1-75 RangeEdit

Model # [1] Card # Model Name [1] Notes Photo
MB01 (Core) H1812 Ladder King New Casting Ladder King (2005 1-75)
MB02 (Core) H1813 (USA)
H2136 (INT)
Auto Medic New Casting Tow Truck (2005)
MB03 (Core) H1815 2000 Chevrolet Impala MB-3 Chevrolet Impala Police
MB4 (Core) H1816 (USA) Checker Cab Matchbox Checker Taxi 2005 - 1280ef
MB5 (Core) H1817 2005 Chevrolet Corvette C6 Chevrolet Corvette C6 (2005 1-75)
MB06 (Core) H1818 Ford Mustang GT Concept MB-6 Ford Mustang GT
MB07 (Core) H1819 Mini Cooper S MiniCooperS2005
MB08 (Core) H1820 Lotus Elise First release in USA 1-75 Lotus Elise (2005 Yellow)
MB09 (Core) H1821 Delivery Truck Opening rear doors Delivery Truck MB445 (2005)
MB10 (Core) H7494 (USA) / H2208 (INT) Mercedes-Benz 280 GE Mercedes-Benz 280 GE (2005 1-75)
MB11 (Core) H7495 (USA)
H7502 (INT)
Ford Transit Ford Transit - MB281
MB12 (Core) H7496 (USA)
H2182 (INT)
Land Rover SVX Land Rover SVX (2005)
MB13 (Core) H7497 (USA)
H7503 (INT)
Dennis Sabre Dennis Sabre (2005)
MB14 (Core) H7498 (USA)
H2157 (INT)
Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet First release in USA 1-75 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet (2005 1-75 USA)
MB15 (Core) H7499 (USA)
H7504 (INT)
Radar Truck Radar Truck (2005)
MB16 (Core) H7500 (USA)
H7505 (INT)
Ferrari 360 Spider Ferrari 360 Spider (2005)
MB17 (Core) H7501 (USA) H7506 (INT) Opel Frogster OpelFrogster2005
MB18 (Core) H1824 (USA)
H2147 (INT)
City Bus New Casting CityBus2005
MB19 (Core) H1814 (USA)
H2137 (INT)
Ford F-150 Lightning New Casting FordF-150Lightning2005
MB20 (USA) H1827 (USA) Lincoln Navigator 0520Navigator
MB20 (ROW) H2150 BMW 328i Police BMW 328i Police (2005 1-75)
MB21 (USA) H1828 (USA) '69 Camaro SS 396 1969ChevroletCamaro2005
MB21 (ROW) H2151 Smart Fortwo Cabrio Smart ForTwo Cabrio (2005)
MB22 (Core) H1829 (USA)
H2152 (INT)
Audi TT Roadster Audi TT Roadster (2005 1-75)
MB23 (Core) H1830 (USA)
H2153 (INT)
Jeep Compass Jeep Compass (2005 1-75)
MB24 (Core) H1825 (USA)
H2148 (INT)
Toyota Scion xB New Casting Toyota Scion xB (2005 1-75)
MB25 (USA) H1826 Hummer H3 New Casting Burried Treasure Hummer H3
MB25 (ROW) H2149 Ferrari 456 GT Ferrari 456 GT (2005 1-75)
MB26 (Core) H1831 (USA)
H2154 (INT)
BMW Z4 BMW Z4 (2005 1-75)
MB27 (Core) H1832 (USA)
H2155 (INT)
Ford Expedition Ford Expedition Police 2005
MB28 (Core) H1833 (USA)
H2156 (INT)
Kilo King Kilo King (2005 1-75)
MB29 (Core) H1843 (USA)
H2166 (INT)
Nissan Z Nissan Z (2005 1-75)
MB30 (Core) H1836 Dodge Magnum New Casting 05-Magnum-Police-Black
MB31 (Core) H1837 (USA)
H2160 (INT)
Tractor Cab New Casting TractorCab2005
MB32 (USA) H1842 (USA) Cadillac Escalade 0532Escalade
MB32 (ROW) H2165 Mercedes Benz A Class Mercedes Benz A Class (2005 1-75)
MB33 (Core) H1844 (USA)
H2167 (INT)
Street Cleaner Street Cleaner (2005)
MB34 (Core) H1845 (USA)
H2168 (INT)
BMW Z8 BMW Z8 (2005)
MB35 (Core) H1846 (USA)
H2169 (INT)
Hummer H2 SUV Concept HummerH2SUVConcept2005
MB36 (Core) H1838 London Taxi New Casting CityAction2004LondonTaxiMB667
MB37 (Core) H1839 (USA)
H2162 (INT)
Mitsubishi Eclipse New Casting Bonus mitsubishi eclipse
MB38 (Core) H1853 (USA)
H2176 (INT)
Volkswagen Concept 1 Convertible VolkswagenConcept1Convertible2005
MB39 (Core) H1854 Ford Dump/Utility Truck Ford Dump Utility Truck (2005 1-75)
MB40 (Core) H1855 2000 Chevrolet Suburban Chevrolet Suburban Fire (2005 1-75)
MB41 (Core) H1856 Volkswagen Beetle Taxi VolkswagenBeetleTaxi2005
MB42 (Core) H1840 Ford Shelby Cobra Concept New Casting 04-Shelby-Colbra-Blue
MB43 (Core) H1841 Jeep Hurricane New Casting 0543Hurricane
MB44 (Core) H1857 School Bus SchoolBus(2004)2005
MB45 (Core) H1858 4X4 Chevy Blazer 4X4 Chevy Blazer
MB46 (USA) H1864 Chevy Avalanche Chevrolet Avalanche (2005)
MB46 (ROW) H2187 Opel Speedster Opel speedster gold
MB47 (Core) H1865 Honda Element Honda Element (2005 1-75)
MB48 (Core) H1850 Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG New Casting Mercedes sl55 amg
MB49 (Core) H1848 2005 Ford GT New Casting 05 Ford GT red
MB50 (Core) H1866 Land Rover Discovery Buried Treasure Land Rover Discovery
MB51 (Core) H1867 Volkswagen Microbus Volkswagen Microbus (2005 1-75)
MB52 (Core) H1868 Tractor Shovel Tractor Shovel (2005)
MB53 (Core) H1869 Rescue Crane Rescue Crane (2005 1-75)
MB54 (USA) H1852 Chevrolet Silverado SS New Casting Chevrolet silverado ss blue
MB54 (ROW) Mercedes-Benz S500 Mercedes-Benz S500 MB-54
MB55 (Core) H1851 Volvo XC90 New Casting 0555XC90
MB56 (Core) H1870 Dump Truck 3-Axle Dump Truck (2005 1-75)
MB57 (Core) H1871 Volkswagen W12 First release in USA 1-75 Volkswagen W12 (2005 1-75)
MB58 (Core) H1872 International Pumper International Pumper (2005 1-75)
MB59 (USA) H1873 Dodge Ram SRT-10 MB589 - 2005 1-75 USA (China Base)
MB59 (ROW) BMW X5 BMW X5 Police 2005 EU
MB60 (Core) H1861 Porsche Cayenne Turbo New Casting 0560Cayenne
MB61 (Core) H1860 Dodge Charger New Casting 05-Charger-Red
MB62 (Core) H1874 Mercedes-Benz CLK Convertible Mercedes-Benz CLK Convertible
MB63 (Core) H1875 BMW 3 Series Coupe Bonus bmw 3 series
MB64 (Core) H1876 Dodge Viper GTSR Dodge Viper GTSR (2005 1-75)
MB65 (USA) H1877 '70 Pontiac GTO Buried Treasure Pontiac GTO
MB65 (ROW) H2200 Porsche Boxster Porsche Boxster (2005 ROW)
MB66 (Core) H1849 Ambulance New Casting Ambulance (2005 1-75)
MB67 (Core) H1862 Jeep Rescue New Casting 0567JeepRescue
MB68 (Core) H1878 Ford Focus Ford focus yellow
MB69 (Core) H1879 Porsche 911 Turbo Porsche 911 Turbo 2005 1-75)
MB70 (Core) H1880 Road Roller Road Roller Paver (2005)
MB71 (Core) H1881 Mercedes Benz Actros First release in the USA 1-75 Mercedes-BenzActros2005
MB72 (Core) H1863

Trash Truck

New Casting Burried Treasure Trash Truck
MB73 (Core) H1882 Rescue Chopper MB-73 Rapid Rescue Helicopter
MB74 (Core) H1883 Volkswagen Beetle 4x4 Volkswagen Beetle 4x4 (2005 1-75)
MB75 (Core) H1884 International Armored Car International Armored Car (2005 1-75)

New SuperfastEdit

There were 75 models in the 2005 New Superfast range.[2] Colours varied between USA and Rest of World markets.[2]


List of 2005 5-Packs


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