1-120 range[edit | edit source]

All models in the 2014 Matchbox 1-120 range were "Core" models with no variations for different markets.[1]

Model # Man # Card # Model Name Series Series # Photo
MB01 MB729 BFJ58 BDV20 Porsche 911 GT3 MBX Adventure City 1/120 MB-1 Porsche 911 GT3.jpg
MB02 MB839 BDV21 Urban Tow Truck MBX Adventure City 2/120 MB-2 Urban Tow Truck.jpg
MB03 MB776 BDV22 MBX Street Cleaner MBX Adventure City 3/120 MB-3 MBX Street Cleaner.jpg
MB04 MB823 BDV23 Aston Martin DBS Volante MBX Adventure City 4/120 MB-4 Aston Martin DBS Volante.jpg
MB05 MB812 BDV25 '68 Ford Mustang GT CS MBX Adventure City 5/120 MB-5 Ford Mustang GTCS.jpg
MB06 MB887 BDV26 Two Story Bus MBX Adventure City 6/120 MB-6 Two Story Bus.jpg
MB07 MB816 BDV28 Porsche Panamera MBX Adventure City 7/120 MB-7 Porsche Panamera.jpg
MB08 MB889 BDV96 Food Truck MBX Adventure City 8/120 MB-8 Food Truck.jpg
MB09 MB802 BDV29 Caterham Superlight R500 (2009) MBX Adventure City 9/120 Caterham Superlight R500 2014.jpg
MB10 MB850 BDV31 Garbage Grinder MBX Adventure City 10/120 MB-10 Garbage Grinder.jpg
MB11 MB810 BDV32 '71 Pontiac Firebird MBX Adventure City 11/120 MB-11 '71 Pontiac Firebird Formula.jpg
MB12 MB815 BDV33 Cadillac CTS Coupe MBX Adventure City 12/120 MB-12 Cadillac CTS Coupe .jpg
MB13 MB886 BDV51 Ground Grinder MBX Construction 13/120 MB-13 Ground Grinder.jpg
MB14 MB834 --- Crop Master MBX Construction 14/120 Not released.
MB15 MB840 BDV35 Water Tanker MBX Construction 15/120 MB-15 Water Tanker.jpg
MB16 MB800 Road Roller MBX Construction 16/120 MB-16 Road Roller.jpg
MB17 MB687 BDV37 International CXT MBX Construction 17/120 MB-17 International CXT.jpg
MB18 MB786 BDV38 57 GMC Stepside MBX Construction 18/120 MB-18 GMC Stepside.jpg
MB19 MB536 BDV39 3 Axle Dump Truck MBX Construction 19/120 MB-19 3 Axle Dump Truck.jpg
MB20 MB745 INC. Scraper MBX Construction 20/120 MB-20 Scraper.JPG
MB21 MB828



Pit King MBX Construction 21/120 MB-21 Pit King.jpg
MB22 MB704 BDV42 Power Lift MBX Construction 22/120 MB-22 Power Lift.jpg
MB23 MB882 All Terrain Crane MBX Construction 23/120 MB-23 All Terrain Crane.jpg
MB24 MB884 BDV44 Dump Dozer MBX Construction 24/120 MB-24 Dump Dozer.jpg
MB25 MB686 BDV45 Tractor Plow MBX Construction 25/120 MB-25 Tractor Plow.jpg
MB26 MB865 BDV46 Torque Titan MBX Construction 26/120 MB-26 Torque Titan.jpg
MB27 MB856 Load Lifter MBX Construction 27/120 MB-27 Load Lifter.jpg
MB28 MB852 Trail Tipper MBX Construction 28/120 MB-28 Trail Tipper.jpg
MB29 MB703 BDV49 Tractor MBX Construction 29/120 MB-29 Tractor.jpg
MB30 MB707 BDV50 Ground Breaker MBX Construction 30/120 MB-30 Ground Breaker.jpg
MB31 MB853 BDV52 Sowing Machine (MBX FRM 6000) MBX Construction 31/120 MB-31 Sowing Machine.jpg
MB32 MB737 Quarry King MBX Construction 32/120 MB-32 Quarry King.jpg
MB33 MB222 Highway Maintenance Truck MBX Construction 33/120 Highway Maintenance Truck 2014.jpg
MB34 MB712 BDT20 Desert Thunder V16 MBX Explorers 34/120 MB-34 Desert Thunder V16.jpg
MB35 MB864 BDT21


'76 International Scout 4x4 MBX Explorers 35/120 MB-35 International Scout 4x4.jpg
MB36 MB861 BDT22 Sand Shredder MBX Explorers 36/120 MB-36 Sand Shredder.jpg
MB37 MB805 BDT27 '85 Toyota 4Runner MBX Explorers 37/120 MB-37 Toyota 4Runner.jpg
MB38 MB892 BDT29 BMW R-1200 GS Motorcycle (originally 2013 release) MBX Explorers 38/120 MB-38 BMW R1200 GS.jpg
MB39 MB845 BDT30 4x4 Scrambulance MBX Explorers 39/120 4x4 Scrambulance 2014.jpg
MB40 MB249 BDT31 Chevy K-1500 MBX Explorers 40/120 MB-40 Chevy K1500 Pickup Truck.jpg
MB41 MB891 BDT32 Deep Diver MBX Explorers 41/120 MB-41 Deep Diver.jpg
MB42 MB899 BDT33 Questor (NEW) MBX Explorers 42/120 MB-42 Questor.jpg
MB43 MB842 BDT34 Blizzard Buster MBX Explorers 43/120 MB-43 Blizzard Buster.jpg
MB44 MB795 BFJ11 Cliff Hanger MBX Explorers 44/120 MB-44 Cliff Hanger.jpg
MB45 MB767 BDT36 Quick Sander MBX Explorers 45/120 MB-45 Quick Sander.jpg
MB46 MB833 BDT37 Terrain Trouncer MBX Explorers 46/120 MB-46 Terrain Trouncer.jpg
MB47 MB847 BDT38 Frost Fighter MBX Explorers 47/120 MB-47 Frost Fighter.jpg
MB48 MB506 BDT42 Hummer With Ramp MBX Explorers 48/120 MB-48 Hummer.jpg
MB49 MB825 BDT43 Road Tripper MBX Explorers 49/120 MB-49 Road Tripper.jpg
MB50 MB797 BDT44 Baja Bullet MBX Explorers 50/120 MB-50 Baja Bullet.jpg
MB51 MB782 BDT45 Sahara Survivor MBX Explorers 51/120 MB-51 Sahara Survivor.jpg
MB52 MB823 BDT46 Jeep Wrangler Superlift MBX Explorers MB-52 Jeep Wrangler Superlift.jpg
MB53 MB781 BDT47 Rock Shocker MBX Explorers 53/120 Rock Shocker-2014.jpg
MB54 MB764 Toyota FJ Cruiser MBX Explorers 54/120 Toyota FJ Cruiser 2014.jpg
MB55 MB697 BDT50 Land Rover Defender 110 MBX Explorers 55/120 Land Rover Defender 110 2014.jpg
MB56 MB863 BDT52 Vantom MBX Explorers 56/120 Vantom 2014.jpg
MB57 MB788 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor MBX Explorers 57/120 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor 2014.jpg
MB58 MB831 ATV 6x6 MBX Explorers 58/120 ATV 6x6-2014.jpg
MB59 MB783 BDT56 Jungle Crawler MBX Explorers 59/120 Jungle Crawler 2014.jpg
MB60 MB748 BDF57 MBX 4x4 MBX Explorers 60/120 MBX 4x4 2014.jpg
MB61 MB819 BDT58 Coyote 500 MBX Explorers 61/120 Coyote 500 2014a.jpg
MB62 MB818 BDT59 Dune Dog MBX Explorers 62/120 Dune Dog 2014.jpg
MB63 MB723 BDT60 VW Beetle 4x4 MBX Explorers 63/120 MB-63 Volkswagen Beetle 4x4.jpg
MB64 MB670 BDT61 Jeep Hurricane Concept MBX Explorers 64/120 Jeep Hurricane Concept 2014.jpg
MB65 MB895 Road Raider MBX Heroic Rescue 65/120 MB-65 Road Raider.jpg
MB66 MB897 BDV13 Blaze Buster MBX Heroic Rescue 66/120 Blaze Buster 2014.jpg
MB67 MB898 BDV19


Whiplash MBX Adventure City 67/120 Whiplash 2014.jpg
MB68 MB894 BDV24 Turn Tamer MBX Adventure City 68/120 Turn Tamer-2014.jpg
MB69 MB900 BDV27 MBX Coupe MBX Adventure City 69/120 MBX Coupe 2014.jpg
MB70 MB896 Range Rover Evoque (Not issued until 2016) MBX Adventure City 70/120

MBX Secret.jpg

MB71 MB893 BMW M1 MBX Adventure City 71/120 BMW M1 2014.jpg
MB72 MB698 BDT62 2006 Fire Engine MBX Heroic Rescue 72/120 MB-72 Fire Engine.jpg
MB73 MB841 BMW R1200 RT-8 Police Motorcycle MBX Heroic Rescue 73/120 MB-73 BMW R-1200RT-P police Motor.jpg
MB74 MB890 BDT64 Amphi Flyer MBX Heroic Rescue 74/120 MB-74 Amphi Flyer.jpg
MB75 MB944 BDT65 Ford E-250 Ambulance MBX Heroic Rescue 75/120 MB-75 Ford E-350 Ambulance.jpg
MB76 MB858 BDT66 '56 Buick Century Police Car MBX Heroic Rescue 76/120 1956 Buick Century Police - 01404df.jpg
MB77 MB843 BDT67 Seagrave Fire Engine MBX Heroic Rescue 77/120 MB-77 Seagrave Fire Engine.jpg
MB78 MB830 BDT68 S.W.A.T. Truck MBX Heroic Rescue 78/120 MB-78 SWAT Truck.jpg
MB79 MB755 BDT69 Pierce Dash Fire Engine MBX Heroic Rescue 79/120 MB-79 Pierce Dash Fire Engine.jpg
MB80 MB885 BDT70 Renault Master Ambulance MBX Heroic Rescue 80/120 MB-80 Renault Master Ambulance.jpg
MB81 MB867 BDT72 Lamborghini Gallardo Police Car MBX Heroic Rescue 81/120

MB-81 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 Police.jpg

MB82 MB817 BDT73 Ford F-550 Superduty MBX Heroic Rescue 82/120 MB-82 Ford F-550 Super Duty Mini Pumper.jpg
MB83 MB855 BFJ43


Oshkosh M-ATV MBX Heroic Rescue 83/120 MB-83 Oshkosh M-ATV.jpg
MB84 MB846 BDT76 2012 Dodge Charger Police Interceptor MBX Heroic Rescue 84/120 MB-84 Dodge Charger Police Pursuit.jpg
MB85 MB837 Ford F-350 Superlift Brush Truck MBX Heroic Rescue 85/120 Superlift Ford F-350 Super Duty 2014.jpg
MB86 MB888 BDV09 International MXT-MVA MBX Heroic Rescue 86/120 MB-86 International MXT-MVA.jpg
MB87 MB821 Ford Police Interceptor MBX Heroic Rescue 87/120 MB-87 Ford Police Interceptor.jpg
MB88 MB881 BDV11 Blaze Blitzer MBX Heroic Rescue 88/120 MB-88 Blaze Blitzer.jpg
MB89 MB801 BDV12 International WorkStar Brush Fire Truck MBX Heroic Rescue 89/120 MB-89 International WorkStar Brush.jpg
MB90 MB539 BMW X5 (Police) (Modified casting; new for US 1-100 line) MBX Heroic Rescue 90/120 BMW X5 Police 2014.jpg
MB91 MB510 Amored Recon Vehicle MBX Heroic Rescue 91/120 Armored Recon Vehicle 2014.jpg
MB92 MB866 BDV16 Fire Smasher MBX Heroic Rescue 92/120 MB-92 Flame Smasher.jpg
MB93 MB751 Subaru Impreza WRX Police MBX Heroic Rescue 93/120 MB-93 Subaru Impreza WRX.jpg
MB94 MB784 BDV18 '43 Jeep Willys MBX Heroic Rescue 94/120 Jeep Willys 2014.jpg
MB95 MB969 '93 Ford Mustang Police Car (NEW) MBX Heroic Rescue 95/120 92 Ford Mustang Police Car 2014.jpg
MB96 MB902 BDV57 Field Tripper (NEW) MBX Adventure City 96/120 MB-96 Field Tripper.jpg
MB97 Land Rover LR4 (Cancelled) MBX Adventure City 97/120 MBX Secret.jpg
MB97 MB862 '66 Dodge A-100 Truck MBX Adventure City Replacement model Dodge A-100 Replacement model.jpg
MB98 MB904 BDV59 Garbage Gulper(NEW) MBX Adventure City 98/120 MB-98 Garbage Gulper.jpg
MB99 MB905 BDV55 Alfa Romeo 4c (NEW) MBX Adventure City 99/120(released in 2015 C case) 2015ml2.jpg
MB100 MB906 '63 Mack Model B (NEW) MBX Heroic Rescue 100/120 63 Mack B Fire Truck 2014.jpg
MB101 MB907 BDV61


Blockade Buster (NEW) MBX Heroic Rescue 101/120 MB-101 Blockade Buster.jpg
MB102 MB908 Crime Crusher 4x4 (NEW) MBX Heroic Rescue 102/120 Crime Crusher 2014 Sheriff.jpg
MB103 MB909 BDV63 Rapids Rescue (NEW) MBX Heroic Rescue 103/120 Rapids Rescue 2014.jpg
MB104 MB910 BDV64 Sahara Sweeper (NEW) MBX Heroic Rescue 104/120 MB-104 Sahara Sweeper2014.jpg
MB105 MB911 BDV65 Toyota Tacoma Lifeguard (NEW) MBX Heroic Rescue 105/120 MB-105 Toyota Tacoma.jpg
MB106 MB912 BFK06


Trail Tracker (NEW) MBX Construction 106/120 MB-106 Trail Tracker.jpg
MB107 MB913 BDV67 Mound Mover (NEW) MBX Construction 107/120 MB-107 Mound Mover.jpg
MB108 MB914 BDV68 Ground Grabber (NEW) MBX Construction 108/120 MB-108 Ground Grabber.jpg
MB109 MB915 Seed Shaker (NEW) MBX Construction 109/120 Seed Shaker MB-109.jpg
MB110 MB916 BDV70 Dirt Smasher(NEW) MBX Construction 110/120 MB-110 Dirt Smasher.jpg
MB111 MB917 BDV71 Mini Dozer MBX Construction 111/120 MB-111 Mini Dozer.jpg
MB112 MB918


Drill Digger (NEW) MBX Construction 112/120 Drill Digger 2014.jpg
MB113 MB919 BDV73 Acre Maker (NEW) MBX Construction 113/120 MB-113 Acre Maker.jpg
MB114 MB920 Ford F-350 Stake Bed (NEW) MBX Construction 114/120 Ford F-350 Stake Bed Truck 2014.jpg
MB115 MB921 BDV75 Terrainiac (NEW) MBX Explorers 115/120 MB-115 Terrainiac.jpg
MB116 MB929 Snow Ripper (NEW) MBX Explorers 116/120 Snow Ripper 2014.jpg
MB117 MB923 BFK17



Travel Tracker (NEW) MBX Explorers 117/120 MB-117 Travel Tracker.jpg
MB118 MB924 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 (NEW) MBX Explorers 118/120 2014 silverado.png
MB119 MB925 BDV79 Rumble Raider (NEW) MBX Explorers 119/120 MB-119 Rumble Raider.jpg
MB120 MB926 BDV80 Sea Spy (NEW) MBX Explorers 120/120 MB-120 Sea Spy.jpg

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