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The 1-100 Series for 2010 differed between USA, Latin America and Rest of World markets.[1]
The Australian issue poster/catalog did however show the same 1-100 Series models as the US issue poster/catalog.

Model # [1] Card # Model Name [1] Subseries Subseries # Photo
MB01 (Core) R0452 '10 Fisker Karma Hybrid (NEW) Sports Cars 1/15 Sports Cars 10 Fisker Karma Hybrid silver
MB02 (Core) R0453 '08 Holden VE Ute SSV (NEW) Sports Cars 2/15 291120108713
MB03 (Core) R0454 '09 Caterham Superlight R500 (NEW) Sports Cars 3/15 Matcrr1
MB04 (Core) R4949 Dodge Challenger Sports Cars 4/15 1004Challenger
MB05 (Core) T5939 '65 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C (NEW in 1-100 Series) Sports Cars 5/15 1965 Shelby Cobra 427 SC (Silver & blue)
MB06 (Core) R4956 Corvette ZR1 Sports Cars 6/15 1006ZR1
MB07 (Core) R4958 Ford Shelby GT500 Sports Cars 7/15 Shellby (1)
MB08 (Core) R4959 Lotus Evora (2008) Sports Cars 8/15 1008Evora
MB09 (USA) R4960 Dodge Magnum Sports Cars 9/15 Sports Cars Dodge Magnum
MB09 (ROW) Mitsubishi L200/Triton Mitsubishi L200 silver
MB10 (Core) R4961 Dodge Viper GTS-R Sports Cars 10/15 Sports Cars Dodge Viper GTS-R
MB11 (Core) R4962 Lotus Exige Sports Cars 11/15 Sports Cars Lotus Exige orange
MB12 (Core) R4964 Morgan Aeromax Sports Cars 12/15 Morgan AeroMax dark green
MB13 (USA) R4967 Ford GT Sports Cars 13/15 2005 Ford GT Purple
MB13 (ROW) Volkswagen T2 Bus Outdoor Sportsman Volkswagen T2 Bus green
MB14 (Core) R4969 Porsche 911 GT3 Sports Cars 14/15 Porsche 911 GT3 light blue
MB15 (Core) R4971 Audi R8 Sports Cars 15/15 1015R8
MB16 (Core) R0457 Porsche 914 (NEW) Heritage Classics 1/9 0916Porsche914
MB17 (Core) R0458 '67 Volvo P1800S (NEW) Heritage Classics 2/9 Heritage Classics Volvo P1800S
MB18 (Core) R4946 '71 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser Heritage Classics 3/9 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser
MB19 (Core) R4947 '64 Austin Mini Cooper S Heritage Classics 4/9 Austin mini cooper s a1
MB20 (Core) R4948 '54 Jaguar XK 120SE Heritage Classics 5/9 1020JagXK120SE
MB20 (LAAM) R5000 '75 Chevy Stepside Pickup Chevy stepside d1
MB21 (Core) R4951


Lotus Europa Heritage Classics 6/9 1021Europa
MB22 (Core) R4952 Karmann Ghia Convertible Heritage Classics 7/9 1022KarmannGhia
MB23 (Core) R4954 '68 Citroën DS Heritage Classics 8/9 1023CitroenDS
MB23 (LAAM) Mitsubishi L200/Triton Mitsubishi L200 silver
MB24 (Core) R4955 Cadillac Sedan DeVille Heritage Classics 9/9 1024DeVille
MB25 (Core) R0456 Honda Insight (NEW) Metro Rides 1/6 Insight
MB26 (Core) R4953 Toyota Prius (2009) Metro Rides 2/6

Metro Rides 08 Toyota Prius

MB27 (USA)
R4957 Mazda 2 Metro Rides 3/6 Metro Rides Mazda 2
MB27 (ROW) Honda Ridgeline Ridgeline8
MB28 (Core) R4963 Golf V GTI Metro Rides 4/6 1028GolfGTI
MB29 (Core) R4965 '08 Honda Civic Type R Metro Rides 5/6 Metro Rides 08 Honda Civic Type R
MB30 (Core) R4970 Audi RS6 Avant Metro Rides 6/6 AudiRS6AvantMatchbox1
MB31 (Core) R5029 Cadillac CTS Wagon (NEW) VIP 1/6 Cadillac CTS Wagon - 07409hf
MB32 (Core) T5940 Cadillac Escalade VIP 2/6 1032Escalade
MB33 (Core) R4968 Jaguar XK VIP 3/6 VIP Jaguar XK
MB34 (Core) R4972 Lexus GS 430 VIP 4/6 1034Lexus
MB34 (LAAM) MBX Motor Home Outdoor Sportsman MBX Motor Home yellow
MB35 (Core) R4973 Range Rover Sport VIP 5/6 1035RangeRover
MB36 (Core) R4974 Bentley Continental GT VIP 6/6 1036Bentley
MB36 (LAAM) Volkswagen T2 Bus Outdoor Sportsman Volkswagen T2 Bus green
MB37 (Core) R0459 Road Roller Construction 1/14 Construction Road Roller
MB38 (Core) R0464 1957 GMC Stepside (NEW) Construction 2/14 '57 GMC Pick-up
MB38 (USA)
1957 GMC Stepside (NEW) 1957 gmc stepside white
MB39 (Core) R0465, T1532 Skidster (NEW) Construction 3/14 Skidster (White & orange)
MB40 (Core) R4988 Scraper Construction 4/14 Construction Scraper yellow
MB40 (LAAM) Baja Bandit Outdoor Sportsman Baja Bandit
MB41 (Core) R4989 Quarry King Construction 5/14 Construction Quarry King
MB41 (LAAM) Land Rover Discovery Outdoor Sportsman Land Rover Discovery
MB42 (Core) R4991 Ground Breaker Construction 6/14 Construction Ground Breaker red
MB42 (LAAM) Honda Ridgeline Ridgeline8
MB43 (Core) R5007 Tractor Plow Construction 7/14 1043TractorPlow
MB43 (LAAM) Hummer H3 Outdoor Sportsman Hummer H3
MB44 (Core) R4993 Power Lift Construction 8/14 1044PowerLift
MB44 (LAAM) Baja Bullet (NEW) Desert Endurance Baja Bullet
MB45 (Core) T5941 Chevy Suburban Construction 9/14 Chevy suburban b1
MB45 (LAAM) '10 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor (NEW) IMG 5277
MB46 (Core) R4995 MBX Mixer Construction 10/14 Construction MBX Mixer
MB47 (Core) R4997 International CXT Construction 11/14 Construction International CXT
MB47 (LAAM) Cliff Hanger (NEW) Cliff hanger a1
MB48 (Core) R4998 MBX Tanker Construction 12/14 1048Tanker
MB48 (LAAM) Quick Sander Desert Endurance Quick Sander
MB49 (Core) R5021 Dirt Hauler Construction 13/14 Dirt hauler b1
MB49 (LAAM) Rock Shocker Desert Endurance Rock Shocker
MB50 (Core) R5023 GMC Terradyne Construction 14/14 Construction GMC Terradyne
MB51 (Core) R0460 Hazard Squad (NEW) Emergency Response 1/8 Emergency Rescue Hazard Squad
MB52 (Core) R0461 International Brush Workstar Fire Truck (NEW) Emergency Response 2/8 International WorkStar BrushFire Truck red
MB53 (USA) R4976 '78 Dodge Monaco Police Emergency Response 3/8 1053Monaco
MB53 (ROW) Baja Bullet (NEW) Desert Endurance Baja Bullet
MB53 (LAAM) Sahara Survivor Sahara Survivor unpainted
MB54 (USA) R4979 '09 Ford E-350 Ambulance Emergency Response 4/8 Emergency Response 08 Ford E-350 Ambulance
MB54 (ROW) '10 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor (NEW) IMG 5277
MB54 (LAAM) '72 Ford Bronco 4x4 Desert Endurance 72 Ford Bronco beige
MB55 (USA) R4983 1963 Cadillac Ambulance Emergency Response 5/8 Emergency Response 63 Cadillac Ambulance red
MB55 (ROW) Cliff Hanger (NEW) Cliff hanger a1
MB55 (LAAM) Volkswagen Beetle 4x4 Volkswagen Beetle 4x4 (2010 National Park)
MB56 (Core) R1286


Pierce Dash Fire Engine Emergency Response 6/8 Pierce dash fire truck
MB57 (USA) R5019 2000 Chevrolet Impala Emergency Response 7/8 Emergency Response Chevy Impala blue
MB57 (ROW) Sahara Survivor Sahara Survivor unpainted
MB57 (LAAM) Off-Road Rider Desert Endurance Off-Road Rider
MB58 (USA) R4984 Dodge Charger Emergency Response 8/8 Emergency Response Dodge Charger Police
MB58 (ROW) Volkswagen Beetle 4x4 Volkswagen Beetle 4x4 (2010 National Park)
MB58 (LAAM) Desert Thunder V16 Desert thunder v16 c1
MB59 (Core) R0462 Ford Transit Connect Taxi (NEW) City Action 1/15 City Action Ford Transit Connect Taxi
MB60 (Core) R0463 Express Delivery (NEW) City Action 2/15 Express-Delivery
MB61 (USA) R4975 MBX Moving Truck City Action 3/15 1061Mover
MB61 (ROW) Jeep Willys (NEW) 1096JeepWillys
MB61 (LAAM) Ridge Raider Ridge raider light blue
MB62 (USA)
R4977 GMC School Bus City Action 4/15 City Action GMC School Bus
MB62 (ROW) Jungle Crawler MB-62 Jungle Crawler
MB63 (Core) R4978 Ice Cream Van City Action 5/15 1063IceCreamVan
MB64 (Core) R4980 MBX Street Cleaner City Action 6/15 MBX Street Cleaner (MB776)
MB64 (LAAM) '68 Toyota Land Cruiser MB95-'68 Toyota Land Cruiser-R5002 A
MB65 (Core) R4981


Volkswagen Caddy City Action 7/15 1065VWCaddy
MB65 (LAAM) Jeep Willys (NEW) 1096JeepWillys
MB66 (Core) R4982 '08 Garbage Truck City Action 8/15 08 garbage truck
MB67 (Core) R4986 City Bus City Action 9/15 City Action City Bus
MB68 (Core) R4987 '06 Crown Victoria City Action 10/15 Ford crown victoria 2005 c1
MB68 (LAAM) Jungle Crawler MB-62 Jungle Crawler
MB69 (USA) R4990 '55 Ford F-100 Panel Delivery City Action 11/15 100 2987
MB69 (ROW)
Volkswagen Type 181 MB93-VW Type 181-R5009-A
MB70 (Core) R4992 '07 Ford Transit City Action 12/15 City Action 07 Ford Transit green
MB71 (Core) R4996 Route Master City Action 13/15 MB RMB 2010 Basic
MB71 (LAAM) MBX 4x4 MBX 4X4 brick red
MB72 (USA) R4999 Austin Mini Van City Action 14/15 1072AustinMiniVan
MB72 (ROW)
Land Rover Defender 110 Land Rover Defender 110 1997 orange rainforest
MB73 (Core) R5024 GMC Wrecker City Action 15/15 City Action GMC Wrecker orange
MB74 (Core) R0470 '85 Toyota 4Runner (NEW) Outdoor Sportsman 1/10 Outdoor Sportsman Toyota 4Runner blue
MB75 (Core) R0471  Yamaha Rhino (NEW) Outdoor Sportsman 2/10 Outdoor Sportsman Yamaha Rhino green
MB76 (USA) R5000 '75 Chevy Stepside Pickup Outdoor Sportsman 3/10 Chevy stepside d1
MB77 (USA) R5003 Mitsubishi L200/Triton Outdoor Sportsman 4/10 Mitsubishi L200 silver
MB78 (USA) R5008 MBX Motor Home Outdoor Sportsman 5/10 Outdoor Sportsman MBX Motor Home yellow
MB79 (USA) R5010 Volkswagen T2 Bus Outdoor Sportsman 6/10 Outdoor Sportsman Volkswagen T2 Bus green
MB80 (USA) R5012 Baja Bandit Outdoor Sportsman 7/10 Outdoor Sportsman Baja Bandit
MB81 (USA) R5012 Land Rover Discovery Outdoor Sportsman 8/10 Outdoor Sportsman Land Rover Discovery
MB82 (USA) R5016 Honda Ridgeline Outdoor Sportsman 9/10 Ridgeline8
MB83 (USA) R5022 Hummer H3 Outdoor Sportsman 10/10 Outdoor Sportsman Hummer H3
MB84 (USA) R0466 Baja Bullet (NEW) Desert Endurance 1/11 Desert Endurance Baja Bullet
MB85 (USA) R0467 '10 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor (NEW) Desert Endurance 2/11 IMG 5277
MB86 (USA) R0468 Cliff Hanger (NEW) Desert Endurance 3/11 Cliff hanger a1
MB87 (USA) R5001 Quick Sander Desert Endurance 4/11 Desert Endurance Quick Sander
MB88 (USA) R5004 Rock Shocker Desert Endurance 5/11 Desert Endurance Rock Shocker
MB89 (USA) R5005 Sahara Survivor Desert Endurance 6/11 Sahara Survivor unpainted
MB90 (USA) R5011 '72 Ford Bronco 4x4 Desert Endurance 7/11 Desert Endurance 72 Ford Bronco beige
MB91 (USA) R5015 Volkswagen Beetle 4x4 Desert Endurance 8/11 Volkswagen Beetle 4x4 (2010 National Park)
MB92 (USA) R5018 Off-Road Rider Desert Endurance 9/11 Desert Endurance Off-Road Rider
MB93 (USA) R5020 Desert Thunder V16 Desert Endurance 10/11 Desert thunder v16 c1
MB94 (USA) R5025 Ridge Raider Desert Endurance 11/11 Ridge raider light blue
MB95 (USA) R5002 '68 Toyota Land Cruiser Jungle Explorers 1/6 MB95-'68 Toyota Land Cruiser-R5002 A
MB96 (USA) R0469 Jeep Willys (NEW) Jungle Explorers 2/6 1096JeepWillys
MB97 (USA) R5006 Jungle Crawler Jungle Explorers 3/6 Jungle Crawler gray
MB98 (USA) R5009 Volkswagen Type 181 Jungle Explorers 4/6 MB93-VW Type 181-R5009-A
MB99 (USA) R5013 MBX 4x4 Jungle Explorers 5/6 MBX 4X4 brick red
MB100 (USA) R5017


Land Rover Defender 110 Jungle Explorers 6/6 Land Rover Defender 110 1997 orange rainforest


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