1-75 Series[edit | edit source]

The first 10,000 examples of each model had the "MB Hero City" logo somewhere on the vehicle.

Model # [1] Card # Model Name [1] Segment Segment # Photo
MB01 (Core) 97662 Highway Rescue Fire Truck (NEW) Sky Fire 1/5 HiwayFirePumper2003.png
MB02 (Core) 97683 Bucket Fire Truck Sky Fire 2/5 BucketFireTruck2003.png
MB03 (Core) 97684 Ladder Truck Sky Fire 3/5 FireCrusher2003.png
MB04 (Core) 97685 Fire Engine Sky Fire 4/5 Extending-LadderFireTruck2003.png
MB05 (Core) 97686 Ford Expedition Fire Chief Sky Fire 5/5 FordExpeditionFireChief2003.png
MB06 (Core) 97674 Opel Speedster (NEW) Family Wheels 1/5 Opel Speedster - 2003.JPG
MB07 (Core) 97687 Ferrari 360 Spider (New for USA) Family Wheels 2/5 Ferrari 360 Spider (Grey).JPG
MB08 (Core) 97688 2000 Corvette Family Wheels 3/5 ChevroletCorvette2003.png
MB09 (Core) 97689 Porsche 911 Turbo (New for USA) Family Wheels 4/5 Porsche911Turbo2003.png
MB10 (Core) 97691 BMW Z8 Family Wheels 5/5 BMW Z8 (2003).jpg
MB11 (Core) 97668 Emergency Rescue 4x4 (NEW) Hospital 1/5 Emergency Rescue 4x4 (2003 Hospital).jpg
MB12 (Core) 97692 Ambulance Hospital 2/5 Ambulance2003.png
MB13 (Core) 97693 Rescue Helicopter Hospital 3/5 Rescue Helicopter (2003 1-75).jpg
MB14 (Core) 97694 Ford Transit Hospital 4/5 FordTransitVan2003.png
MB15 (Core) 97699 Truck Camper Hospital 5/5 Bloodmobile2003.PNG
MB16 (Core) 97670 Car Carrier (NEW) Public Works 1/5 CarCarrier2003.png
MB17 (Core) 97703 Wrecker Truck Public Works 2/5 TowTruck2003.PNG
MB18 (Core) 97704 Street Cleaner Public Works 3/5 StreetSweeper2003.png
MB19 (Core) 97714 Trash Truck Public Works 4/5 Trash Truck (2003).jpg
MB20 (Core) 97715 Highway Maintenance Truck Public Works 5/5 HiwayMaintenanceTruck2003.PNG
MB21 (Core) 97679 Cadillac Escalade (NEW) Bridge Crew 1/5 0321Escalade.jpg
MB22 (Core) 97716 Cement Truck Bridge Crew 2/5 CementMixer2003.PNG
MB23 (Core) 97717 Road Roller Bridge Crew 3/5 Hero City Road Roller Paver.jpg
MB24 (Core) 97718 Rescue Crane Bridge Crew 4/5 Hero City Crane.jpg
MB25 (Core) 97719 Demolition Machine Bridge Crew 5/5 DemolitionMachine2003.PNG
MB26 (Core) 97663 Police SUV (NEW) Police Squad 1/5 Sport SUV (2003).jpg
MB27 (USA) 97723 Police Car Police Squad 2/5 Hero City Highway Patrol.jpg
MB27 (ROW) Ford Falcon Police Police 2/5 Hero City Ford Falcon.jpg
MB28 (USA) 97724 Cycle With Sidecar Police Squad 3/5 PoliceMotorcyclewithSidecar2003.png
MB28 (ROW) 97827 Cycle with Sidecar Police 3/5 Cycle with Sidecar (2003 1-75).jpg
MB29 (USA) 97725 BMW 328i (first release in US lineup) Police Squad 4/5 BMW328iPolice2003.png
MB29 (ROW) Cycle Police 4/5 Police Motorcycle (2003 ROW).jpg
MB30 (USA) 97726 1993 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Police Police Squad 5/5 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28 Police (2003 1-75).jpg
MB30 (ROW) Police Car Police 5/5 Hero City Police Car int.jpg
MB31 (Core) 97666 Volkswagen Beetle Taxi (New; modified 1962 VW Beetle) Airport 1/5 VolkswagenTaxi2003.PNG
MB32 (Core) 97727 Limousine Airport 2/5 Limousine2003.PNG
MB33 (Core) 97728 Airport Fire Pumper Airport 3/5 Airport Fire Pumper (2003 1-75).jpg
MB34 (Core) 97729 Radar Plane Airport 4/5 MB-34 Radar Plane.jpg
MB35 (Core) 97731 Radar Truck Airport 5/5 MB-35 Weather Radar Truck.jpg
MB36 97677 (Core) Taxicab (NEW) Mom and Pop Shops 1/5 Taxicab2003.PNG
MB37 (USA) 97732 Chrysler Panel Cruiser Mom and Pop Shops 2/5 ChryslerPanelCruiser2003.png
MB37 (ROW) Audi TT City Traffic 2/5 AUDI TT (2003 ROW).jpg
MB38 (USA) 97733 International Armored Car Mom and Pop Shops 3/5 InternationalArmoredCar2003.png
MB38 (ROW) Mercedes-Benz E-Class City Traffic 3/5 Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2003.jpg
MB39 (USA) 97734 Nissan Xterra Mom and Pop Shops 4/5 NissanXterra2003.png
MB39 (ROW) BMW Z3 City Traffic 4/5 BMW Z3 (2003 ROW).jpg
MB40 (USA) 97736 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Mom and Pop Shops 5/5 FordExplorerSportTrac2003.png
MB40 (ROW) BMW 328i City Traffic 5/5 BMW 328i (2003).jpg
MB41 (Core) 97664 Sea Rescue Helicopter (NEW) Beach Patrol 1/5 Sea Rescue Helicopter (2003 1-75).jpg
MB42 (Core) 97737 Ford F-Series with Raft Beach Patrol 2/5 FordF-SeriesPickup2003.png
MB43 (Core) Rescue Boat Beach Patrol 3/5 MB-43 Over-under Rescue Boat.jpg
MB44 (Core) Speedboat Beach Patrol 4/5 MB-44 Centre-Console Boat.jpg
MB45 (Core) 95241 Volkswagen Beetle 4x4 Beach Patrol 5/5 VolkswagenBeetle4x42003.PNG
MB46 (Core) 97682 4x4 Buggy (NEW) Forest Rescue 1/5 271 - 2003 1-75.jpg
MB47 (Core) Air Lift Forest Rescue 2/5 MB-47 Air Lift Helicopter.jpg
MB48 (Core) 97757 Tanker Truck (NEW) Forest Rescue 3/5 FireTanker2003.png
MB49 (Core) Chevrolet Avalanche Forest Rescue 4/5 MB-49 Chevrolet Avalanche.jpg
MB50 (Core) Land Rover Discovery Forest Rescue 5/5 MB-50 Land Rover Discovery.jpg
MB51 (Core) 97769 Pontiac Vibe (NEW) School Time 1/5 PontiacVibeGT-R2003.png
MB52 (USA) School Bus School Time 2/5 SchoolBus2003.PNG
MB52 (ROW) Ford Focus City Drivers 2/5 Ford Focus (2003 ROW).jpg
MB53 (USA) 97763 2000 Chevrolet Impala School Time 3/5 ChevroletImpalaPolice2003.png
MB53 (ROW) '99 Mustang City Drivers 3/5 Mustang Coupe (2003 ROW).jpg
MB54 (USA) 97764 Volkswagen Microbus School Time 4/5 VolkswagenMicrobus2003.png
MB54 (ROW) BMW X5 City Drivers 4/5 BMW X5 (2003 INT).jpg
MB55 (USA) 97766 Ford Focus School Time 5/5 FordFocus2003.png
MB55 (ROW) Mercedes-Benz E 430 Wagon City Drivers 5/5 Mercedes-Benz E430 Wagon (2003 ROW).jpg
MB56 (Core) 97675 Billboard Truck (NEW) Kids Shoppes 1/5 BillboardTruck2003.PNG
MB57 (Core) 97767 Chevrolet SSR Kids Shoppes 2/5 ChevroletSSR2003.png
MB58 (Core) 97768 GMC Terradyne Kids Shoppes 3/5 GMCTerradyne2003.png
MB59 (Core) 97769 Pontiac Piranha Kids Shoppes 4/5 PontiacPirhana2003.png
MB60 (Core) 97770 Ice Cream Truck Kids Shoppes 5/5 IceCreamTruck2003.png
MB61 (Core) Dennis Ladder Truck (New; revised tool) Pumper Squad 1/5 MB-61 Dennis Sabre Fire Engine.jpg
MB62 (Core) Water Pumper Pumper Squad 2/5 Water Pumper MB 62.jpg
MB63 (Core) Foam_Fire_Truck Pumper Squad 3/5 MB-63 Foam .jpg
MB64 (Core) Fire Hovercraft Pumper Squad 4/5 MB-64 Fire Hovercraft.jpg
MB65 (Core) 97774 Hummer Police Pumper Squad 5/5 Hummer2003.png
MB66 (Core) 97671 Dodge Ram SRT-10 (NEW) Heavy Movers 1/5 DodgeRamSRT-102003.png
MB67 (USA) 97775 Bulldozer Heavy Movers 2/5 MB-67 Bulldozer.jpg
MB67 (ROW) Lotus Elise Sports Cars 2/5 Hero City Lotus Elise black.jpg
MB68 (USA) 97776 Emergency Power Truck Heavy Movers 3/5 EmergencyPowerTruck2003.png
MB68 (ROW) VW W12 Concept Sports Cars 3/5 Hero City Volkswagen W12 red.jpg
MB69 (USA) 97777 Dump Truck Heavy Movers 4/5 DumpTruck2003.png
MB69 (ROW) Ferrari F50 Sports Cars 4/5 Hero City Ferrari F50 yellow.jpg
MB70 (USA) 97778 Lift Truck Heavy Movers 5/5 Forklift2003.png
MB70 (ROW) Concept 1 Beetle Convertible Sports Cars 5/5 Hero City Concept 1 Beetle Convertible green.jpg
MB71 (Core) 97676 Jeep Willys (NEW) Car Shop 1/5 MB-71 Willys Jeep.jpg
MB72 (Core) 97678 Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible (NEW) Car Shop 2/5 ChryslerPTCruiserConvertible2003.png
MB73 (Core) 97673 Hummer H2 SUV Concept (New; originally planned in 2001) Car Shop 3/5 HummerH2SUVConcept2003.png
MB74 (Core) 97667 Opel Frogster (NEW) Car Shop 4/5 Opel Frogster (Green, 2003).JPG
MB75 (Core) 97672 Mini Cooper S (NEW) Car Shop 5/5 MiniCooperS2003.png

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