROW) Toyota Supra Turbo Toyota 100px
MB45 (USA) 33945 Tailgator Generic Animals 5/5 DSC04582
MB45 (ROW) Nissan Prairie Nissan 412E - 1998 1-75 ROW
MB46 (Core) 33846 '97 Chevy Tahoe (NEW) Chevrolet Rough N Tough 1/10 97 Chevy Tahoe 98
MB47 (Core) M2 Bradley Tank BAE Rough N Tough 2/10 M2 Bradley Tank 1998
MB48 (Core) 33848 Humvee AM General Rough N Tough 3/10 Humvee (1998 1-75)
MB49 (Core) Mission Chopper Generic Rough N Tough 4/10 100px
MB50 (Core) 33850 '97 Ford F-150 (NEW) Ford Rough N Tough 5/10 97 Ford F150 (1998)
MB51 (Core) 33851 Ford Bronco II Ford Rough N Tough 6/10 MBX Ford Bronco II Red
MB52 (Core) 33852 Jeep 4x4 Jeep Rough N Tough 7/10 MBX Jeep 4x4
MB53 (USA) 33853 Ford F-150 4x4 Ford Rough N Tough 8/10 53 Ford F-150
MB53 (ROW) Land Rover Ninety Land Rover Land Rover Ninety Series 7
MB54 (Core) Chevy K-1500 Chevrolet Rough N Tough 9/10 54 Chevy K-1500
MB55 (USA) 33855 Flareside Pickup Ford Rough N Tough 10/10 Flareside Pick-Up Purple Rough 'N Tough Series 7
MB55 (ROW) Isuzu Rodeo Isuzu Isuzu Rodeo 98
MB56 (USA) 33856 Dodge Viper RT/10 Dodge Super Cars 1/5 Dodge Viper yellow
MB56 (ROW) Porsche 959 Porsche
MB57 (Core) 33857 Ferrari F40 Ferrari Super Cars 2/5 Ferrari F40 white
MB58 (USA) 33858 '97 Corvette Chevrolet Super Cars 3/5 97 Corvette blue
MB68 (ROW) 33868 Porsche 911 GT1 (NEW) Porsche Street Cruisers 3/10 100px
MB59 (Core) 33859 Ferrari F50 Ferrari Super Cars 4/5 100px
MB60 (Core) 33860 Lamborghini Countach LP500S Lamborghini Super Cars 5/5 MBX Lamborghini Countach LP 500S
MB61 (Core) 33861 Formula racer Generic Motor Sports 1/5 100px
MB62 (Core) 33862 Alfa Romeo 155 Alfa Romeo Motor Sports 2/5 100px
MB63 (Core) 33963 GMC Wrecker GMC Motor Sports 3/5 100px
MB64 (USA) 33864 T-Bird Stock Car Ford Motor Sports 4/5 100px
MB64 (ROW) Holden Commodore Holden Holden Commodore 1998 ROW
MB65 (Core) 33865 Opel Calibra DTM Opel Motor Sports 5/5 100px
MB66 (Core) 33866 MGF 1.8i (NEW) MG Street Cruisers 1/10 100px
MB67 (USA) Mazda RX-7 Mazda Street Cruisers 2/10 Mazda RX-7 copy archive
MB67 (ROW) 33856 Dodge Viper RT/10 Dodge Dodge Viper yellow
MB68 (USA) 33868 Porsche 911 GT1 (NEW) Porsche Street Cruisers 3/10 100px
MB68 (ROW) Ford Falcon Ford Ford Falcon (MB292 1998)
MB69 (USA) 33869 Mitsubishi Spyder Mitsubishi Street Cruisers 4/10 MBX Mitsubishi 3000GT Spyder
MB69 (ROW) 33858 '97 Corvette Chevrolet 97 Corvette blue
MB70 (Core) 33870 Mercedes-Benz E Class (NEW) Mercedes-Benz Street Cruisers 5/10 Mercedes Benz E Class (1998 1-75)
MB71 (Core) 33871 '97 Jaguar XK-8 (NEW) Jaguar Street Cruisers 6/10 Jaguar XK8 Blue
MB72 (USA) 33872 '97 Firebird Ram Air Pontiac Street Cruisers 7/10 MBX Pontiac Firebird Ram Air
MB72 (ROW) 33805 BMW Z3 BMW Stars and Stripes 5/5 MBX BMW Z3
MB73 (ROW) 33873 Mustang Cobra Ford Street Cruisers 8/10 Street Cruisers Mustang Cobra red
MB73 (ROW) BMW 850i BMW
MB74 (Core) 33874 Corvette T-Top Chevrolet Street Cruisers 9/10 Chevy T-Top
MB75 (USA) 33875 '94 Camaro Z-28 Chevrolet Street Cruisers 10/10 100px
MB75 (ROW) Jaguar XJ220 Jaguar Jaguar XJ 220 International green
MB76 (USA) Model A Ford Van Ford 76 Model A Ford (Van)

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