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Most models from the 2013 5-Packs were also included in one or more of the following: the 1-120 Series, the 60th Anniversary Series, 3-Packs, 9/10-Packs and 20-Packs. Models that are exclusive to 5-Packs are marked as such.

#1 Jungle (Y2636)[]

Model # Model Name Series Notes Photo Box
MB831 ATV 6x6 Jungle ATV 6x6 (2013 5 Pack).jpg Jungle (2013 5 Pack).jpg
MB795 Cliff Hanger Jungle Cliff Hanger Jungle 5P.jpg
MB783 Jungle Crawler Jungle Jungle Crawler.jpg
MB825 Road Tripper Jungle Road Tripper.jpg
MB369 Jeep Wrangler 1998 Jungle 98 Jeep Wrangler (with Camp Gear).jpg

#2 Exotic Rides[]

Model # Model Name Series Notes Photo Box
MB423 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet Exotic Rides Matchbox 2013 5 pack exotics porsche.JPG Exotic Riders (2013 5 Pack).jpg
MB671 2005 Ford GT Exotic Rides Matchbox 2013 5 pack exotics ford gt.JPG
MB803 Fisker Karma Exotic Rides Matchbox 2013 5 pack exotics Fisker karma EVer.JPG
MB595 TVR Tuscan S Exotic Rides Matchbox 2013 5 pack exotics TVR.JPG
MB669 Ford Shelby Cobra Concept Exotic Rides Exclusive Matchbox 2013 5 pack exotics cobra concept.JPG

#3 EMT (Y2627)[]

Model # Model Name Series Notes Photo Box
MB860 Ford Explorer EMT MBX 2013 emt-1 interceptor.jpg EMT (5 Pack 2013).jpg
MB877 International Pumper EMT MBX 2013 emt-2 intl pumper.jpg
MB402 Dennis Sabre EMT Exclusive MBX 2013 emt-3 dennis sabre.jpg
MB566 Highway Rescue Fire Truck EMT MBX 2013 emt-4 highway pumper.jpg
MB598 Ambulance EMT MBX 2013 emt-5 2004 ambulance.jpg

#4 Beach Rescue (Y2631)[]

Model # Model Name Series Notes Photo Box
MB731 Baja Bandit Beach Rescue Baja Bandit (2013 5 Pack).jpg Beach (5 Pack 2013).jpg
MB429 Sand Speeder Beach Rescue Exclusive Sand Speeder (Beach 5P).jpg
MB409 Hydroplane Beach Rescue Hydroplane (Modified MB409).jpg
MB760 1969 Karmann Ghia Convertible Beach Rescue 1969 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Convertible (2013 5 Pack).jpg
MB450 Ford Dump/Utility Truck Beach Rescue Ford F-Series with Raft (2013 5Pack).jpg

#5 Desert[]

Model # Model Name Series Notes Photo Box
MB685 2006 Dune Buggy Desert 2006 Dune Buggy (2013 5 Pack).jpg Desert (2013 5 Pack).jpg
MB874 4 Wheeler Desert 4-Wheeler (Modified MB421 without rider).jpg
MB878 Jeep 4x4 Desert Exclusive Jeep 4X4 (Modified MB131 without antenna).jpg
MB716 Ridge Raider Desert Ridge Raider.jpg
MB699 Off-Road Rider Desert Off-Road Rider.jpg

#6 Mountain[]

Model # Model Name Series Notes Photo Box
MB764 ´68 Toyota Land Cruiser (FJ40) Mountain Toyota Land Cruiser (2013 5 Pack).jpg Mountain (5 Pack 2013).jpg
MB842 Blizzard Buster Mountain Blizzard Buster (2013 5 Pack).jpg
MB748 MBX 4x4 Mountain MBX 4x4 (2013 5 Pack).jpg
MB831 ATV 6x6 Mountain ATV 6X6 (2013 5 Pack).jpg
MB833 Terrain Trouncer Mountain Terrain Trouncer (2013 5 Pack).jpg

#7 Outdoor (Y2628)[]

Model # Model Name Series Notes Photo Box
MB805 '85 Toyota 4Runner Outdoor 1985 Toyota 4Runner.jpg Outdoor (2013 5 Pack).jpg
MB784 Jeep Willys Outdoor 43 Jeep Willys (2013 5 Pack).jpg
MB827 Volkswagen Saveiro Cross Outdoor Volkswagen Saveiro Cross (2013 5 Pack).jpg
MB436 2000 Chevrolet Suburban Outdoor Exclusive Chevrolet Suburban (2013 5P).jpg
MB868 Travel Trailer Outdoor Exclusive Travel Trailer (Modified MB747).jpg

#8 Construction[]

Model # Model Name Series Notes Photo Box
MB789 Skidster Construction Skidster (2013 5 Pack).jpg Construction (5 pack 2013).jpg
MB398 1999 Chevrolet Silverado Construction 99 Chevrolet Silverado (2013 5 Pack).jpg
MB800 Road Roller Construction Road Roller (2013 5 Pack).jpg
MB852 Trail Tipper Construction Trail Tipper (2013 5 Pack).jpg
MB29 Tractor Shovel Construction Tractor Shovel (2013 5 Pack).jpg

#9 Police (Y2630)[]

Model # Model Name Series Notes Photo Box
MB867 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Polizia Police Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Police (2013 5 Pack).jpg Police (5 Pack 2013).jpg
MB744 2007 Shelby GT500 Convertible Police Shelby GT500 Convertible (2013 5 Pack).jpg
MB751 Subaru Impreza WRX Police Police Subaru Impreza Police (2013 5 Pack).jpg
MB847 Frost Fighter Police Frost Fighter (2013 5 Pack).jpg
MB824 S.W.A.T. Truck Police SWAT Truck (2013 5 Pack).jpg

#10 Airport[]

Model # Model Name Series Notes Photo Box
MB689 2006 Ford Crown Victoria Taxi Airport Exclusive 2006 Ford Crown Victoria (Taxi).jpg Airport (5 Pack 2013).jpg
MB537 Limousine Airport Exclusive Limousine.jpg
MB695 Utility Truck Airport Utility Truck (2013 5 Pack).jpg
MB372 Chevy Transport Bus Airport Chevy Transport Bus.jpg
MB594 Airport Fire Tanker Airport Exclusive Airport Fire Tanker.jpg

#11 Adventure City[]

Model # Model Name Series Notes Photo Box
MB667 London Taxi Adventure City Austin FX London Taxi (2013 5 Pack).jpg Adventure City (5 Pack 2013).jpg
MB839 Urban Tow Truck Adventure City Urban Tow Truck (2013 5 Pack).jpg
MB776 MBX Street Cleaner Adventure City MBX Street Cleaner (2013 5 Pack).jpg
MB709 Chevy Van Adventure City Chevy Van (2013 5 Pack).jpg
MB222 Highway Maintenance Truck Adventure City Highway Maintenance Truck (2013 5 Pack).jpg

#12 Battle[]

Model # Model Name Series Notes Photo Box
MB486 Jeep Wrangler Battle Exclusive 98 Jeep Wrangler (2013 5P)).jpg Battle (2013 5 Pack).jpg
MB786 1957 GMC Stepside Battle Exclusive 1957 GMC Stepside (2013 5P).jpg
MB855 Oshkosh M-ATV Battle Oshkosk M-ATV (2013 5 Pack).jpg
MB522 Humvee Battle Exclusive Hummer (Military) (2013 5P).jpg
MB606 Armored Response Vehicle Battle Exclusive Armored Response Vehicle (Modified Canolpy).jpg
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