1-75 rangeEdit

Model No. [1] Card No. Model Name [1] Series Series No. Photo [1]
MB1 (Core) 92201 Concept 1 Beetle Convertible Daddy's Dreams 1/5 Concept 1 Beetle Convertible (2001 1-75 Core)
MB2 (Core) 92202 BMW 850i (reissue) Daddy's Dreams 2/5 BMW 850i (2001 1-75)
MB3 (Core) 92203 1999 Ford Mustang Daddy's Dreams 3/5 Daddys Dreams 1999 Ford Mustang Coupe
MB4 (Core) 92204 Audi TT Roadster (NEW) Daddy's Dreams 4/5 Audi TT Roadster (MB441)
MB5 (Core) 92206 Dodge Viper GTS Daddy's Dreams 5/5 Dodge Viper GTS (2001 1-75)
MB6 (Core) 92208 Snow Doctor (NEW) Team Tundra 1/5 Team Tundra Snow Doctor blue
MB07 (Core) 92209 Chevy Silverado 4x4 Pickup Team Tundra 2/5 Chevrolet Silverado 4x4 Pickup MB 7
MB08 (Core) 92211 Snowmobile Team Tundra 3/5 Team Tundra Snowmobile yellow
MB09 (Core) 92212 Land Rover Freelander Team Tundra 4/5 Land Rover Freelander blue
MB10 (Core) 92213 Hero Copter Team Tundra 5/5 Herocopter
MB11 (Core) 92214 King Tow (NEW) Highway Heroes 1/5 Highway Heroes King Tow
MB12 (Core) 92215 VW Transporter Highway Heroes 2/5 VW Transporter (2001 1-75)
MB13 (Core) 92216 Ford Dump Truck Highway Heroes 3/5 Ford Dump Truck
MB14 (Core) 92217 Flatbed Truck Highway Heroes 4/5 MB-14 Flatbed Truck
MB15 (Core) 92218 1956 Ford Pickup Highway Heroes 5/5 Highway Heroes 1956 Ford Pickup
MB16 (USA) 92219 School Bus (NEW) City Dudes 1/5 City Dudes School Bus
MB16 (ROW) Jaguar XJ220 PRESTIGE PERFORMERS Jaguar XJ220 2001
MB17 (USA) 92221 International Armored Car City Dudes 2/5 City Dudes International Armored Car
MB18 (USA) 92222 Postal Service Delivery Truck City Dudes 3/5 City Dudes Postal Service Delivery Truck
MB18 (ROW) Ferrari 456 GT PRESTIGE PERFORMERS MB-18 Ferrari 456 GT
MB19 (USA) 92223 Refuse Truck City Dudes 4/5 City Dudes Refuse Truck
MB20 (USA) 92224 Street Cleaner City Dudes 5/5 City Dudes Street Cleaner
MB20 (ROW) Porsche 911 GT1 PRESTIGE PERFORMERS MB-20 Porsche 911 GT3
MB21 (Core) 92225 Tower Boat (NEW) Sun Chasers 1/5 Sun Chasers Moby Quick
MB22 (Core) 92226 Jeep Grand Cherokee with Raft Boat Sun Chasers 2/5 Sun Chasers Jeep Grand Cherokee with Raft Boat
MB23 (Core) 92227 Ford Explorer Sport Trac (NEW) Sun Chasers 3/5 Sun Chasers Ford Explorer Sport Trac
MB24 (Core) 92228 Ski Boat Sun Chasers 4/5 Wave king white
MB25 (Core) 92229 1998 Jeep Wrangler (NEW w/camping gear) Sun Chasers 5/5 Sun Chasers 1998 Jeep Wrangler
MB26 (Core) 92231 Airport Fire Pumper (NEW) Flame Eaters 1/5 Fire Flooder neon yellow
MB27 (Core) 92232 Fire Crusher (NEW) Flame Eaters 2/5 MB-27 Fire Saver
MB28 (Core) 92233 Chevy Tahoe Fire Flame Eaters 3/5 Flame Eaters Chevy Tahoe Fire
MB29 (Core) 92234 Extending-Ladder Fire Truck Flame Eaters 4/5 Flame Eaters Extending-Ladder Fire Truck
MB30 (Core) 92235 Dennis Sabre Fire Truck Flame Eaters 5/5 Dennis Sabre white and yellow
MB31 (USA) 92236 Volkswagen Beetle 4x4 (NEW) Sand Blasters 1/5 Sand Blasters Volkswagen Beetle 4x4
MB31 (ROW) Ford Transit (1995) POLICE MB-31 Ford Transit
MB32 (USA) 92237 Nissan Xterra (NEW) Sand Blasters 2/5 Nissan Xterra (2001 1-75)
MB32 (ROW) Ford Crown Victoria POLICE MB-32 Crown Victoria
MB33 (USA) 92238 Dirt Bike Sand Blasters 3/5 Sand Blasters Dirt Bike
MB33 (ROW) BMW 328i Police (NEW) POLICE MB-33 BMW 328i police
MB34 (USA) 92239 4-Wheeler Sand Blasters 4/5 Sand Blasters 4-Wheeler
MB34 (ROW) Mercedes-Benz E 430 Wagon (NEW) POLICE MB-34 Mercedes-Benz E 430
MB35 (USA) 92241 Sand Speeder Sand Blasters 5/5 Sand Blasters Sand Speeder
MB35 (ROW) Holden Commodore Police (NEW) POLICE MB-35 Holden Commodore Police
MB36 (Core) 92242 Road Roller Paver (NEW) Earth Crunchers 1/5 Road Roller flourescent orange
MB37 (Core) 92243 Bulldozer (NEW) Earth Crunchers 2/5 Dirt Machine red
MB38 (Core) 92244 Crusher Demolition Truck (NEW) Earth Crunchers 3/5 MB-38 Demolition
MB39 (Core) 92247 Shovel Nose Tractor Earth Crunchers 4/5 Tractor
MB40 (Core) 92248 Cement Mixer (2001) (NEW) Earth Crunchers 5/5 Cement Mixer white
MB41 (Core) 92249 Radar Search Plane (NEW) Rescue Squad 1/5 Radar Search Plane
MB42 (Core) 92251 Ambulance (NEW) Rescue Squad 2/5 MB-42 Ambulance
MB43 (Core) 92252 Ford F-Series Fire Truck (NEW) Rescue Squad 3/5 Ford F-Series
MB44 (Core) 92253 Police Mobile Command Center (Truck Camper) Rescue Squad 4/5 Mobile Police white
MB45 (Core) 92254 Mack Auxiliary Power Truck Rescue Squad 5/5 Generator white
MB46 (USA) 92255 Police Motorcycle Pull Over 1/5 Policemoto2001USA
MB47 (USA) 92256 Armored Police Truck (NEW) Pull Over 2/5 Armored Police Truck
MB47 (ROW) Jaguar XK8 CLASSIC CONVERTIBLES MB-47 Jaguar Cabriolet
MB48 (USA) 92257 Hummer Police (NEW) Pull Over 3/5 MBHummerPoliceBlue
MB48 (ROW) Mercedes-Benz CLK Convertible CLASSIC CONVERTIBLES MB-48 Mercedes-Benz CLK Convertible
MB49 (USA) 92258 1997 Ford Crown Victoria Police Car Pull Over 4/5 1997 Ford Crown Vic MBI 20120720 JSCC
MB49 (ROW) Lotus Elise (NEW) CLASSIC CONVERTIBLES MB-49 Lotus Elise
MB50 (USA) 92259 Ford Expedition Police Pull Over 5/5 FordExpeditionPoliceblue
MB50 (ROW) Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet (NEW) CLASSIC CONVERTIBLES MB-50 Porsche 911 Carrera
MB51 (USA) 92661 Police Robot Truck (NEW) Police 1/5 MBX Robot Truck
MB51 (UK) Chevrolet Corvette FUN ON THE SUN MB-51 Chevrolet Corvette
MB51 (Ger) Jaguar XJ6 Jaguar XJ6
MB51 (Aus) Ford Falcon AUSTRALIAN RESCUE Ford Falcon Police
MB51 (ROW) Porsche 959 White
MB52 (USA) 92262 Police Trouble Tracker (NEW) Police 2/5 Police Trouble Tracker
MB52 (UK) Ferrari F50 FUN ON THE SUN MB-52 Ferrari F50
MB52 (Ger) Ferrari F50 FUN ON THE SUN Charcoal
MB52 (Aus) Ford Ambulance AUSTRALIAN RESCUE Ambulance white and black
MB52 (ROW) Jaguar XJ6 Jaguar XJ6
MB53 (USA) 92263 Chevy Impala Police Police 3/5 Chevrolet Impala Police
MB53 (UK) Dodge Viper RT/10 FUN ON THE SUN MB-53 Dodge Viper RT-10
MB53 (Ger) Dodge Viper RT/10 FUN ON THE SUN Grey
MB53 (Aus) International Pumper AUSTRALIAN RESCUE International Fire Pumper
MB53 (ROW) Chevrolet Corvette MB-51 Chevrolet Corvette
MB54 (USA) 92264 Police Battering Ram Police 4/5 MBX Battering Ram (2)
MB54 (UK) Porsche 959 FUN ON THE SUN MB-54 Porsche 959
MB54 (Ger) Lamborghini Diablo FUN ON THE SUN MB-55 Lamborghini Diablo
MB54 (Aus) White Water Raft Boat AUSTRALIAN RESCUE MB-54 Raft Boat
MB54 (ROW) Ferrari F50 Ferrari F50
MB55 (USA) 92265 Mission Helicopter Police 5/5 50th Mission Helicopter
MB55 (UK) Lamborghini Diablo FUN ON THE SUN Blue
MB55 (Ger) Porsche 959 White
MB55 (Aus) Helicopter AUSTRALIAN RESCUE MB-55 Helicopter
MB55 (ROW) Dodge Viper RT/10 MB-53 Dodge Viper RT-10
MB56 (Core) 92266 Dodge Viper GTS-R Concept (NEW) Wheeled Envy 1/5 Dodge Viper GTS-R Concept (2001 1-75)
MB57 (Core) 92267 2000 Chevrolet Corvette (NEW) Wheeled Envy 2/5 2000 Chevrolet Corvette
MB58 (Core) 92268 Plymouth Prowler Wheeled Envy 3/5 Plymouth Prowler
MB59 (Core) 92269 Chrysler Panel Cruiser Concept (NEW) Wheeled Envy 4/5 Wheeled Envy Chrysler Panel Cruiser Concept
MB60 (Core) 92271 Concept 1 Beetle Wheeled Envy 5/5 Wheeled Envy Concept 1 Beetle
MB61 (USA) 92272 Over-Under Rescue Boat (NEW) Scuba Dudes 1/5 Scuba Dudes Over-Under Rescue Boats
MB61 (UK) Land Rover Defender 90 RIDERS MB-61 Land Rover Ninety
MB61 (Ger) Mercedes-Benz E 430 Wagon Green
MB61 (Aus) Ford Falcon (NEW) DAILY DRIVERS MB-61 Ford Falcon
MB61 (ROW) Over-Under Rescue Boat (NEW) Scuba Dudes Over-Under Rescue Boats
MB62 (USA) 92274 Hovercraft (NEW) Scuba Dudes 2/5 Hovercraft (2001 1-75 US)
MB62 (UK) VW Beetle 4x4 RIDERS MB-62 Beetle 4x4
MB62 (Ger) Ferrari F40 Yellow
MB62 (Aus) Ford Falcon Taxi DAILY DRIVERS MB-62 Ford Falcon Taxi
MB62 (ROW) Ford Ambulance Ambulance white and black
MB63 (USA) 92276 Airboat (NEW) Scuba Dudes 3/5 Scuba Dudes Airboat
MB63 (UK) Mercedes-Benz 280 G RIDERS MB-63 Mercedes Benz G Wagon
MB63 (Ger) Mercedes-Benz A-Class Black
MB63 (Aus) FJ Holden Panel Van DAILY DRIVERS MB-63 FJ Holden Panel Van
MB63 (ROW) International Pumper International Fire Pumper
MB64 (USA) 92277 Submersible Scuba Dudes 4/5 Scuba Dudes Submersible
MB64 (UK) Hummer Police RIDERS MB-64 HUMMER
MB64 (Ger) Porsche Boxster Red
MB64 (Aus) '97 Ford F-150 DAILY DRIVERS 1997 Ford F-150
MB64 (ROW) Helicopter MB-55 Helicopter
MB65 (USA) 92278 Raft Boat Scuba Dudes 5/5 Raft Boat (2001 1-75 US)
MB65 (UK) Vauxhall Frontera RIDERS MB-65 Vauxhall Frontera
MB65 (Ger) Mercedes-Benz S500 Grey
MB65 (Aus) Nissan Xterra DAILY DRIVERS Nissan XTerra
MB65 (ROW) Police Motorcycle Policemoto2001USA
MB66 (Core) 92279 Weather Radar Truck (NEW) Storm Watch 1/5 Weather Radar Truck
MB67 (Core) 92281 Land Rover Discovery (NEW) Storm Watch 2/5 MB-67 Land Rover Discovery
MB68 (Core) 92282 Sea Speeder (NEW) Storm Watch 3/5 Hydro Jet
MB69 (Core) 92283 Humvee Storm Watch 4/5 MB-69 Humvee
MB70 (Core) 92284 TV News Truck Storm Watch 5/5 Storm-Watch-TV-truck
MB71 (Core) 92285 2002 Jeep Liberty (NEW) X-treme Rescue 1/5 Jeep Liberty
MB72 (Core) 92286 Rescue Crane (NEW) X-treme Rescue 2/5 50th Rescue Crane
MB73 (Core) 92287 Air Lift Helicopter X-treme Rescue 3/5 Air Lift
MB74 (Core) 92288 Chevrolet Suburban X-treme Rescue 4/5 Chevrolet Suburban
MB75 (Core) 92289 Sea Rescue Boat X-treme Rescue 5/5 Beach Patrol

Coca-Cola Series Edit

Model Number Cards Number Model Names Photos
MB1 92354 (INT) Alfa Romeo 155 Coca Cola Alfa Romeo 155 red
MB2 92355 (INT) Chevy Tahoe Coca Cola Chevy Tahoe silver
MB3 92256 (INT) Opel Calibra Coca Cola Opel Calibra white
MB4 92357 (INT) Chevy Van 4x4

Coca Cola Chevy Van 4x4 red

MB5 92358 (INT) BMW 850i Coca Cola BMW 850i yellow
MB6 92359 (INT) Ford Transit Coca Cola Ford Transit red
MB7 92362 (INT) MGF 1.8i Coca Cola MGF 1.8i red
MB8 92363 (INT) Concept 1 Beetle Convertible Coca Cola Concept 1 Beetle Convertible white
MB9 92365 (INT) 1999 Mustang Convertible Coca Cola 1999 Mustang Convertible red
MB10 92366 (INT) 1955 Chevy Convertible Coca Cola 1955 Chevy Convertible white

Other SeriesEdit


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