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Most models from the 2014 5-Packs were also included in one or more of the following: the 1-120 Series, 3-Packs, 9/10-Packs and 20-Packs. Models that are exclusive to 5-Packs are marked as such.

Dino Adventure[]

  • A Jurassic species is on the loose and moving fast. Vehicles on land and in the air are needed to capture the creature before havoc is wreaked on the rest of the jungle!
Model # Model Name Series Notes Photo Photo Set
MB541 Rescue Helicopter Dino Adventure Exclusive Rescue Helicopter DinoSet.jpg Matchbox 2014 5 pack Dino Adventure.jpg
MB781 Rock Shocker Dino Adventure Rock Shocker 2014-5Pack.jpg
MB757 Swamp Raider Dino Adventure Swamp Raider 2014-5Pack.jpg
MB716 Ridge Raider Dino Adventure Ridge Raider 2014-5Pack.jpg
MB712 Desert Thunder V16 Dino Adventure Desert Thunder V16 2014-5Pack.jpg

Ice Mountain Mission[]

  • Blizzard conditions call for ice-ready vehicles. These tough climbers, ice-breakers and alpine-ready rides can clear the path; bust the ice and make a heroic rescue!
Model # Model Name Series Notes Photo Photo Set
MB831 ATV 6x6 Ice Mountain Mission ATV 6x6 2014-5Pack.jpg Matchbox 2014 5 pack Arctic Adventure.jpg
MB934 Blizzard Buster Ice Mountain Mission Blizzard Buster 2014-5Pack.jpg
MB861 Sand Shredder Ice Mountain Mission Alternate model Sand Shredder 2014-5Pack.jpg
MB847 Frost Fighter Ice Mountain Mission Frost Fighter 2014-5Pack.jpg
MB222 Highway Maintenance Truck Ice Mountain Mission Exclusive Highway Maintenance Truck 2014 5Pack.jpg
MB863 Vantom Ice Mountain Mission Vantom 2014-5Pack.jpg

Battle Mission[]

  • Troops in the field need assistance! These special forces can utilize air and land to navigate terrain, fight the enemy, and complete necessary evacuations!
Model # Model Name Series Notes Photo Photo Set
MB880 Mission Helicopter Battle Mission Exclusive Mission Helicopter 2014.gif Matchbox 2014 5 pack mission (2).jpg
MB888 International MXT Battle Mission International MXT-MVA 5set.jpg
MB522 Humvee Battle Mission Exclusive MB256 - 2014 5-Pack.jpg
MB783 Jungle Crawler Battle Mission Jungle Crawler 2014-5Pack.jpg
MB510 Armored Response Vehicle Battle Mission Armored Recon Vehicle 2014-5Pack.jpg

Crime Squad[]

  • A suspect has escaped! With tracking from above, S.W.A.T. on the ground, and the fastest vehicles in pursuit, the offender will be captured in no time!
Model # Model Name Series Notes Photo Photo Set
MB858 1956 Buick Century Police Crime Squad 2014BuickPolice.png Matchbox 2014 5 pack Crime Squad.jpg
MB568 Sport SUV Crime Squad SUV Sport Police Car 2014.jpg
MB436 2000 Chevrolet Suburban Crime Squad Exclusive Chevy Suburban 2014-5Pack.jpg
MB824 S.W.A.T. Truck Crime Squad SWAT Truck 2014-5Pack.png
MB895 Road Raider Crime Squad Road Raider 2014-5Pack.png

MBX Exotics[]

  • It's an undercover stealth operation. These vehicles can keep it on the downlow, track a dangerous international espionage ring, and flee the scene faster than lightning.
Model # Model Name Series Notes Photo Photo Set
MB811 Lamborghini Miura P400S MBX Exotics LAMBORGHINI MIURA P400S (2014 5 Pack).jpg Matchbox 2014 5 pack exotics.jpg
MB532 BMW Z8 MBX Exotics BMW Z8 2014-5Pack.jpg
MB706 Lotus Exige MBX Exotics Lotus Exige 2014-5Pack.jpg
MB749 Chevy Corvette ZR1 MBX Exotics CHEVROLET CORVETTE ZR1 (2014 5 Pack).jpg
MB549 VW W12 Concept MBX Exotics VW W12 Concept (2014 5 Pack).jpg

Jungle Recon[]

  • The terrain is rugged; the weather is about to turn. These vehicles can navigate any conditions. They'll explore the jungle and have the area fully scouted before the storm hits!
Model # Model Name Series Notes Photo Photo Set
MB569 4X4 Buggy Jungle Recon Matchbox 4x4 Buggy Gold.jpg Matchbox 2014 5 pack Jungle Reconnaissance.jpg
MB369 Jeep Wrangler with Luggage Jungle Recon Exclusive MBJeep Wrangler.jpg
MB819 Coyote 500 Jungle Recon Coyote 500 2014-5Pack.jpg
MB699 Off-Road Rider Jungle Recon Off Road Rider 2014-5Pack.jpg
MB838 Land Rover Defender 110 Jungle Recon Exclusive LAND ROVER DEFENDER 110 SET JUNGLE RECON.jpg

Construction Zone[]

  • A new skyscraper is being built at the center of the city. Hard workers assemble: lifters, loaders, movers, stackers. Each vehicle works hard to get the job done!
Model # Model Name Series Notes Photo Photo Set
MB789 Skidster Construction Zone Exclusive Skidster 2014.jpg Matchbox 2014 5 pack Constuction zone.jpg
MB913 Mound Mover Construction Zone Exclusive; Alternate model Mound Mover.jpg
MB948 Ground Breaker Construction Zone Ground Breaker 2014 5Pack.jpg
MB886 Ground Grinder Construction Zone Ground Grinder 2014 5Pack.jpg
MB029 Tractor Shovel Construction Zone Exclusive Tractor Shovel 2014 5Pack.jpg
MB882 All Terrain Crane Construction Zone All Terrain Crane 2014 5Pack.jpg

Fire Command[]

  • A brush fire is quickly spreading. Engines from all over work together to target the quickly spreading flames, make necessary evacuations and return the area to safety!
Model # Model Name Series Notes Photo Photo Set
MB689 2006 Ford Crown Victoria Fire Command 2006 Ford Crown Victoria MFD.jpg Matchbox 2014 5 pack Fire Command.jpg
MB843 Seagrave Fire Engine Fire Command Seagrave Fire Engine 2014-5Pack.jpg
MB949 Fire Engine (2006) Fire Command Fire Engine 2014-5pack.jpg
MB866 Flame Smasher Fire Command Flame Smasher 2014-5Pack.jpg
MB881 Blaze Blitzer Fire Command Blaze Blitzer 2014-5pack.jpg

Rescue Duty[]

  • It's an emergency! Sirens wail as fire engines, ambulances and rescue vehicles are quickly on the move. They get there in a flash, always ready to save the day!
Model # Model Name Series Notes Photo Photo Set
MB897 Blaze Blaster Rescue Duty Blaze Buster 2014-5Pack.jpg Matchbox 2014 5 pack Rescue Duty.jpg
MB885 Renault Master Ambulance Rescue Duty Renault Master Ambulance 2014-5Pack.jpg
MB845 4x4 Scrambulance Rescue Duty 4x4 Scrambulance 2014 5P.jpg
MB593 4x4 Fire Truck Rescue Duty Exclusive 4x4 Fire Truck-5-pack-2014.jpg
MB598 Ambulance Rescue Duty Exclusive Ambulance (2003) 2014.jpg

City Works[]

  • It's always busy in Adventure City. Trucks, taxis, service vans and other vehicles bustle about, taking people, vehicles and packages where they need to be.
Model # Model Name Series Notes Photo Photo Set
MB713 1965 Austin Mini Van City Works Exclusive '65 AUSTIN MINI VAN 2014.jpg City Works (5 Pack 2014).jpg
MB661 2005 Tow Truck City Works Tow Truck 2014 5 Pack.jpg
MB577 Taxi Cab City Works Taxi Cab 2014 5 Set.jpg
MB370 Delivery Service Truck City Works Exclusive; Version A Postal Delivery Truck 2014 1.jpg
MB993 Delivery Service Truck City Works Exclusive; Version B Delivery Service Truck (Modified model).jpg
MB813 Express Delivery City Works Exclusive Express Delivery 2014 5 Set.jpg

Outdoor Sights[]

  • An outdoor adventure awaits. No matter what kind of terrain you're itching to explore, these rugged adventure vehicles can handle whatever you throw at them, and more.
Model # Model Name Series Notes Photo Photo Set
MB705 Honda Ridgeline Outdoor Sights Exclusive Honda Ridgeline 2014-5Pack.jpg 5 pack.jpeg
MB806 Cadillac CTS Wagon Outdoor Sights Exclusive Cadillac CTS Wagon (2014 5 Pack).jpg
MB825 MBX Prospector Outdoor Sights Exclusive Road Tripper 2014 5Pack.jpg
MB324 '97 Chevy Tahoe Outdoor Sights Exclusive Chevrolet Tahoe 2014 5 Pack).jpg
MB868 Travel Trailer Outdoor Sights Exclusive Travel Trailer 2014 5 Pack.jpg

Sea Rescue[]

  • A boat capsized off the coast! All hands on deck! Divers, rescue boats and land/sea vehicles pull together in an aquatic adventure to save the day.
Model # Model Name Series Notes Photo Photo Set
MB891 Deep Diver Sea Rescue Deep Diver 2014-5Pack.jpg Sea Rescue 2014 5 Pack.jpg
MB422 Raft Boat Sea Rescue Exclusive White Water Raft Boat 2014 5Pack.jpg
MB890 Amphi Flyer Sea Rescue Amphi Flyer 2014-5Pack.jpg
MB870 Ford
F-250 Super Duty w/ Raft
Sea Rescue Exclusive Ford F-Series with Raft 2014-5Pack.jpg
MB168 Jeep Cherokee Sea Rescue Jeep Cherokee (2014 5 Pack).jpg
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