2011 Multi-Range SetsEdit

2 sets of non-exclusives were released in July 2011.The Sets contained 1 Super Convoy, 1 Real Working Rig, and 1 regular model. SeeMatchbox Forum in David Tilley's page for more info. Here are the regular models of each set.

1: Construction Zone Trio: Regular Model - Power Lift (2010 1-100)

2: Blaze Buster Trio: Regular Model - Pierce Dash Fire Engine (2011 1-100)

2011 Easter Eggs 6-packsEdit

Released with no exclusives, 6 cars were selected to go in the eggs. Also see David Tilley's page atMatchbox Forum for more info.


Vehicle Released Series
Ice Cream Van (Visible) 2011 1-100
Tow Truck (Visible) 2011 Service Center 5-pack
Power Lift 2011 1-100
Desert Thunder V16 2011 1-100
Road Roller 2010 1-100
Cliff Hanger 2011 1-100

2011 Adventure SetsEdit

Playsets with 3 trucks with exclusive decorations, the 2 sets released are shown below. Note: The Mountain set is also released on the 2011 1-100 versions.

Pack 1 - Mountain Adventure Set Pack 2 - Fire Station Set
Cliff Hanger - White or 2011 1-100 Version Guzzler - Red
Sahara Survivor - Med. Green or 2011 1-100 Version Hazard Squad - Red / White
MBX 4x4 - Lime Yellow or 2011 1-100 Version Pierce Dash Fire Engine - White / Red

Also, Several cars were released in exclusive Matchbox Playsets. Here are the cars.

Vehicle Color Notes
Limousine Light Indigo Blue First time released with disc hubs
City Police Car Yellow No Lightbar - MB775, first time released with disc hubs
Emergency Response 4x4 White
Tow Truck Lime Yellow
2004 School Bus Sky Blue
Truck Camper Cream
Police Car Blue
Taxicab Yellow

Spongebob Tub AdventureEdit

Matchbox released a playset with a modified Rescue Boat released in this playset. The vehicle is the same as the vehicle in the 2009 5-pack , but this vehicle is modified with no front triangle window, but molded onto the plastic body.


2012 Mission Force SetsEdit

There will be six sets of 4-packs of two Skybusters, one Real Working Rig and a Regular Model. All models are exclusive. Mission Force Fire, Space, Crime, Military, and Arctic Crew are already released. Also, in the Military set that will be released in the future, the Humvee will make a return to the series, in Enamel Med. Green. The Jungle Set's Land Rover is modified of 3/4 of the roof to part of the window.

Here is the list of each of the regular matchbox car:

Name Vehicle / Color
Mission Force: Fire Crew International Brush Workstar Fire Truck / Black
Mission Force: Space Crew Express Delivery / Orange
Mission Force: Crime Crew Ford Taurus Police Interceptor / Black
Mission Force: Military Crew Humvee / Enamel Medium Green
Mission Force: Arctic Crew Polar Thunder V16 / Blue
Mission Force: Jungle Crew (?) Land Rover Defender 110 / Yellow

Cliff Hanger PlaysetsEdit

Matchbox released several playsets with Mainline vehicles and Sky Busters. There are several packs released so far, and we do not know all of them, but some vehicles included are the exclusive Playset vehicles and Mainline 2012 Matchbox Vehicles. They are mostly Action vehicles and off road cars.

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