#1 Haunted CastleEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo Photo Set
MB302 ´69 Chevrolet Camaro SS-396 Haunted Castle Chevrolet Camaro SS-396 5-Pack - (2005) - Halloween
MB215 ´39 Chevy Van Haunted Castle ´39 Chevy van (2005)
MB289 '70 Pontiac GTO Haunted Castle Pontiac GTO (5 Pack 2005)
MB213 ´21 Ford Model T Haunted Castle Ford Model T (2005 5 Pack)
MB362 '57 Corvette Haunted Castle '57 Corvette (2005 5 Pack)

#2 Fire 1Edit

Model # Model Name Series Photo Photo Set
MB602 Bucket Fire Truck Fire 1 Bucket Fire Truck (2005 5 Pack) Fire (2005 5 Pack)
MB613 Boom Fire Truck Fire 1 Boom Fire Truck (2005 5 Pack)
MB588 Dennis Sabre Ladder Truck Fire 1 Dennis Sabre Ladder Truck (2005 5 Pack)
MB566 Highway Pumper Fire 1 Highway Pumper (2005 5 Pack)
MB563 Water Pumper Fire 1 Water Pumper (2005 5 Pack)

#3 Construction 1Edit

Model # Model Name Series Photo Photo Set
MB492 Road Roller Paver Construction 1 Road Roller Paver (2005 5 Pack) Construction I. (2005 5 Pack)
MB555 GMC Terradyne Construction 1 GMC Terradyne (2005 5 Pack)
MB601 Bulldozer (2004) Construction 1 Super Dozer (2005 5 Pack)
MB590 Ford Dump/Utility Truck Construction 1 Ford F-Series Dump Truck (2005 5 Pack)
MB536 Dump Truck Construction 1 Dump Truck (2005 5 Pack)

#4 Burger ZoneEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo Photo Set
MB405 ´67 VW Delivery Van Burger Zone VW Delivery Van 5-Pack - (2005) - Burger Zone
MB608 ´69 Chevrolet Camaro Burger Zone 1969 Chevrolet Camaro (Exposed Headlights)
MB042 ´57 Ford Thunderbird Burger Zone 1957 Thunderbird
MB616 ´70 Plymouth Cuda Burger Zone 1970 Plymouth 'Cuda
MB363 ´62 VW Beetle Burger Zone 62 VW Beetle

#5 Jungle AdventureEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo Photo Set
MB582 Volkswagen Beetle 4x4 Jungle Adventure Volkswagen Beetle 4x4 (2005 5 Pack) 5-Pack - (2005) - Jungle Adventure
MB442 Jeep Grand Cherokee Jungle Adventure Jeep Grand Cherokee (2005 5 Pack)
MB180 Land Rover Ninety Jungle Adventure Land Rover Ninety (2005 5 Pack)
MB406 Land Rover Freelander Jungle Adventure Land Rover Freelander (2005 5 Pack)
MB514 Troop Carrier Jungle Adventure Troop Carrier (2005 5 Pack)

#6 Off RoadEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo Photo Set
MB429 Sand Speeder / Dune Buggy Off Road Dune Buggy (Off Road 5P) Off Road (2005 5 Pack)
MB569 4X4 Buggy Off Road 4x4 Buggy
MB589 Dodge Ram SRT-10 Off Road Dodge Ram SRT-10
MB421 4-Wheeler Off Road 4-Wheeler (Off Road 5P)
MB575 Jeep Willys Concept Off Road Jeep Willys Concept

#7 PoliceEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo Photo Set
MB528 Police Car Police Police Car Police (2005 5 Pack)
MB547 Cycle with Sidecar Police Cycle With Sidecar
MB571 Sea Rescue Helicopter Police Sea Rescue Helicopter
MB568 Sport SUV Police Sport SUV
MB606 Armored Response Vehicle Police Armored Response Vehicle

#8 MilitaryEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB514 Troop Carrier Military Troop Carrier
MB541 Rescue Helicopter Military Rescue Helicopter
MB397 M4 Sherman Tank Military M4 Sherman Tank
MB522 Humvee Military Humvee (Civilian; No Gun)
MB323 M2 Bradley Tank Military Bradley M2 Fighting Vehicle

#9 Fire 2Edit

Model # Model Name Series Photo Photo Set
MB660 Ladder King Fire 2 Ladder King (2005 5 Pack) Fire II (2005 5 Pack Alternative Color)
MB583 Fire Tanker Fire 2 Fire Tanker (2005 5 pack Maroon))
MB583 Fire Tanker Fire 2 Fire Tanker (2005 5 Pack)
Alternative Color
MB594 Airport Fire Tanker Fire 2 Airport Fire Truck (2005 5 Pack)
MB592 City Police Car Fire 2 City Police Car (2005 5 Pack)
MB593 4x4 Fire Truck Fire 2 4x4 Fire Truck (2005 5 Pack)

#10 Construction 2Edit

Model # Model Name Series Photo
MB601 Bulldozer (2004) Construction 2 Bulldozer (Fixed Treads)
MB398 ´99 Chevrolet Silverado Construction 2 Chevrolet Silverado - 1999
MB436 ´00 Chevrolet Suburban Construction 2 Chevrolet Suburban (Construction II 5P)
MB470 GMC Bucket Truck Construction 2 GMC Bucket Truck
MB536 3-Axle Dump Truck Construction 2 Dump Truck (6-Wheels)

#11 City ServicesEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo Photo Set
MB577 Taxi Cab City Services Taxi Cab City Services (2005 5 Pack)
MB530 Ice Cream Truck City Services Ice Cream Truck
MB222 Highway Maintenance Truck City Services Highway Maintenance Truck (City Services 5P)
MB576 Car Carrier City Services Car Carrier
MB542 Trash Truck City Services Trash Truck

#12 PiratesEdit

Model # Model Name Series Photo Photo Set
MB399 Chevrolet Silverado 4x4 Pirates Chevrolet Silverado 4x4 Pick-Up (2005 5 Pack) Buried Treasure (2005 5 Pack)
MB113 Police Launch Pirates Police Launch (2005 5 Pack)
MB627 Jeep Compass Pirates Jeep Compass (2005 5 Pack)
MB429 Sand Speeder/Dune Buggy Pirates Sand Speeder (2005 5 Pack)
MB168 Jeep Cherokee Pirates Jeep Cherokee (2005 5 Pack)
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